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Firefighters rescued a fawn while fighting a 156-acre fire brush at Hollister Ranch | Instant News

Firefighters rescued a deer while fighting more than 150-acre forest fires at Hollister Ranch on Thursday.

Fires on the southern coast of Santa Barbara County erupted shortly after 2:00 when “significant” offshore winds swept the area amid hot and dry weather, said Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

“The crew began caring for the animal and contacting wildlife rescue,” Bertucelli said, adding that the deer was then moved for further treatment.

Fire containment is estimated at 50% at 6 p.m. and officials said firefighters would stay overnight to ensure the embers did not jump the detention line.

Voluntary evacuation from several houses on exclusive farms has been requested.

A helicopter that fell from the water helped around 120 firefighters who fought a fire about 35 miles west of the city of Santa Barbara.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

The National Weather Service said the period of strong winds from the north will slowly end after howling overnight. The gust on Montecito Hill to the east of Santa Barbara reaches up to 67 mph.

Hot advisors for the area and other parts of Southern California are expected to remain in effect until 9 pm. Thursday.


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Santa Barbara County firefighters put out the first big fire this year | Instant News

Santa Barbara County firefighters are fighting their first larger vegetation fire this year.

The fire started around 2:15 Thursday morning inside Gaviota State Park and next to the residential community, Hollister Ranch.

Firefighters said 3,800 gallons of water were used to put out a fire called, Hollister Fire.

“Since our rainy season, this is our first fire this season,” said Captain Daniel Bertucelli of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Fire from 20 hectares to more than 150 in just a few hours.

“I think this fire is growing because of the wind,” said Captain Bertucelli. “It blew 25 miles per hour, maybe blowing higher than that and that’s what caused this fire.”

When the sun rises, planes from Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, and Ventura attack the flames from above.

“You will always be worried when you have a heat wave like we are experiencing now,” said Captain Bertucelli. “When it’s hot like this, the sun does what we call heating fuel and making it more flammable.”

The charred State Land Park forced the gentle closure of COVID-19 to turn into full closure.

In the future, environmental scientists will conduct an assessment of damage to resources.

“We want to know how fire affects vegetation,” said Greg Martin, California City Park District Inspector. “If that reaches our mark here at Gaviota State Park.”

At one point, several Hollister Ranch houses were threatened but the Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association told KSBY that the house was not damaged other than a power outage.

Meanwhile, firefighters hand crews save a deer during the fire. Since transferred to further treatment.

Airtankers were sent back to Paso Robles and a helicopter returned to Ventura but the Santa Barbara County helicopter remained on standby.

“This area is vulnerable to wind and with hot weather and low relative humidity and anticipated wind, we will have people here for a while to ensure that no hotspots cross the line and start a new fire,” Captain Bertucelli said.

Firefighters are expected to be here until at least Saturday.

The last big fire for the Santa Barbara County fire department is Cave of Fire along Highway 154 which burned more than 3,000 hectares last November.

The cause of Thursday’s fire is being investigated.


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