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San Francisco 49ers sign first round picks Javon of Kino and Brandon Aiyuk | Instant News

The San Francisco 49ers take during his slow part of the NFL offseason schedule to take care of business.

About a month left before training camp, San Francisco officially signed both of their first-round picks with the 2020 draft class NFL.

San Francisco announced the signing of 14th overall selection, defensive tackle Javon of Kino on your standard four-year rookie contract with a fifth year team option. The defending NFC Champs also signed wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk to the same four years.

Kino receives about $ 15.5 m is fully guaranteed for four years with a signing bonus of $ 8.8 million. Took 11 rebounds after his new teammate, Aiyuk receives $12.5 million from $6.7 million in fully guaranteed.

As I noted in consideration of the draft in the 49ers’ in April, they will rely on rookies out of the gate. Kino will be called indirectly replace all-Pro defensive tackle Deforest Buckner, which San Francisco shockingly traded last spring.

MORE FROM FORBESNFL news: 49ers trade Deforest Buckner for beginners For a first round draft pick

The young man seems more than up to the task, in terms of impact as a rookie. He is also very excited about joining the millionaires Club.

Hard work really pays off.

As noted, Kenlo will be asked to produce immediately. It will be more difficult, given that all the NFL offseason activity from a personal point of view, has been canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news is that San Francisco still dominates at the level of the defensive linemen at all levels including Pro bowlers Nick BOS and Dee Ford, as well as the recently re-signed Arik Armstead. This will also rely on J. D. Jones after the March 2019 a breakthrough from the former mid-round draft pick.

The situation Aiyuk is characterized in that the 49ers and not so much the right to be wrong as a wide receiver. They let Emmanuel Sanders walk in free Agency.

Meanwhile, last year’s leading receiver in Deebo Samuel Jones fracture in foot during Jimmy Garoppol0-led training in Tennessee earlier this month. Samuel expects to return in 10 weeks, but here’s the more likely scenario is that he will at least miss all of the preseason slate, if not the regular season.

As with Samuel, Aiyuk is working with Garoppolo during the aforementioned exercises in Tennessee. Whether this will lead to immediate relationship between the two remains to be seen.

Ahead of these two newcomers signing on Friday, only three first-round picks until 2020 NFL draft, signed a proposal for the League. At least San Francisco don’t have to worry about those who once training camp opens in a month.

In other 49ers notes

San Francisco was associated with Jamal Adams several members of the media in recent days. It makes sense, given that all-Pro safety demanded a trade from the jets earlier in June. San Francisco is also one of seven teams on his preferred list of destinations.

As I wrote in a previous articleit’s extremely unlikely that CEO John Lynch and Co. consider the transition from this category. In the 49ers traded Buckner partly because they could not afford in the long term. The need to acquire additional draft picks also played a role. I just can’t imagine San Francisco, paying a first round draft pick and change and exhausting $15 million annually on Adams.

Despite the Hall of fame game is canceled in connection with the ongoing pandemic, NFL teams earlier this week that training camp will go next month. San Francisco, at least for now, to open camp on July 28 in Santa Clara. The situation concerning the COVID-19 in California and other hot spots across the country will play a role in it.

49ersCourageous. Fearless. Dominant. Welcome to the Hall of fame 49ers Bryant young

San Francisco hosted the annual state of the franchise at the beginning of this week, stating that at all times a great defender of Bryant young will be introduced in the series “Hall of fame”.

Young starred with the 49ers from 1994-2007 once they made it to the first round draft pick from Notre Dame. He earned four Pro bowl honors and won a Super bowl with the team. A well-deserved honor for the franchise great.


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Ranks the Five Best Games in the 2020 Patriots’ Schedule – CBS Boston | Instant News

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – There isn’t much to entertain sports fans today, but now there is at least something to look forward to.

With the NFL releasing its schedule on Thursday night, we now have the perfect future for the world to boil. Did the perfect scenario really work? Yes, we don’t know for sure. But for the sake of optimism, let’s maintain a positive outlook and assume that all of these games will be played. Let’s double the positivity and say the stadium will be full of fans too.

