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‘Our Neighbors Are Unite’: People Receive Large Amounts of Food and Supply Contribution – WCCO | Instant News

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – When resources are cut, the community will help.

Neighbors in the Longfellow neighborhood made calls for shopping on social media after their grocery store caught fire in riots this week. They initially asked for 80 bags of food, and on Sunday morning they received thousands of bags of groceries.

Sanford High School Principal Amy Nelson turns the school parking lot into a collection place at 10 am on Sunday. Their goal is to help their students who feel insecure due to the destruction this week, but their goals are quickly surpassed.

“Looking around I felt we had enough food to feed every child in Minneapolis and more,” said Jaberi Browne, a special education teacher at the school.

Browne said the move was the first step towards recovery. “As an educator, knowing that our children will be fed because the shops are closed, this has healed my heart a lot,” Browne said.

To help organize and send all donations, Sanford Middle School partnered with The Sheridan Story, a non-profit organization aimed at feeding children in the Twin Cities. The Sheridan Story provides trucks and staff members to help coordinate all food donations and deliver food to those who need it.

“Honestly, I’m really emotional now. I’m very grateful to our neighbors who came together, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” said Lauren, one of the volunteers who came out to help arrange donations.

The Sanford staff were so overwhelmed with generosity that they decided to expand outside the Longfellow neighborhood, giving this food to families in Little Earth, North Minneapolis and to the Twin City food shelves.

While so many come to give, so many who need come to receive.

“We’re trying to get whatever we can get now,” said Quinton Lewis, who lost her grocery store to a fire. He appeared to get food for his girlfriend and his 3-year-old daughter. Receiving this generosity is also part of the healing process itself.

“It really makes the situation better to make me feel like people really have hearts, people really care,” Lewis said.

If you want to help donate food or give back during this difficult time, click here.

Those who need food or supplies such as diapers, detergents, or water can get it for free at:


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