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Covid-19 deaths continue to fall ahead of the announcement of a lockdown by Boris Johnson | Instant News

That corona virus The pandemic in Kent may have passed its initial peak, new figures show.

As locking restrictions seem to be relaxed starting Sunday, the number of people dying in this county every day from Covid-19 continues to fall.

Figures showing Covid-19 deaths and positive cases in Kent peaked in April

The confirmed cases have also dropped significantly, signifying changes seen when fighting a deadly virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week Britain “crossed the peak” of the virus outbreak, but stressed the country must not “risk a second spike”.

The death toll in Britain has risen above 30,000 – the highest in Europe.

In Kent at least 828 have lost their lives, with that number going up when the death rate outside the hospital in the last two weeks was released.

Boris Johnson is expected to discuss the 'road map' unlocked on Sunday
Boris Johnson is expected to discuss an ‘unlocked road map’ on Sunday

But data analysis by KentOnline shows that the peak of the virus – in terms of deaths and confirmed cases – has passed.

In the week leading up to April 10, a total of 231 people died in Kent, with 35 tragically losing their lives in one of the deadliest days at the county hospital.

But in the two weeks after that, the weekly death rate fell to 208, and then again to 171.

At the same time, the number of people in Kent who were positive using Covid-19 fell from a peak of 207 days on April 17 to less than 40 a day last week.

Figures in Kent largely follow the trends seen in the UK, which will likely inform every decision taken about how lock restrictions can be reduced.

The Prime Minister is set to review social distance measures today, but is not expected uncovering plans for a “road map” from being locked until Sunday.

It is estimated that he will establish a “choice menu” of how this can be achieved, with the reopening of schools and businesses which is likely to be one of the most pressing problems.

On Sunday, cabinet minister Michael Gove warned that people have to live with “some restrictions” until they can be immunized against the deadly disease.

On the same day a contact tracking application was announced – warning people when they made contact with someone who had symptoms of coronavirus – would tested on the Isle of Wight this week.

The number of deaths in hospitals has slowly declined since its peak on April 35 7
The number of deaths in hospitals has slowly declined since its peak on April 35, 7


The number of people who died from Covid-19 at Kent hospital is likely to drop below 10 a day for the first time since the end of March.

The latest figures show that the continuous decline in deaths seen recently in the four district trust hospitals continues.

At its peak, the daily death rate reached 35 on April 7, with 172 people losing their lives in a week.

This number dropped to 126 on April 17 and then to 95 a week later, with figures stating it would drop below 70 on May 1.

Eleven new deaths were recorded by the NHS England yesterday, increasing the total in Kent hospitals to 587.

The third has been reported by the East Kent trust, which runs acute hospitals in Ashford, Canterbury and Margate.

More than 4,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Kent, but the peak appears to have passed
More than 4,000 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Kent, but the peak seems to have passed


March 2 the first case of coronavirus confirmed in Kent, with more than 4,000 people in the area positive.

But figures released by Public Health England (PHE) show that the peak of the case has now passed.

At the beginning of last month, the numbers that were stated positive every day jumped to 207 on April 17 – a record high.

But in the following week, the average daily total dropped to 143, before falling again to 114 and then to 36 on May 1.

A total of 4,565 people are now tested positive for Covid-19 in the county – 654 in Medway.

Death accounts in nursing homes for one in five of the total recorded in Kent
Death accounts in nursing homes are one in five of the total recorded in Kent


More than one in five deaths from Covid-19 in Kent occurred in a nursing home.

The latest figures reveal that 164 people died of coronavirus until April 24 while living in such facilities throughout the region.

Most have been recorded in Thanet, with 25 people dying in nursing homes accounting for a third of those who died from Covid-19 in the district.

There is a real difference in Kent in the proportion of deaths due to corona virus that occur in nursing homes.

They accounted for less than 10% of deaths in Gravesham, and Folkestone and Hythe, but in Tunbridge Wells this figure rose to 41%.

While care at death homes in Kent continues to increase, the rate at which they can fall is in line with those at the hospital.

In the week to April 24, there were 48 deaths registered in nursing homes – down from 66 the previous week.

More people from Medway have died than anywhere else in Kent - but Dartford has the highest mortality rate in this county
More people from Medway have died than anywhere else in Kent – but Dartford has the highest death rate in the district


More people from Medway died of Covid-19 than any other Kent region – but neighboring regions had the highest mortality rates in the district.

