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Frustration increases when patients complain of delays in tests, eating and poor sanitary conditions | Instant News

Frustration is on the rise among patients at the field isolation facility at the Expo Center, who held a demonstration and sat on Saturday against reported mismanagement, poor sanitary conditions and delays in their coronavirus tests, which resulted in the delay in returning many patients. the patients.

As many as 275 patients with COVID-19 without symptoms or with mild symptoms have been kept in a field isolation center because they are not eligible to be treated at the city’s tertiary health care facilities and they cannot be allowed to remain in their hospitals. stayed for fear of spreading infection to their family members and other relatives.

Some patients treated at the center told The News on Sunday that most patients were very irritated because of poor management and lack of facilities, and most importantly, delays in their confirmation tests for coronavirus, which resulted in further delays in their release. from the facility.

“Patients have begun lobbying inside isolation centers and yesterday they held a demonstration and sat down. They called for their confirmation test as soon as possible so that those who tested negative could be released at the earliest, “said a patient.

Patients said poor sanitary conditions, lack of entertainment and complaints about food were some of the other problems that caused frustration at the facility. He added that all of these problems had brought together patients from various segments of society, which now created problems for administration.

Giving praise to the Pakistani Army and officers and personnel stationed in the isolation center, the patient said that without the presence of the army and its management, this center could not be run and managed effectively. “Without an army, no one will live there. They do their best to facilitate patients and solve their problems as much as possible.”

According to other patients, who requested anonymity, some COVID-19 patients from religious clothing and others were dissatisfied with food and hygiene arrangements, because they wanted to stay fast but faced difficulties. He said patients were also unhappy with sanitary conditions, and created problems for central management.

Acknowledging that dissatisfaction is increasing at the center, an official involved in facility management said that hospitals in Karachi had run out of corona virus testing kits, because many patients had to be discharged after negative testing still at the hospital. Expo Center and they cause problems for management.

“And this is the first facility of its kind in a city where large numbers of people are being held. No one in management has hotel management experience, so problems with eating, housing and hygiene arise. We are trying our best to calm them down, but it is very difficult for us, “said the official, who asked not to be named because he should not speak to the media.

Giving full credit to the Pakistani Army for excellent arrangements for patients from various socio-economic and religious and ethnic backgrounds in one place, the official said two welfare organizations, including Saylani Welfare and Alamgir Trust, provided the best food for patients, but he added that it was not possible to provide “food choices” for each of the 275 patients at the Expo Center.

“A psychologist Imran Yousuf visits the Expo Center every day to talk with patients for an hour to help them overcome their anxiety, while TV sets have been installed in the hall, but it is very difficult to satisfy everyone in isolation. center, “the official said.


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Sanitation guide installed at KTH | Instant News

PESHAWAR – Two sanitation walkthroughs, titled “disinfection tunnels” have been installed at the Khyber Teaching Hospital Medical Institute (MTI-KTH).

A hospital spokesperson said one of the steps had been contributed by TMA Town-III, Peshawar and the others that had been arranged from the others were from hospital resources. One sanitation step was installed near the isolation unit while another was installed at the A&E entrance. A KTH spokeswoman said it had been installed based on trials and was functioning properly.


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Meals on Wheels organizers say clients who stay at home will continue to receive services during their stay at home orders News | Instant News

Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) – Meals on Wheels of Greenville wants people to know that they will still operate throughout the county as part of them being an important service provider.

Meals on Wheels said that they would continue to send to residents Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 10 am – 2 pm. through a contactless delivery system. Officials with the organization say hot and frozen food will be sent every day.

The organization says they will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays for additional sanitation and sanitation facilities and on Saturdays every week.

The committee said team members worked hard to ensure clients who stayed at home continued to receive the food they relied on.

Workers ask clients to be patient because responses to emails or phone calls may be delayed due to working hours.

Meals on Wheels of Greenville said they would continue to operate under the new structure until further notice.

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