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Woman who lost her husband and son to COVID-19 said the last farewell on Facebook Live | Headlines | Instant News

FLINT, Mich. (WEYI / CNN) – A Michigan woman who lost her husband and son to COVID-19 paid a small visit for them this weekend and invited the world through social media.

Standing before her husband and only child, Sandy Brown said her last farewell via Facebook Live when thousands of people tuned to pay their respects.

“My two men have left. I stand here in the strength of God, not my own,” Brown said during a funeral in Flint on April 10.

She lost her 59-year-old husband, Freddie Lee Brown Jr., and her 20-year-old son, Freddie Lee Brown III, within days of each other.

His son, who was a student at Mott Community College, died March 29 – three days after his father.

Following the CDC’s recommendations, Brown wore different face masks and gloves to attend their funeral.

Although not everyone is allowed in, dozens of cars line up in the parking lot to honor the men on Good Friday.

“They know they can only come in their cars and support. So people have come, and they have done what we ask them to do and can show their support and presence, “Father Kiemba Knowlin, from Jackson Memorial Temple, said.

Knowlin has been a family pastor for years. During the funeral, he prayed for Brown’s men before they went to their final resting place.

“God has other plans. “I don’t understand the plan, but I really miss you,” Brown said.

After another large meeting is permitted, the family plans to have another home-going service.


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