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Teachers is San Jose refusing to return to class, citing ‘unsafe’ – area NBC Bay | Instant News

Teachers of San Jose said Friday that they refuse to go back to class next month to a safe environment in this era COVID-19, a move that may set the trend for teachers throughout the state.

The Association of teachers of San Jose said in the face of the statement is unsafe and one of the parents agrees.

“The safety comes first with the kids and everything,” said parent, Fernando Aguilar. “If teachers don’t like it, let’s support them.”

The representative of the San Jose Unified said the first day of school is scheduled for August 12, with one teacher in the classroom instructing some students in the class and the other practical.

Now that the teachers refuse to return to the classroom, the district in this regard.

“I understand why teachers are upset, I am very upset that they can’t come back,” said parent and former teacher Mike Flynn.

“There is no substitute for that face-to-face interaction with the younger children,” he said. “It will be a big challenge and a big hole in education.”

Teachers San Jose after the California teachers Association are. The group made a statement, saying in part, “we cannot open the school until it is safe”.Sighting that the state does not have enough money to provide physical distancing, required PPE, and sanitizing of equipment.

This news comes as Oakland Unified School District said that this will be the beginning of the school year one month from Friday with distance learning.

“Many of our families say they do not feel comfortable with students returning to class, many others say that they want their students back to class, said John Sasaki Oakland Unified. “Of course, there are lots of problems with COVID”.

Oakland teachers have been vocal about not wanting to go back to class.

“Security measures, I certainly agree with the point of view of the mask distancing and treatment, but it is not enough to control the virus in the medical institutions,” said Teacher mark Airgood, Oakland.

San Jose Unified has sent a survey to the community wanting to know what they think before making a final decision about how next year will look like during this crisis COVID.


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SJ Woman Arrested for Alleged Protesters with Intentional NBC Bay SUVs | Instant News

A 26-year-old woman was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion
from attempted murder, which allegedly intentionally drove his car to
the crowd and attacked two men at a protest late Friday near downtown San Jose,
said the police.

Police said Bianca Orozco from San Jose was arrested at
connection with events around 9 pm Friday. The police say Santa Clara
County Sheriff’s representative in the “illegitimate assembly” reported at Sixth
and Santa Clara Streets in the city center saw a gray Dodge Durango drive inside
crossing at high speed. Several protesters jumped out
avoid being hit by a suspected vehicle, police said.

Deputy Sheriff saw the same vehicle and turned
driving back towards the crowd, and then returning at high speed and running
more than two adult male victims. The deputy, said the police, believes that the suspect was intentional
trying to crash into the victims.

Durango then turned towards the protesters and deputies,
and drove straight towards them. One representative fired one round at Durango, which one
then fled the scene, police said.

Both victims were taken to a local hospital without threatening their lives
injured and then released, police said.

An San Jose Police Department officer at the scene recorded
the Durango plate, and the homicide detective on Saturday found a vehicle,
and Orozco, in a house in San Jose. Orozco, who was not hurt on Friday
night shooting, then captured and ordered to Santa Clara County

The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with
information is requested to contact Detective Sergeant. Isidro Bagon or Detective Ramon
Sanchez from the San Jose Police Department Homicide Unit at (408) 277-5283.

Anyone who wants to remain anonymous can call Crime
Stoppers Tip Line at (408) 947-STOP (7867).


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The first victim known to die at 19 died of a broken heart | Instant News

A woman in Santa Clara County is now believed to be the first person in the US to be killed by a coronavirus novel died of a broken heart caused by her body’s struggle to defeat the virus, an autopsy shows.

Patricia Dowd, 57, from San Jose, died at home on February 6 due to a heart attack and had a cold. But This news organization reported Thursday that officials now say he has a corona virus, which they did not know at the time.

An autopsy report posted Saturday night by the San Francisco Chronicle showed that his body was fighting so hard against the virus that the valve in his heart burst, a pathologist who reviewed the document told the news organization. .

Judy Melinek, Bay Area forensic pathologist who reviewed the autopsy report, said it showed the heart “infected muscle, that’s what caused the heart to burst.”

Dowd’s heart is a normal size and weight, Melinek said. Heartbreak such as that suffered by Dowd usually occurs in people who have bad cholesterol levels.

“There are indications of a weakened heart,” Melinek said. “The immune system attacks the virus and attacks the virus damaging the heart and then the heart basically explodes.”

Dowd’s husband, citing his wife’s strong sporting habits and overall good health before falling ill, had requested an autopsy.

The results show the role of the virus that was played, which was unknown at the time of death, and is now considered an important missed opportunity in the battle against the virus and COVID-19, the disease it causes. Death of Dowd, as well as two others, on February 17 and March 6, showed the virus spread on the West Coast long before the first known US case was marked in Solano District in March.

The Bay Area District did not issue the country’s first residence order at home until nearly six weeks after Dowd’s death.

“If we understand then people are dying … we might act earlier than we do,” said Santa Clara County Health Officer Sara Cody at a press conference on Wednesday.

What was then considered a death due to the first corona virus in Santa Clara County was reported publicly on March 9. On Saturday, the regional health department reported 99 deaths caused by the virus.


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