Is that a possible scenario? Doesn’t feel like that, no. But the world needs positive vibrations at the moment, so there is no need to eliminate them first.

With that in mind, sit down and imagine a world with roaring fans and blaring stadium music while receiving this instant reaction to the best game on the Patriot schedule in 2020.

5. Week 14: At the Los Angeles Rams (Thursday Night Football)

Stephon Gilmore (Photo by Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

A number of key players will not be involved – namely, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski – but the Super Bowl LIII rematch will produce enough story lines to help build excitement for this one. Will anyone Becomes able to cover Julian Edelman? Will Sean McVay express his love for Bill Belichick during warm-up again? Will Aaron Donald find out how to escape from the clutches of death from Joe Thuney? Will Stephon Gilmore’s presence haunt Jared Goff?

As a little benefit, we will get our first full dose the terrible new Rams logo. At the very least, it should produce some laughter. This will come at the end of Los Angeles’s two-match trip, too, because the Patriots will play the Chargers only four days before. Expect the Patriots to camp for a week at L.A.

4. BOTH Buffalo Bills Games – Week 8 at Foxboro, Week 16 at Orchard Park

Josh Allen (Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

The Patriots are still the betting favorites to win AFC East. But are they really still the top dogs in this division?

That’s why we cheated a little by sticking two games in place one here. The potential for ecstasy in Buffalo is very real.

We will see the first answer to AFC East when the Patriots visit Buffalo on Week 8, and if we are lucky we will get ourselves an old AFC East championship game on Week 16 at Foxboro.

As you will remember, the Patriots beat the bill twice last year, but nothing is convenient. The Patriots won 16-10 in a defensive battle at Orchard Park in late September, and they surged in the fourth quarter to return and defeat Buffalo at Foxboro on Sunday 16.

The Patriots prove that they are still kings in AFC East, but the Bills – who lost the match with 13 combined points – show that they are kings. there. This year, they will get the chance to prove that they have made the jump, while the Patriots will try to maintain the crown they have for 11 consecutive seasons and 16 of the last 17 years.

The question is: Are Josh Allen and Sean McDermott ready and able to make that jump? Whatever the answer to that question, the results will be interesting to watch.

3. Week 2: At Seattle Seahawks (Sunday Night Football)

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll (Photo by Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Do these two teams have a history? me feeeeeeel as if they did, even though the right moment seems to escape at this time. I swear there is something …

Super Bowl winner Malcolm Butler vs. interception Seahawks (GIF from NFL.com/GamePass)

… hmm, oh well, never mind.

In any event, passing through post-adventurous history or not, this fight represented a team that truly found success against the Patriots. Under Pete Carroll, the Seahawks are 2-0 in the regular season vs. the Patriots. (Again, it feels like there’s a playoff meeting there too, but it’s hard to dig it in the memory bank at the moment.)

Whether or not there are fans in the stadium who play a big role in this stadium, because the structure of the Seattle stadium always helps the home team massively when the team plays well – especially in prime time. The fact that the game is scheduled for September 20 makes part of the equation questionable, which could be a major neutralizer on the home-field aspect.

The last time the two teams met, Seattle gave the Patriots one of their two losses in the 2016 season. Getting to know Belichick, head coaches seem to think about losses that aired nationally from time to time. Maybe he will have a rookie defender who is not on the list waiting to pounce on the goal line to ruin Russell Wilson’s day. (Oh yeah! There he is. I know something.)

2. Week 7: Vs. San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

The return of Jimmy Garoppolo may be enough from the tent inside and from himself, but the hype for this game is certainly reinforced by the fact that Niners is the defending champion NFC.

The last time San Francisco visited New England, it was rather memorable, with Colin Kaepernick (and Randy Moss!) Leading the 49ers to a rare prime-time victory for the visitors at Foxboro. The 49ers won that crazy match in the rainy season 41-34 in 2012.

