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Free iOS, Apple TV Application to Improve Your Home Stay Routine Amid Coronavirus Crisis | Instant News


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to remain in their homes
  • Various companies offer their services to help people in a crisis
  • These companies have released applications that are intended to help people overcome the pressure and rise above it

Now because the COVID-19 outbreak has caused people to stay at home for their own safety, people have plenty of free time to try new things.

Here are some applications and services that can be downloaded and used by iOS and Apple TV device users to make the best use of their time during this crisis. This application will help people learn new things during a crisis, or just help them spend time in a productive or relaxed way.


Duolingo is a language learning application that helps users learn up to 23 different languages ​​for free. It offers more than 94 courses to help users learn to speak in a foreign language.

JSTOR is an academic resource for ebooks and journals. This service is usually used by students and students, and usually requires users to register using academic credentials. However, the people behind him made it accessible to everyone during the pandemic.

Swift Playgrounds is an iPad application that teaches users to code using fun and intuitive games. It has a version for Mac too.


GarageBand is a music making application that can help anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Mac start making music. It offers the necessary writing, recording and publishing features.

Fender Play offering three months of free guitar, bass guitar, and ukelele lessons for those who want to learn to play during a pandemic. This offer is limited to the first 1 million people who register and claim an exchange code.


Sling TV offers a variety of performances for the whole family. This service is limited to U.S. based consumers.

Plex TV offers thousands of free TV shows and movies. This service provides to consumers outside the US.

Health and Fitness

Platoon, a brand known as Evercise equipment, offers a free 30-day trial for sports services covering a variety of topics including cardio, strength training, HIIT, stretching and more. It will not require users to specifically use company equipment.

Sanvello is a stress management application that gives users the tools they can use to manage their feelings during a pandemic. It offers self-assessment tools, coping tools, mood tracking, and even provides a peer support network for users.

iPhone 11 Pro. Photo: Aaron Yoo (CC BY-ND 2.0)


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