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The PM’s adviser resigned after facing criticism for possessing millions of dollars-worth of assets | Instant News

Islamabad [Pakistan]July 29 (ANI): Tania Aidrus, the prime minister’s special assistant (SAPM) at Digital Pakistan, has submitted his resignation after the Pakistani government released a list of the 20 best aides claiming to have millions of dollars in movable and immovable assets abroad, Geo News reported.
“Criticism addressed to the state as a consequence of my citizenship status obscures the goals of Digital Pakistan. In the interest of the greater public, I have submitted my resignation from the role of SAPM. I will continue to serve my country and PM’s vision to me my best abilities,” tweeted Aidrus.
Currently, six advisers to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan who have two nationalities and some of his 20 best aides admit to having movable and immovable assets worth millions of dollars abroad.
According to the Gulf News report, the list was published on the official website of the Pakistani government cabinet division.
All dual citizens work as SAPM. These people include SAPM Abroad Pakistan, Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari (UK), SAPM in the Shahzad Qasim (US) Power Division, SAPM on Nadeem Babar Petroleum (USA), SAPM on Shahbaz Gill’s Political Affairs (US), SAPM on on Parliamentary Coordination Nadeem Afzal Gondal (Canada) and SAPM on Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus (Canadian citizenship since birth).
Providing further details, Gulf News reports that Aidrus has four overseas properties – two in the US and one each in the UK and Singapore – with a value of Rs 454 million. While his assets in Singapore and the US are under mortgage, he does not own property in Pakistan. His bank accounts both in Pakistan and abroad are worth Rs 25 million and he owns a Toyota Fortuner vehicle.
Prime Minister Imran Khan’s list of dual citizens has sparked strong criticism by opposition leaders. (ANI)

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Zafar Mirza resigned as SAPM at the National Health Service – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 29, 2020 4:48 p.m.

Resigned due to ongoing negative discussions about the role of SAPM and criticism of the government: Dr. Zafar

ISLAMABAD (Dunay News) – Dr. Zafar Mirza on Wednesday resigned as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on National Health Services.

According to the details, Zafar Mirza took to the social networking site Twitter and made an announcement, stating that he had resigned as a special assistant due to ongoing negative discussions about the role of SAPM and criticism of the government.

I came to Pakistan at the personal invitation of PM Imran Khan after leaving the World Health Organization (WHO). I am satisfied that I left when COVID-19 declined in Pakistan as a result of a major national effort, he added.

Mirza further said that Pakistanis deserve better health care and that she has worked honestly and sincerely to contribute to this goal. It is an honor to serve this country, he said.

Earlier today, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus also resigned from a post on dual citizenship.

In his resignation letter to PM Imran Khan, Tania said that he returned to Pakistan with the sole intention to contribute and develop the vision of Digital Pakistan, a concept that the PM always voiced and shared.

He added that the recent discourse in the public sphere about his Canadian citizenship, which was a consequence of his birth and not the acquisition of choices, was a disruption to his ability to execute on a long-term vision for Digital Pakistan.


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Qureshi defended two national advisers, SAPM | Instant News


Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Monday that many prominent figures in Pakistan played important roles in government in the past but Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), at the instruction of Prime Minister Imran Khan set new traditions in making details of their assets public.

Qureshi said that legally a person with dual citizenship cannot be a member of the National Assembly and Senate, however, there are no such restrictions for holding other positions in government.

“Regarding dual citizenship, we must look at what the law and the Constitution say in this regard. “By law, a person with dual citizenship cannot be a member of the National Assembly or Senate, but there are no such restrictions on other positions,” he said.

“Until now, no party has adopted a clear policy to avoid conflicts of interest so that no one can use its position for personal or economic benefits. In my opinion, in the democratic tradition, the status of elected representatives is preferred because they have the people’s trust. “

On the other hand, the foreign minister said, “You also need experts in various fields who can help the government”, and this is happening all over the world. According to the Constitution, he added, the prime minister could appoint five of these advisers.

On July 18 the Cabinet Division issued details of assets and dual citizenship from 20 special advisers and assistants to the prime minister who indicated that four of his assistants had dual citizenship.

On Sunday, opposition parties launched leaflets against the government for appointing special assistants to the prime minister who had dual citizenship and permanent residence from other countries despite Imran’s past attitude that such people should not carry out governmental affairs.

Qureshi said that in the past also advisers were appointed and Prime Minister Imran Khan also appointed advisers and technocrats according to the law. However, he added that PTI had introduced a new tradition in revealing the names of two citizens’ government officials and the details of their assets.



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Seven PM helpers were found to be dual citizens, PR holders from other countries | Instant News


In an unprecedented move, the government announced on Saturday to the public the assets and citizenship of all 15 special assistants to the prime minister – revealing that seven of them were dual citizens or had permanent residences in other countries.

Details of their assets and citizenship have been posted on the Cabinet Division’s website. Information Minister Shibli Faraz tweeted that the information had been published on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

But the list does not include Prime Minister of Finance and Revenue Advisor, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and Prime Minister of Trade and Investment Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood.

This step was taken in response to increasing criticism and calls to declare the assets of those close to the prime minister.