This time it will definitely be very different, but Kyle Shanahan’s offense must provide a major test for the Patriots ‘defense, and the Niners’ formidable defense must also provide violations against Jarrett Stidham’s leadership (or that led by Brian Hoyer) as a difficult challenge.

(Patriot fans can stay on the couch after this too, because Tom Brady and Bucs will be playing in Las Vegas on Sunday Night Football shortly after this game is over.)

1. Week 4: At the Kansas City Head

Julian Edelman (Photo by Jamie Squire / Getty Images)

In 2018, the Chiefs appear to be destined for the supremacy of the AFC. But the old guard kept them in what was an instant classic from the AFC Championship Game.

As we know now, the Patriots only postponed the inevitable thing with the championship, because the Chiefs recovered by running their own Super Bowl in 2019.

Now, with Brady’s departure, the equation must have changed, and the Patriots are certain to be favored when they return to Arrowhead for the first time since a cold night in January 2019.

The Chiefs took care of the Patriots last year, even though they entered a game with some historically bad referees. It was clear for 60 minutes that there was not much love between the two teams. Adding a level of distaste to the fight with the defending champions was enough to jump over this one to No. position. 1. The Heads will surely shoot for repeated runs to Lombardi, while the new look Patriot will be eager to prove that they are still included in the conversation.

Honorable Mentions

It is always important when choosing the whole No. 1 came to town, so the visit of Kyler Murray and Cardinals made the list in several capacities. … Lamar Jackson turned the world of football upside down last year, destroying the historic patriot defenses along the way. How will he follow up in 2020? We will find out on Week 10 about Sunday Night Football. … The game of Dolphins on Week 1 jumped several levels if Old Tagovailoa was the initial QB.

You can Michael Hurley’s email or find it on Twitter @michaelFhurley.


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The draft D-line 49ers courtesy of coach Kyle Shanahan begins at Madden – San Francisco 49ers Blog | Instant News

SANTA CLARA, California – San Francisco 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan developed his team building philosophy long before he had a say in the actual NFL design.

As far back as 1997, Shanahan remembered the design team with his friends in the Madden video game. When his friends choose offensive weapons like Randy Moss, Shanahan prefers loading early on pass-rushers.

“I always go down to play defensive midfielder if the right people are there,” Shanahan, 40, said. “I can promise you, ask my middle school friends when we do it Madden and we recruit our own people, my first choice is always [Hall of Fame defensive end Michael] Strahan. … I always wanted to do D-line. “

Looking for people to get after midfielder has become a hallmark of Shanahan since he and general manager John Lynch took over 49ers in 2017. 49ers have taken defensive midfielders with their first choice in three of the four drafts led by Shanahan and Lynch, and this year’s process of removing doubt about their ongoing focus.

Even with attractive options such as offensive tackles Tristan Wirfs and receiver CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy on the board, 49ers move down one place through Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first round NFL 2020 draft. A few minutes after the Bucs chose Wirfs, the Niners gave up their choice to deal with the defensive Javanese Kinon.

Kinlaw joined Solomon Thomas and Nick Bosa as a defensive midfielder in the first round taken by the current regime, but he went further than that. When you explain Arik Armstead and DeForest BucknerThe 49ers have put together defensive midfielders in the first five of the last six years.

Only Thomas – taken as a whole No. 3 in 2017 – can be considered a disappointment relative to the draft position, which means Niners did not draw up defensive linemen to cover up previous mistakes. They do it because it is the core of how they want to build their team.

“You go back to when we first built this thing, Kyle and I came together, one of the things that we really believe is that it is an equalizer in a football league where everything is set for offense to succeed,” Lynch said. “One of the ways you can equate equations is to catch up and knock down crossers. We built a pretty good unit there, and we want to stay strong. We think [Kinlaw] very suitable for that. “

Niners hopes to add Kinlaw to give them a short and long term replacement for Buckner, which they exchange Indianapolis Colts in March to choose which turned into Kinlaw. Replacing Buckner is not an easy task, though, for a highly valued first round choice.



Take a look at some of the interesting things that made the former South Carolina defensive deal with Javon Kinlaw the top prospect in this year’s NFL draft.

