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Coronavirus in San Francisco: How City Flattens Curves | Instant News

“Recent reviews are not years later; a few weeks later, “said the senator.” So we see in hindsight that London Breed was really smart. He did the right thing at the right time, even though that’s not what people want to hear. “

To a certain extent, a different route was taken by San Francisco and New York, two cities connected by a lack of affordable housing and a disparity in wealth that evaporates, reflecting a wider gap between the East and West coasts of the country. Washington State, where a group of corona virus cases in nursing homes makes the country the first epicenter in America, has been more successful than many other countries containing plague on the moon since it first erupted there. The governors of Oregon and California have even lent ventilators to New York and national supplies because their supplies have not yet been used up.

Epidemiologists told me that San Francisco and other West Coast cities might benefit from Trump’s government restrictions at the end of January on travel from China, while the president’s delay in banning flights from Europe, which he did not do until mid-March, struck New York violently. (New research supports this, showing that most of the early New York cases originated in Europe in mid-February, The New York Times reported on wednesday.)

“New Yorkers like Italy, and San Francisco and Washington State are more like, not necessarily South Koreans, but some Asian countries have slower growth rates,” Shahpar, a former global rapid response leader at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, gave know me. “Really, it’s about the initial identification of a problem, saying, ‘We will be more proactive than reactive.'”

Differences in decision making – proactive versus reactive – have separated leaders at all levels of government during this crisis. “This virus has been in front of us from day one,” Cuomo complained on Thursday, when he announced that, once again, New York had seen a diary – 799 – in deaths from the corona virus.

That may be true for Cuomo and de Blasio, who dragged their feet, not to mention Donald Trump. But that is not true for Breed.

P.public health official in San Francisco started monitoring coronavirus outbreaks around the holidays in December, Mary Ellen Carroll, who runs the city’s Emergency Management Department, told me. By the end of January, Breed had activated the San Francisco emergency operations center in preparation for the outbreak – the first step in any major city in the country. Since then the mayor has moved the command post to the Moscone Center, a large complex where prominent city officials can work alone while distancing themselves socially. Everyone, including Breed, wore masks when they met, Carroll said.

Breed told me that what caught his attention the most was terrible photos and recording out of Wuhan, China, showed hospitals in the region controlled by coronavirus patients. “A picture is worth a thousand words, look at pictures of what could potentially happen and then hear your doctor tell you that we might not have the capacity to handle this situation,” the mayor said, remembering a briefing in which his advisors laid possibilities for similar scenarios in clear detail. “We have many hospitals in San Francisco. What do you mean, we don’t have the capacity to handle this capacity break?“Breed recalled his thoughts. “That’s when I was like, Geez, this is serious. And basically we need to sound the alarm in a way that helps us get ready. “


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