Before coming to power, Prime Minister Imran preferred to maintain a small cabinet but the cabinet size exceeded 50, including federal ministers, state ministers, special advisers and assistants.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, information placed on the website reveals that a total of seven SAPMs have two citizenship and permanent residency in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore.

They include SAPM Abroad in Pakistan and Human Resource Development Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, SAPM on Parliamentary Coordination Nadeem Afzal Gondal, SAPM on Petroleum Nadeem Babar, SAPM in the National Security Division and Strategic Policy Planning Moeed Wasim Yusuf, SAPM on Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus , SAPM on Division of Energy and Marketing Coordination and Development of Mineral Resources Shahzad Syed Qasim.

SAPM on Political Communication, Shahbaz Gill, holds the Green Card. He has total assets worth Rs118,590,703.

Bukhari holds British citizenship, Gondal has Canada, Babar, Yusuf and Qasim have US citizenship while Aidrus is Canadian from birth and holds Singapore’s permanent residence.

SAPM on Information and Broadcasting (in honorary capacity) Lt-Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa owns eight immovable properties, including a five-channel house in the federal capital, a four-channel housing plot in DHA, Karachi; each one housing plot in Islamabad and Karachi; a total of 12 commercial marla plots in Lahore, 30 hectares of agricultural land in Rahim Yar Khan district and 35 hectares of agricultural land in Bahawalpur district.

These documents have included one car (Toyota ZX 2016) worth Rs3 million. Two bank accounts in Islamabad each have Rs291,000 and Rs1,239. Lieutenant General Bajwa also has a foreign bank account in Rawalpindi which contains $ 4,149.

Bukhari’s assets include more than 1,300 land canals in Attock, 34 fields in Sector C-16 Islamabad, flats in London, shares in several companies located overseas, Toyota Land Cruiser worth Rs 200,000,000, Bentley worth £ 245,000, Range Rover worth £ 135,000, two Mercedes worth £ 199,391; 150 tolas of gold held by himself and jewelry worth £ 150,000 held by his wife and several bank accounts in Pakistan and England.

SAPM on Accountability and Interior with the status of State Minister Mirza Shahzad Akbar’s statement regarding assets and liabilities stated that he and his partner owned immovable property valued at Rs13,310,000.

The statement revealed that the Akbar couple owned a heritage property – a flat – in Spain. Its moving assets are valued at Rs52,569,783.

SAPM on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation with the status of Federal Minister Dr. Sania Nishtar has stated that he has jointly inherited the 9.6 marlas property in Peshawar, a Honda Civic car on behalf of his partner, jewelry valued at Rs500,000 and unsecured loans due to debt from Rs2, 396,570.

In a total of five bank accounts – three in the name of their partners and student accounts closed in 2011 – this pair has a total of Rs14,810,846. He has no property or assets and business capital in and outside Pakistan.

SAPM on the National Health Service, Regulation and Coordination with the status of State Minister Zafar Mirza has a house and two plots worth Rs35 million, gold worth Rs2 million and cash around Rs 1.8 million.

SAPM for Youth Affairs Usman Dar has investment in shares in nine companies worth Rs20,116,600, business capital in Pakistan worth Rs6,675,561, bank balance of Rs711,133, and inherited shares to be transferred in his name from his father who died in the measurement of 40 canal land. in Murree and two canal houses in Sialkot.

Nadeem Afzal Chan owns agricultural property valued at Rs7,884,000; residential property valued at Rs 9,490,000; Rs2,500,000 business capital in Pakistan, remittances of Rs3,200,000, prizes worth Rs3,800,000 and other assets worth Rs12,184,100 along with cars.

SAPM on activities related to the Ministry of Water, Energy and Oil Resources in Balochistan, Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, has declared a total asset of Rs812,413,358.

He along with his wives and other family members own 640 gold tolas, a spring villa and an apartment in the International City in Dubai, UAE; and agricultural land, among others.

Nadeem Babar, SAPM regarding Petroleum Division with the status of Minister of State, owns immovable property worth Rs129,764,250, a house in Houston, USA, total business capital of Rp2153,119,451 in Pakistan, business capital of Rs137,790,063 outside Pakistan, Rs297,418,610 cash and bank accounts, bond prizes, and savings accounts having Rs166,196,807, among others; making a large total asset of Rs2,775,812,874.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Minerals and Marketing Shahzad Qasim owns many properties, bank accounts and vehicles inside and outside Pakistan.

SAPM regarding Establishment with the status of Federal Minister Mohammad Shehzad Arbab has immovable property worth Rs100,490,000, and a total bank balance of Rs5,768,440.

Yusuf, Aidrus and Awan have also announced their assets and bank account details.


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PM, National Security SAPM addresses the regional, national security situation | Instant News

Special Assistant for PM at National security Division Dr. Moeed Yusuf called Prime Minister Imran Khan here on Wednesday.

The regional security situation in particular the Indian aggression that emerged during the last few days and other matters were discussed at the meeting, a press statement issued by the PM Media Office here said.

During the meeting, steps taken to bring back Pakistanis, stranded abroad due to the corona virus, home and progress so far have also been discussed in detail.


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