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Teachers is San Jose refusing to return to class, citing ‘unsafe’ – area NBC Bay | Instant News

Teachers of San Jose said Friday that they refuse to go back to class next month to a safe environment in this era COVID-19, a move that may set the trend for teachers throughout the state.

The Association of teachers of San Jose said in the face of the statement is unsafe and one of the parents agrees.

“The safety comes first with the kids and everything,” said parent, Fernando Aguilar. “If teachers don’t like it, let’s support them.”

The representative of the San Jose Unified said the first day of school is scheduled for August 12, with one teacher in the classroom instructing some students in the class and the other practical.

Now that the teachers refuse to return to the classroom, the district in this regard.

“I understand why teachers are upset, I am very upset that they can’t come back,” said parent and former teacher Mike Flynn.

“There is no substitute for that face-to-face interaction with the younger children,” he said. “It will be a big challenge and a big hole in education.”

Teachers San Jose after the California teachers Association are. The group made a statement, saying in part, “we cannot open the school until it is safe”.Sighting that the state does not have enough money to provide physical distancing, required PPE, and sanitizing of equipment.

This news comes as Oakland Unified School District said that this will be the beginning of the school year one month from Friday with distance learning.

“Many of our families say they do not feel comfortable with students returning to class, many others say that they want their students back to class, said John Sasaki Oakland Unified. “Of course, there are lots of problems with COVID”.

Oakland teachers have been vocal about not wanting to go back to class.

“Security measures, I certainly agree with the point of view of the mask distancing and treatment, but it is not enough to control the virus in the medical institutions,” said Teacher mark Airgood, Oakland.

San Jose Unified has sent a survey to the community wanting to know what they think before making a final decision about how next year will look like during this crisis COVID.


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