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California loosens travel restrictions, but still discourages visitors | Instant News

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People Jumping Lines to Get Vaccines Prior to Eligibility – NBC Bay Area | Instant News

Unfair and entitled – that’s how many describe people crossing the line and getting the vaccine before they qualify.

Many know at least one person exaggerating their health condition or their boss classifying them as front-line workers to jump the line – experts call hyper-competitive behavior the “hunger game for vaccines.”

Karla Salazar, a childcare worker in San Francisco, described how long it would take some people to get the COVID-19 vaccine as “crazy,” including lying about being an essential worker.

“They say, ‘oh I work as a nurse’ and they take badges from friends,” she said.

On Monday, millions more Californians with serious health conditions and disabilities became eligible for the vaccine.

San Francisco goes a step further to include the homeless, inmates and others in high-risk congregational settings.

But because vaccines are open to more people, so are the opportunities for more queues and vaccine fraud.

“This is a competition, and it shouldn’t be,” said UCSF Epidemiologist Dr. George Rutherford. “I think people should have a bigger societal goal in mind which is to stop transmission.”

He said taking an appointment from someone living in a high-transmission area made the pandemic harder to fight.

“We don’t want a hunger game for vaccines,” said Rutherford. “There is logic to this, and please wait your turn.”

Some agree.

“It’s not fair,” said Soon Tani Beccaria Mochizuki from San Francisco. “People who really need the vaccine deserve it first.”

Others say vaccinating anyone will help us gain herd immunity.

“You know what? The more people who get vaccinated, that’s all that matters,” said Shawn Gupta of San Francisco. “It’s better for all of us, so let’s just get over it.”

The city of San Francisco requires everyone to tick a box and sign their name swearing they qualify for a vaccine, but some say relying solely on people’s honesty makes it too easy to cheat the system.

Below is more information from the San Francisco COVID Command Center

We have informed all San Francisco vaccination providers with the guidelines below regarding verification of eligibility:

  • Use reasonable processes to verify that the person vaccinating meets the eligibility criteria, while avoiding overly burdensome documentation requirements that create barriers to vaccination.
  • Workers in different occupational sectors differ in the available documentation that can verify their employment status. Providers may adopt methods that include but are not limited to checking job identification badges, salary deductions, or letters from employers, acknowledging that in some circumstances it may be more feasible and fairer to rely on than to obtain vaccines signed from them. the labor sector.
  • Ultimately, it is up to the vaccinating entity to decide on an appropriate process to verify eligibility, however, vaccination sites serving disproportionately affected populations and communities affected by COVID19 should ensure that access to vaccines is low barriers.
  • This communication will be updated as additional guidance on verification of eligibility is published by CDPH.


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San Francisco lifts 10-day travel quarantine order – NBC Bay Area | Instant News

San Franciscans who travel outside the Bay Area for non-essential reasons are no longer required to quarantine for 10 days upon their return, the city said on Tuesday. The travel quarantine order was put in place in mid-December to help curb the rise in coronavirus cases. The improvement in the number of cases allowed the city to lift the order. Although the order has been lifted, the city is still urging residents to avoid non-essential travel outside the region. If people are traveling out of state or more than 120 miles from home, they are encouraged to self-quarantine for 10 days. “Lifting this order does not mean that it is now safe to just jump on a plane or go on a road trip,” Dr Susan Philip, San Francisco’s acting health officer, said in a statement. . “This is not a free trip for all. We have made tremendous progress and reduced the number of our cases, but we need to keep our guards in place. The increasing prevalence of variants, some of which have been imported from the stranger, is even more important. proof that we have to be extremely careful. If we do all that we are supposed to do – wear our masks, practice physical distancing, avoid indoor gatherings with other households – we can continue to reopen businesses, schools and community activities. Voluntary quarantine after traveling out of state or 120 miles from home helps protect everyone. Let’s go forward, not back. ” .

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SF Couple Stranded For Months In New Zealand Due To Covid Reunion With Family Dog – CBS San Francisco | Instant News

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A San Francisco couple who were stranded in New Zealand due to Coronavirus restrictions have been reunited with their dogs, Whiskey and Waffles after living apart for nearly 10 months.

Michelle Paulson and Eric Denman left the dogs with dog guards in San Francisco last March and boarded a plane to New Zealand for a short vacation. Then Covid-19 started closing flights.

“Obviously, the situation is not improving,” Paulson said. “And we have more confidence in the New Zealand government’s ability to deal with the pandemic.”

Michele has Lupus, an autoimmune disease, which makes them decide to stay. She made an agreement with her employer to work remotely. Eric now works in New Zealand.

The island nation of 5 million people closed its borders and imposed an extreme lockdown for 6 weeks.

“The restaurant in particular, there is no restaurant open, not even to take home,” said Denman.

“You can walk in your neighborhood and that’s it,” says Paulson. “They make sure people are subsidized, businesses are subsidized. So it allows people to stay home and obey. ”

It worked, and now, life is really back to normal in New Zealand, although visitors to New Zealand will still need to be quarantined for two weeks.

There have been 5 cases of Covid-19 across the country and a total of 25 deaths. Big crowd celebrating the New Year.

The couple said that their unique perspective sometimes irritates them with friends and family in America.

“It is disappointment, frustration, anger that it doesn’t have to be like that in America,” Paulson said. “Because we see alternatives every day and mismanagement costs many people their lives, jobs and safety. It doesn’t have to be that way. ”

A friend kept the Whiskey and Waffles dogs as the home of the couple’s Mission district until last week, when the dogs flew away, were quarantined, and then reunited with the rest of their family.


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San Francisco expands travel quarantine and door-to-door orders – NBC Bay Area | Instant News

San Francisco announced Thursday that it was extending its stay-at-home and travel quarantine orders by 10 days. Both orders will remain in effect until California releases its stay-at-home order for the entire Bay Area. Even then, San Francisco officials will reassess coronavirus-related data, such as the availability of beds in intensive care units, to make sure they feel comfortable easing the current restrictions. “We have been proactive in putting in place the stay-at-home order and travel quarantine to protect the San Franciscans and in the hope that by acting quickly we could flatten the curve and reopen more quickly,” he said. the mayor of London Breed said in a statement. “It seems to be working, but we need more time to determine that we are headed in the right direction and that the December break is not holding us back. There are glimmers of hope and now is not the time to let go.” The travel quarantine order, which was implemented on December 17, requires people traveling to San Francisco from outside the Bay Area to remain in quarantine for 10 days. The city and county stay-at-home order went into effect on December 3. Two weeks later, the state was requested by the state as part of its regional stay-at-home order due to the availability of intensive care beds in the San Francisco Bay Area below 15 %. The state could lift its order for the Bay Area as early as Jan. 7, but San Francisco doesn’t expect that to happen due to rising cases and taxed intensive care units . San Francisco said the two health orders appear to have slowed the rate of infection. “Although cases continue to climb, they are increasing at a slower rate than when the orders were implemented,” the city and county said in a statement. “Thanks to our collective actions, more than 400 deaths could have been avoided.” .

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