Even so, Kinlaw will get around $ 20 million less than Buckner set for 2020. Surrounded by people like Bosa, Armstead, D. J. Jones and Dee FordKinlaw is unlikely to see as many double teams as he did in college and should have many opportunities to produce soon. And with veteran defensive coach Kris Kocurek taking the lead, Niners and Kinlaw believe they can maximize their potential.

“They might have been the best defense in football last year,” Kinlaw said. “I’m not just saying that. The way they play, they play the right way. I feel like they play the way they should.”

The 49ers ran out of the quartet of Bosa, Ford, Armstead and Buckner during the NFC playoffs and allowed QBR 0.7 (zero is as low as possible). The 44 sacks the Niners got from the first round pick last season were tied the most in a season since the sack became an official statistic in 1982, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

In total 61 sacks of teams (including playoffs) are mostly in the NFL, with 52 of them coming from defensive linemen. Armstead (10), Bosa (9), Buckner (7.5) and Ford (6.5) joined to make 49ers the only team in the NFL with four or more players who had at least 6.5 sacks during the regular season.

Behind that line, the 49ers finished tied for first in the league in yards allowed per play (4.66), second in yards allowed per game (281.8) and first allowed yard passes per game (169.2). While some teams, like New England Patriots, is a believer in building and investing first in the secondary, 49ers have put more resources into building front to back.

The Niners pay an average of Armstead and Ford $ 17 million per season, leading the group which is scheduled to contribute around 23% of the San Francisco salary cap by 2020.

It looks like it will not stop anytime soon.

In a few years, Bosa expects to get a massive contract, while Jones and Thomas will become free agents after this season. Escaping from large contracts like Ford can become necessary to keep key-free agents such as tense ends George Kittle, cornerback Richard Sherman, Jones, security Jaquiski Tartt, back defender Kyle Juszczyk and others after this season.

All that means it will not be surprising if, at this time of next year, Niners takes the defensive midfielder in the first round for the sixth time in seven years.

“I am an offensive coach, and it is more fun for me in offense with an offensive playmaker, but there is nothing more fun than having a defense like we had last year,” Shanahan said. “And I think that gives you the best chance to go to the Super Bowl. And I think that’s why John has a Super Bowl ring. I think that’s why many people are in the top defense too. And if we have a defense over that, I think it’s easier to make it to an offense where not many people make a defense. The defense is better than the people they fight. “


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Fun and football: Inheritance Joe Staley departs from the NFL – San Francisco 49ers Blog | Instant News

SANTA CLARA, California – After Joe StaleyThe first season which was largely inconspicuous in Central Michigan, coach Brian Kelly had a radical idea: ask Staley to pack the pounds and muscles needed to move from the tight end to the offensive tackles.

Kelly, now head coach at Notre Dame, got resistance from Butch Staley, Joe’s father. But Kelly quickly offered to guarantee that if Staley could get the size needed to hold on to an offensive tackle, one day his speed and athleticism would make him a major NFL tackle and a rich man.

So when a sophomore Staley stepped on the training ground at the beginning of the transition to deal with, he found himself marching on the side of Dan Dan Bazuin’s defense. Bazuin is one of the team’s best players and will leave school as a career leader in a sack and handle losses on his way to becoming the second round NFL draft pick in 2007.

As Kelly remembered, it wasn’t suitable for Staley. Not that you will know it from the reaction.

“And walk with Joe Staley,” Kelly said. “Joe just moved in to deal with and I remember Joe getting up [and] he pulled grass and dirt from his face after being knocked down for the third or fourth time and he had a big smile on his face, and he turned to me and said, ‘Wow, I’m really going to love this challenge. ‘That is Joe Staley. “

After 13 different seasons as San Francisco 49ersAfter handling, Staley left the NFL last week. Not because he wants to. In fact, his head and heart still controlled the game that he loved since he was a child. It was his body that would no longer allow it, and Staley could not imagine not having the future he wanted with his family.