At least 113 City residents lost their lives due to the virus before April 24 – more than a third higher than the next worst affected.

But the numbers are not surprising considering that nearly 300,000 people live there, with five other areas in Kent actually having more deaths per percentage of their population.

The hardest hit was Dartford, which witnessed the death of 69 residents in the same period – a figure of 62.9 per 100,000 people.

The lowest number of deaths was recorded in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge and Malling, both of which lost 29 residents.

The latter also has the lowest death rate, with 22.2 deaths per 100,000 people.

Divided further geographically, Cliftonville West in Thanet has the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the county, with 13 people losing their lives before April 17.

Local residents suggest people routinely violating lock restrictions are a factor.

For the latest coronavirus news and suggestions, click here.

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How to eat: fried egg sandwich | Food | Instant News

TThe thing that Gael Greene remembers most the night he had sex with Elvis Presley was the sandwich he asked him to order from room service afterwards. New York fairytale food writers don’t remember some of the more polite details that night, however Memoirs of Greene, Satisfied, noted with absolute clarity Presley’s request for a post-coital fried egg sandwich.

How to eat – this series explores the best ways to enjoy British favorite food – can only appreciate those priorities. For what one passionate night with the most desirable man on earth compared to the knowledge of the eternal sensual pleasures of a fried egg sandwich? Beautiful people are often selfish, while our subject this month, fried egg sandwiches, will fulfill your animal’s instincts in a completely selfless, generous and non-judgmental way. No shame. There is no awkwardness. You don’t even need to wear your best underwear.

Right, there are killjoys that will make you feel guilty about your fried egg sandwich habits. Google it and you will find: “People also ask – is a fried egg sandwich good for you?” This is not a question and is rather an ontological error message. Meanwhile, The NHS tries to warn (although HTE prefers to see it as a promise) that: “Fried eggs can increase their fat content by about 50%.” Sounds good, right? Life is short. Have fun.

Write on NMEPaul Morley once described the loafer-in-chief of Coronation Street, Stan Ogden, as “a man who can see the whole world in a fried egg sandwich”. HTE chose to read Blakeian’s riff as a compliment. In his Zen-like manner, Stan can absorb himself in this simple act as the totality of human experience. In the main democratic treat – cheap, accessible, easy to cook – Stan found it means it.

We are all there, eating fried egg butty, a familiar delight but always fresh, thinking: “This is the pinnacle of existence; life will not get better. “But this is only true if the fried egg sandwich is made properly, where HTE must intervene.


There’s a lot of very bad things happening to fried egg sandwiches, mostly in the US. Use a circular container like British muffin (Think potential overhangs) or worse bagels (gaping holes + egg yolks = tragicomic disaster) are confusing. It also seems impossible for Americans to make a sandwich without baking bread or frying it like Grilled cheese sandwich. Why?

Better that the white is less ripe than the burnt edge. Photo: Robert Lowdon / Getty Images

Inflexible and / or dry toast does not make sense here. No need to make texture contrast between crispy toasted bread and soft eggs. Instead, the essence of comfort food from fried egg sandwiches – nursery food for a class that is never named – lies in how it produces so easily when you bite it. This should offer a lack of resistance to the finely differentiated layer so that it is easily penetrated so you can handle it without teeth. Generic white sliced ​​bread – floppy, plasticised, wool and not real – is the way to do it. And “nothing chocolate”, like Peter Stringfellow correctly asserted.

Choosing white sliced ​​bread is not merely about texture and taste (bread acts as a bland delivery vehicle for its rich production partners *), but also its taste and practicality. With a little pressure from the palm of your hand, thin slices of slippery bread will form around a hot, slippery egg to form a soft, easy-to-regulate, and partially covered pocket, where everything is contained safely. Bread like this allows you to relax. Everything on the sandwich was controlled.

* On the milk-rich front, a fried egg sandwich must be smoothed just like a bear enjoying a remote, secluded toilet. If you can’t see the teeth marks on the butter, if the melted butter doesn’t see your plate in the Jackson Pollock style, you’re doing it wrong.

Flip v dripping

The biggest split in the fried egg community is between some people who choose who flips the egg and fry the yolk until it is almost cooked (too medium to approach too hard in US diner term) and heretics and pagans who leave runny egg yolks.

