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5 Italian Riviera Cocktails to Keep Your Summer Cool | Instant News

Italian Riviera, stretching from the French border to Tuscany, is one of the great summer destinations, with miles of striking coastlines, luxury resorts, beach restaurants and cocktail bars overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy stunning beaches with color drinks and cooler on hand. If a trip to Italy is not affordable right now, you can at least enjoy the best wine offerings wherever you are. The six drinks below come from the main destination and mixologists in various parts of Liguria, home to the western and eastern parts of the Italian Riviera. Five can be adjusted to be made at home. One, using a special handmade Ligurian liquor, “Barba – add to the list” to try “during the highly anticipated trip.


One of the magnificent hotels of the Italian Riviera, the Excelsior Palace Hotel has welcomed famous figures for more than a century, from the British royal family (Duke and Duchess of Windsor) to the rock noble family (Bruce Springsteen). The incredible views overlooking the Tigullio Bay towards the Portofino beach are some of the reasons to come here – besides the well-appointed rooms and suites decorated in a modern classic style and antique-studded reception room, there is a sybaritis beach club, restaurants with stunning views , and several bars, including a lounge called the Yachting Club, and a terrace where you can order drinks and cocktails before and after dinner, which is masterminded by the butler head Maggiei Oreste. The following are two recommendations.

Ligurian Riviera Martini

6 cl from Portofino Gin

Splash dried vermouth

Fresh basil leaves

Lemon spinning

Mix all ingredients in a mixing glass with 2-3 basil leaves, then strain into a martini glass. Prepare a glass by “rinsing it” with basil (wipe a few mashed basil leaves around the glass to leave a little taste behind). Add a lemon vortex,

“Barba Cocktails

3 clye rye whiskey

3 Italian red vermouth cl

3 cl U Barba (this is a handmade Ligurian liquor made with rhubarb, herbs and spices (coriander, angelica root, bitter orange, cardamom)

Beat rye, vermouth, and Ü Barba with ice. Strain and pour into an ancient glass with ice.

ROSAMUNDA SPRITZ: Grand Hotel Portovenere

You need to travel to one of the southernmost points of Liguria to reach this beautiful city, which is famous for its rich history (along with Cinque Terre, Portovenere, and nearby Palmaria islands has been designated a World Heritage Site), magical settings, and charming seascapes. Portovenere has long attracted the attention of artists and poets – the famous Lord Byron came here – and today big names come for glamor and relative privacy. That Grand Hotel Portovenera occupies a prime spot in the city overlooking Golfo dei Poeti and the islands, which means that the view from many rooms, Palmaria restaurants and Venus Bar is the best in Liguria. During alcoholic drinks, enjoy the sunset with a special cocktail like Rosamunda Spritz made by butler Giovanni Pellegrini, or made at home.

Rosamunda Spritz

1.5 ounces. Essentiae Lunae Rosolio Liqueur (made of rose petals that grow organically on the nearby Lunigiana hill) Centuries ago this type of liqueur was produced in monasteries. Another rosolio used is Italicus Rosolio in Bergamotto.

5-6 cardamom seeds

3 ounces of prosecco

1 piece pink grapefruit

Soda water

Cardamom bitter

Fill a white wine glass or large glass with 7-8 ice cubes. Add Rosolio, cardamom seeds, prosecco or other sparkling wine, orange slices, and splash of soda water and bitter cardamom. Mix for a while and add a straw if you want.

CRO-MAGNON COCKTAIL: Balzi Rossi Beach, Grimaldi Inferiore

Balzi Rossi Beach is a heavenly place near the French border with an alluring atmosphere; You can arrive here by boat (the Spiaggetta cruise tender will meet you) or by car (a waiter will arrange for you to be transported to the beach), swim in a transparent sea, enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner at a seaside restaurant that is fun, and when drinking alcohol, enjoy a custom drink, like a Cro-Magnon cocktail (see below), named to commemorate discoveries at the famous archaeological site nearby, the caves of Balzi Rossi, where relics of around 25,000 years were found.

Cro-Magnon Cocktails

1,5 cl lemon juice

Sugar syrup 1.5 cl

2 small thyme branches

4 sea fennel leaves (without branches, bitter ones). If you can’t find fennel, use white fennel.)

2.5cl Hendrick’s Gin

1.5 cl St. Germain Elderberry liqueur

4.5 cl Laura Aschero vermentino (a very famous white wine from the city of Liguria near Imperia) or other vermentino

2 tablespoons of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil

0.3 cl egg white

a little salt

sprinkle pepper

lemon twist

In the shaker add lemon juice with sugar syrup, thyme and sea fennel. Stir the ingredients. Add gin, wine, wine, olive oil, egg whites and salt. Mix with a spoon and then shake without ice; add ice to the shaker and shake again. Strain into a glass; add 5-6 ice cubes, add pepper and a little lemon.

ABBADIA SLING: Abbadia San Giorgio, Moneglia

Location of a beautifully restored 15th-century monastery, the Abbadia San Giorgio in Moneglia makes it easy to explore some of the most famous places on the Riviera di Levante, or the eastern part of the Italian Riviera. By train, it is about 20 minutes to Monterosso al Mare, the most north of the village of Cinque Terre, and a little more than half an hour to Santa Margherita Ligure, where you can take a boat to Portofino. Located in the historic center of the city and only 50 meters from the beach, Abbadia makes a quiet haven to retreat to far from (in normal time) the crowds of tourists at popular Riviera spots. For liquor, try the hotel’s signature cocktail, Abbadia Sling.

Abbadia Sling

4 cl Campari

2 cl Gray Goose® L’Orange Flavored Vodka

4 cl fresh orange juice

Abissi sparkling wine (made in Liguria by Bisson Vini, This wine is very undercooked under the sea at a height of 60 meters)

Shake all the ingredients, pour into a glass with ice, and end with sparkling wine. Garnish with lemon zest, rosemary, and mint.


Nilla Pizzi was a famous post-war Italian singer who won the San Remo Musical Festival in the first two years of its establishment (1951,1952). This drink, in honor of Pizzi’s heritage, was made by Marina Porotto on behalf of Genova Gourmet Bartender for a special event to promote Ligurian and Genoan products during the San Remo festival in February this year. Porotto, who with her husband Alessio Narizzano owns Biggie Cocktail & Bistrot at the Piazza delle Erbe in Genoa, said she took inspiration from sour vodka while making drinks, renewing with cherry liqueur “to make it fresh and young like Nilla when she sang at the San Remo festival. “With Genoa enjoying active cocktails and aperitivo scenes in recent years, Porotto said that both travelers and residents in the region have been looking for” new flavors, fragrances, and experiences to understand Liguria, or to find unusual flavors from their region. They prefer to try new cocktails or replace ingredients in classic cocktails. “

Nilla Pizzi

4 cl Original Bio Vodkaorganic vodka made in Italy; or Moskovskaya, Stolichnaya vodkas, Russian Standard Vodka, Tito Handmade Vodka)

2 cl La Morona cherry liquor by Andrea BruzzonAlcoholic or cherry drinks such as Sangue Morlacco by Luxardo, or Stock Cherry

1.5 cl fresh lemon juice

Sugar syrup 1 to 1.5 cl (the amount depends on the sweetness of the alcoholic drinks you use)

3 Angostura bitter lines

Maraschino / lemon cherry skin for garnish

Shake all ingredients and filter into a glass with ice. Top with cherry / lemon peel.


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