Staley brought many awards as he headed for retirement. He got six Pro Bowl nods, was an All Pro team three times, won two NFC championships and landed on the NFL All-Decade Team for the 2010s.

Staley’s consistent excellence has confused his team-mates due to the induction to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

“I think he’s a Hall of Famer, without doubt,” he overcame Mike McGlinchey the word. “It doesn’t need to be thought about … But something that really isn’t discussed with Joe is the impact he made on a soccer match … He influenced the offensive linemen for 15 years when you turn on how to deal with left tackles is supposed to play football ball in a complete game, it’s not just a luxury pro pass, a great athlete; Joe is the most complete offensive tackle of his generation and that is something I think should without doubt be put in the Hall of Fame. “

All of that is only a small part of the trail left by Staley in the game.

Achievements on the field speak for themselves, but it is Staley’s ability to truly enjoy every second as a soccer player which makes him a fan favorite. That is the reason why so many were brought to social media to share their favorite Staley memories a few hours after he announced his resignation and the reason why his former teammate and coach offered the same outpouring of support.

Take the tight end George Kittle, as an example. As a fan of excitement and football, Kittle’s approach to the game reflects Staley. When Kittle entered the league as a rookie in 2017, Staley helped show him how to strike a balance between having the maximum amount of pleasure while also taking his job seriously enough to excel.

“He did a very good job for that,” Kittle said. “He does it day after day … Just being himself every day is what shows me how to do it. He is just like, just don’t be something that is not you. If you will appear and be that, then come and be that person. every day. And I think he said that to a lot of people, but it sure makes me happy. “

When Staley arrived in San Francisco as the first round of choice in 2007, he was rather worried. He was a bit embarrassed when speaking in public that he said he would be nervous about talking to student reporters from the Central Michigan school newspaper.

Unwilling to let his personality shine immediately, Staley earned the nickname “G.I. Joe” as a beginner because he took everything so seriously. Not long after, it occurred to Staley that to reach her potential, she needed to let go of it and be as authentic as possible every day.

It was manifested in various ways, like the famous “Joe Show“A humorous, humorous interview held by Staley every week with various teammates on the Niners team website. Former team-mate Patrick Willis remembers appearing on the show and Staley forces him to say something” so countryy “that Willis doesn’t believe he says it’s on camera.

“I like how Joe comes to practice every day,” Willis said. “How serious he is when he also loses it. And I learned along the way, that you can be serious with your skills, and you can be serious with your game, but it is also important to make sure you will loose and keep your balance, because if not, one is as bad as another. “

There was also a time when Staley expressed false frustration with midfielder Joey Porter because Porter refused to engage in rubbish talks during the match.

Last season, Staley was caught off guard with Kittle doing a little on the sidelines where they spoke in a thick Canadian accent.

And, of course, Staley’s passion for karaoke was never far from the surface.

All of that is a means to an end, when Staley develops a unique understanding of when to switch between pleasure and seriousness.

“You have to understand in the end, you play in the NFL and we play football,” said Staley. “As much as we all think it is the most serious thing in the world, it is a game and it is a fun game that we are privileged to play for many people who enjoy what we do and bring entertainment to people. In the end today, this is an entertainment business and you have to have fun with what you do.You can take things very seriously when you do that, but you also enjoy it.Enjoy what you do, bring in the spirit of laughter, and you can bring all of that to the table every day when you come to work. “

The old adage says that if you find a job that you like, you don’t have to work a day in your life. Staley’s body may argue otherwise, but his working body says that his main inheritance is that there has never been a day when he did not have an absolute explosion in doing his work.

And that, more than anything, which is why he did it so well for so long.


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Former 49ers tackling Joe Staley reflects retirement decision – ‘It’s a happy and sad day’ | Instant News

SANTA CLARA, California – For about 40 emotional minutes, Tuesday afternoon, Joe Staley say goodbye to the game he has loved since he was 5 years old.

Staley, si San Francisco 49ers Tackler supporters for the past 13 seasons announced his resignation on Saturday afternoon through a statement. But Tuesday offered Staley the chance to reflect on a career that included six Pro Bowls, two Super Bowl appearances and one spot on NFL All-Decade Team for the 2010s.

