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Family creates nonprofit honoring Pakistani teenager killed in a school in Santa Fe shooting | Instant News

Houston – The family of a high school student and an exchange student from Pakistan, who was killed in Texas shooting at the school began a Fund to honor her memory by providing scholarships to the University of low-income Pakistani women.

Sabika Sheikh, 17, was killed in may 2018 shooting at middle school Santa Fe near Houston that left 10 people dead and at least 13 were injured.

Her parents, Abdul Aziz Sheikh and Farah Naz created Sabika Peace Foundation to expand educational opportunities for those most in need.

“I was always worried that we will forget (Sabika),” Farah Naz, a mother, said Houston Chronicle during an interview with zoom family from their home in Karachi. “But from this Foundation I know that this is impossible. I know that if I continue to work with the Foundation, she will always be with me.”

The Foundation cooperates with several well-known non-profit organizations, including Everytown for support Fund gun safety and the American Council for international education. American Institute for foreign study and international education and resources network the troops of 300,000 grant seed$ to start the Foundation. The nonprofit organization will help provide scholarships to Finance University studies for low-income Pakistani women, especially those with aspirations of civic engagement.

Sabika from the Foundation of the World will start focusing on scholarships to universities in Pakistan, but it will expand to provide opportunities for the exchange of American schools “so that communication and connection” with the United States continues, – said Sanya Sheikh, sister Sabika on.

“I think my sister spent the best days of his life in America,” Saniya Sheikh Saeed.

The Fund will be managed by the Board of Directors, which will consist of representatives of the family of the Sheikh and four independent members selected family, in consultation with partners.

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The new Mexican flu season ends after more hospitalization of children, death | Instant News

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you feel sick, it might not be a cold. A report from the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) shows that the flu season is over, and it’s a rough season.

More people are reporting flu-like symptoms this year, and it’s very severe for children. “We know there are more deaths from pediatric influenza and more hospitalizations for children than usual and that’s because of influenza B, which is usually not the main virus during the influenza season,” Dr. Michael Landen, State Epidemiologist with NMDOH. The Department of Health said at least five children died of flu this season.

Overall, the flu season comes earlier and is stronger than usual, with large spikes in cases around late December and early January. Landen said it was mainly Influenza B. Then, we got the second peak with Influenza A, specifically H1N1, before the flu season ended last month.

NMDOH said it did not believe that fear of the corona virus drove more people to the doctor, increasing the number of flu cases. “Our first COVID case was like mid-March, so for most of the season, it really wasn’t a big problem for us,” Dr. Landen.

NMDOH collects data on flu-like symptoms reported by people in the emergency room or outpatient clinic, laboratory test results, hospitalization, and death to get a complete picture of how flu affects our country. If there is more overlap in the future with coronavirus and flu that strike at the same time, then NMDOH says it may have to rely more on laboratory testing to distinguish the two. The country’s health official said, fortunately, the flu season ended a little earlier this year.

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