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San Francisco 49ers sign first round picks Javon of Kino and Brandon Aiyuk | Instant News

The San Francisco 49ers take during his slow part of the NFL offseason schedule to take care of business.

About a month left before training camp, San Francisco officially signed both of their first-round picks with the 2020 draft class NFL.

San Francisco announced the signing of 14th overall selection, defensive tackle Javon of Kino on your standard four-year rookie contract with a fifth year team option. The defending NFC Champs also signed wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk to the same four years.

Kino receives about $ 15.5 m is fully guaranteed for four years with a signing bonus of $ 8.8 million. Took 11 rebounds after his new teammate, Aiyuk receives $12.5 million from $6.7 million in fully guaranteed.

As I noted in consideration of the draft in the 49ers’ in April, they will rely on rookies out of the gate. Kino will be called indirectly replace all-Pro defensive tackle Deforest Buckner, which San Francisco shockingly traded last spring.

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The young man seems more than up to the task, in terms of impact as a rookie. He is also very excited about joining the millionaires Club.

Hard work really pays off.

As noted, Kenlo will be asked to produce immediately. It will be more difficult, given that all the NFL offseason activity from a personal point of view, has been canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news is that San Francisco still dominates at the level of the defensive linemen at all levels including Pro bowlers Nick BOS and Dee Ford, as well as the recently re-signed Arik Armstead. This will also rely on J. D. Jones after the March 2019 a breakthrough from the former mid-round draft pick.

The situation Aiyuk is characterized in that the 49ers and not so much the right to be wrong as a wide receiver. They let Emmanuel Sanders walk in free Agency.

Meanwhile, last year’s leading receiver in Deebo Samuel Jones fracture in foot during Jimmy Garoppol0-led training in Tennessee earlier this month. Samuel expects to return in 10 weeks, but here’s the more likely scenario is that he will at least miss all of the preseason slate, if not the regular season.

As with Samuel, Aiyuk is working with Garoppolo during the aforementioned exercises in Tennessee. Whether this will lead to immediate relationship between the two remains to be seen.

Ahead of these two newcomers signing on Friday, only three first-round picks until 2020 NFL draft, signed a proposal for the League. At least San Francisco don’t have to worry about those who once training camp opens in a month.

In other 49ers notes

San Francisco was associated with Jamal Adams several members of the media in recent days. It makes sense, given that all-Pro safety demanded a trade from the jets earlier in June. San Francisco is also one of seven teams on his preferred list of destinations.

As I wrote in a previous articleit’s extremely unlikely that CEO John Lynch and Co. consider the transition from this category. In the 49ers traded Buckner partly because they could not afford in the long term. The need to acquire additional draft picks also played a role. I just can’t imagine San Francisco, paying a first round draft pick and change and exhausting $15 million annually on Adams.

Despite the Hall of fame game is canceled in connection with the ongoing pandemic, NFL teams earlier this week that training camp will go next month. San Francisco, at least for now, to open camp on July 28 in Santa Clara. The situation concerning the COVID-19 in California and other hot spots across the country will play a role in it.

49ersCourageous. Fearless. Dominant. Welcome to the Hall of fame 49ers Bryant young

San Francisco hosted the annual state of the franchise at the beginning of this week, stating that at all times a great defender of Bryant young will be introduced in the series “Hall of fame”.

Young starred with the 49ers from 1994-2007 once they made it to the first round draft pick from Notre Dame. He earned four Pro bowl honors and won a Super bowl with the team. A well-deserved honor for the franchise great.


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