The day brought mixed emotions when Staley discussed her favorite memories, health status, and plans for the future. There were even tears when he became emotional when he thanked the Bay Area media for the personal relationship he had developed in time with the team.

Along the way, Staley explained that he did not want to retire but his body would no longer let him play, at least not if he wanted to have the quality of life he wanted with his wife and two daughters.

“It’s a happy and sad day,” Staley said. “Obviously, I don’t want to stop playing football. I still have a great love for it. It will be a strange transition to retirement because it’s not where I’m like ‘Alright, this will be my last year, I will finish “But it was the right decision for me, so I think because of that, it was very difficult for me … That’s what needs to happen. Football is what I know and what I like since I was a child.”

In what should have been the most exciting moments of his famous career, Staley found himself as happy as ever on the pitch and in the dressing room when the Niners jumped to season 13-3 and the NFC championship in 2019.

Because Staley wants to enjoy it, his body fights every time. He suffered a fibula fracture on Week 2 which required what Staley called “strange” rehabilitation which was “not very easy.” Upon returning on Week 10, Staley broke his finger, an injury that needed surgery and kept him out until Sunday 14.

When that happened, Staley said she began dealing with back problems and neck pain that remained for a while before it began to escalate. Neck injuries worsened with the season, with Staley calling the Super Bowl LIV the “pinnacle” of the pain he suffered.

Soon after the season, Staley sought some medical opinion as he tried to determine the risks and what his future would be after football if he continued to play. He kept the 49ers following his plan.

Staley said as recently as a month ago he was still considering his options, hoping that maybe something had changed for the better to enable him to play. Staley has a self-determined deadline last week NFL draft to tell the team about their future so they can plan it.

“It is very important for me to make sure whatever decisions I will make that I do not mess with them,” said Staley. “I know that the draft is like a deadline for them and also for me just because I want them to know 100% what I will do at that time … It is very important for me that they can have a plan in place.”

Niners does have a plan and trades the fifth round pick 2020 and the second round 2021 pick Washington Redskins to overcome the left Trent Williams. Hours later, Staley announced his resignation and was flooded with support from fans, organizations, teammates, coaches and former teammates and coaches.

Staley said he was “fascinated” by the response.

“That means a lot,” said Staley. “Playing for a franchise means a lot to me and it means a lot to them to show that appreciation.”

As he ponders his career on Tuesday, Staley talks about his downfield-touching block to defeat New Orleans Saints In the 2011 division playoffs, some pancake blocks were not easy to remember together with the guards Mike Iupati and a meaningful surge after Niners’ goal in Sunday’s 17th win against Seattle who won NFC West and seeded No. 1 in the playoffs this past year.

And although Staley claimed to be frustrated that he could not win the Lombardi Cup, he said that was not something that would define it.

“It’s a pain to not win that,” said Staley. “It was not on the card. I gave everything I had for the soccer match and I certainly did not let my head hang on it. I did everything I could do but it did not happen for any reason.” It’s frustrating but it’s not something that will torment me for the rest of my life. “

As for what would happen next, Staley was in no hurry to decide, even though he had been in some initial discussion about the possibility.

Niners coach Kyle Shanahan said Saturday that Staley would be welcomed around the team in whatever capacity he chose. Staley said several media entities had touched on the options there and he would consider conducting some personal training for offensive linemen.

Each, or all, of the figures were on the table for each time Staley chose to pursue them; he also recognized his interest in training as well. However, for now, he wants to spend time with his family and find out later.

“Hopefully I will become much lighter and in a much better condition,” said Staley. “I will be healthier and just be the best family man, the best father I can and only work very hard at anything. As far as what I want to do when the game is over, I want to be involved in football in a certain capacity … I don’t have a definite plan. I’ve been through all this and only need one year and just enjoy trying to be healthy and be at home as much as I can. So I’m sure I’m going to go crazy here and need to do something. “


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