Confusing egg yolk service. Even if (correctly) you don’t cut your sandwich, you will end up biting the runny egg yolk and it will leak, not burst and spurt forward, if it doesn’t go down your chin and on top of your fingers then clump on porcelain cold, where it will set like an ugly stain on your soul – a terrible reminder of your ordinary waste. The only person who wants the yolk to seep onto the plate is the stylist on the fried egg sandwich shoots. Unless you are going to suck your sandwich very badly like a pacifier, an egg yolk full of vibration that is ready to explode is of no use.

Instead, you need egg yolks that are barely adjusted, still dirty, residual liquid in the middle, but only to the extent that any leaks can be quickly eaten or absorbed by the surrounding bread. The situation is a matter of seconds cooking on the fold.

Some of the biggest names in the egg game support the third way. On the way, they are deliberately dividing and spreading egg yolks before flipping the eggs, to make sure you get cooked egg yolks in each bite. “This produces a unique taste, different from scrambled eggs and fried eggs,” according to Michael Ruhlman, author of Egg. But HTE is not sure. It prefers to keep the thick egg yolks intact. It must wait for you at the center of the sandwich, building anticipation as you eat towards a noticeable change in the nature of the sandwich that it provides.

Not that egg yolks are the best part of the sandwich. HTE does not buy hierarchy> egg yolk. Given that more than 60% of egg calories found in egg yolks, HTE assumes we are genetically programmed to want it. But the assumption that its superiority is a mistake, a subjective deception from an obedient mind rather than an objective fact.

Food the writing is full of twee or hymns that sicken up to the wealth of egg yolks. Because of its relative rarity, egg yolks are considered luxurious while the whites are ignored as workdays. HTE loves both, but, if forced to choose, the creamy white will definitely prevent him. In the days when the yolk looked sickening, there was still something irresistible about the sweet albumen, its strong appeal between teeth and its delicate way of taste forming the holy trinity with bread and butter.

It might depend on how your roof of your mouth is formed. If from an early age your life is filled with gold-eyed gastronomic adventures, you may feel the luxury of pampering egg yolks. If you are accustomed to simpler, cheaper, white food it feels like a treat sent from heaven. HTE does not say that the preference for yellow or white is the division of main classes. But that also doesn’t say that it isn’t.

Because the soft, plump, smooth white color is valuable, please don’t spoil it by cooking your eggs too much. Fried eggs with crispy and tanned frills, the edges are like melted plastic, terrible. Better that the white is less ripe than the burnt edge.


Fried egg sandwich with tomato sauce.

The clink of vinegar from tomato sauce makes it the most acceptable seasoning. Photo: Tornadoflight / Getty Images / iStockPhoto

There is a selfish narrative implicit in food journalism (there are pages to be filled in, magazines to sell … or at least there once were), that food is in a process of constant improvement and improvement, to pursue the forever delay in perfection. We can never accept what we have, let alone suggest reducing ingredients from dishes. Simplicity doesn’t sell. Every meal must, with endless add-ons and ever greater complexity, be elevated to the “next level”, “luxury”, or “supreme” manifestation.

As a result, people always add ingredients to fried egg sandwiches (blue cheese, avocado, meat jam, kimchi, bechamel, anchovy paste, rocket, ham, maybe all at once), which destroyed the whole concept. What if, and HTE just throws this out, the “best ever” fried egg sandwich is … fried egg sandwich? Made with the best eggs you can buy, enjoyed without interruption?

Add some crispy and crispy bacon if you have to (as a texture flavoring, as a seasoning), but why throw away the good bacon here? Enjoy yourself. Likewise, a fried egg sandwich does not require additional sliced ​​cheddar, which, because the slice is soft but fails to melt, will turn into a chewy, chewy paste. Note: the inclusion of salad items, such as tomato slices, is a symptom of self-hatred that requires psychiatric intervention.

Seasoning is acceptable. When applied wisely, tomato sauce is the most obvious competitor, its sharp vinegar is inversely proportional to dairy products. HTE regards chocolate sauce as a terrible creation, but, in this case, it’s less terrible than mayonnaise (a terrible taste profile on a hot sandwich), mustard (only acceptable if you smoke 40 days) or hot sauce, use that on all foods, no matter how unsuitable, now becomes a kind of mass hysteria.


From binge drinking, greedy 4 o’clock in the morning (remember?) Until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a fried egg sandwich is perfect. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea, it works. Ready in seconds and only requires pots and plates (come on, stay civilized), it is a beginner level paradise.


Tea or coffee: don’t even think about anything else.

So, fried egg sandwich, how do you eat it?

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