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Riot Games acquired the Hytale RPG sandbox maker | Instant News

The team can now ‘focus’ to complete the game

Riot Games has an answer Minecraft and Roblox, and it is called Hytale.

Creator League of Legends and Valorant was announced that they have acquired Hypixel Studios, the team behind Hytale, A large sandbox RPG that is scheduled to be released for PCs in 2021.

Hytale combining the scope of the sandbox with the depth of role-playing games, immersing the player in a procedurally generated world in which the teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards. “But more than that – there are tools for creating mini-games and content created by other users.

Riot Games previously invested and gave advice to Hypixel Studios. Under the new plan, Hypixel will become a subsidiary and “operate as an independent studio, with Riot as its parent company.” They opened a base studio in Northern Ireland to “bring in support staff to help run the day-to-day business, as well as a new QA team to help with the continued development of Hytale. “

This acquisition might seem like an obvious next step, but the developer does not automatically look for Riot as a potential partner. Hypixel has “many partnership opportunities that arise“and explore them, according to new CEO Aaron” Noxy “Donaghey.” If you are wondering why we need to be ‘silent’ for a long time in 2019, well, there is your answer! “

The creator also went out of their way to say that Hypixel Minecraft minigame server and the appropriate team at Hypixel Inc. will not be affected, and Hytale The developer will not be an employee of Riot.

Even as an outside observer – someone who is not watching Hytale but still hear many names over the past few years – this is an interesting story. Riots have been stumbled before with acquisitions, and that’s juggling many games to come, but I can already see the stars aligning Hytale.

Hypixel Studios is still “finalization“the game’s business model (maybe it will be free to play), but players will be able to monetize the content in their game as long as they follow” a light set of rules. “

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