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UPDATE The child is in critical condition after a hit-and-run; Police: Men driving with a suspended license | News | Instant News

A Mifflinburg man was driving with a suspended SIM when he injured two people, including critically injured an 11-month-old girl, in a hit-and-run accident Tuesday in Union County, police said.

Tyler Bean-Dowell, 29, from Mifflinburg, faced crimes exacerbated by vehicles and accidents involving death or injury because what the police said was his involvement in a hit-and-run collision that sent two people to Geisinger Medical Center by Life Flight. Bean-Dowel was charged by police Milton Sara Barrett and charged at 1:30 am Wednesday by Middleburg District Judge Lori Hackenberg.

Bean-Dowell was sent to Union County Prison on a $ 100,000 guarantee.

One of the victims, Abigail Martin, 23, from Lewisburg, was registered in fair conditions at the Geisinger Medical Center, in Danville. The boy, Megan Martin, was critically registered, according to hospital officials on Wednesday.

Martin was operating a bicycle with a child in a carrier behind a bicycle, heading west on Red Ridge Road in Limestone Township, Union County, police said. 2006 Ford Explorer Bean-Dowell crashed into a bicycle and carrier and escaped from the scene Tuesday around 10:10, Barrett said.

Police on Tuesday interviewed Bean-Dowell at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to court documents. Bean-Dowell told police that he left his home early in the morning to visit his mother, then parked his car on Creek Road, in Hartley Township, Union County, to walk on the river, police said.

Bean-Dowell told police that he walked on the river for several hours and when he returned, he saw the mirror on the side of his passenger was broken, according to court documents.

Troops inspected Bean-Dowell’s license and found it was under suspension for DUI arrest, police said.

A forensic team processed the Ford Explorer 20016 and determined the spare parts found at locations that matched the Ford Explorer, police said.

Broken glass was found all over the vehicle, police said. Most of the passenger side mirrors were found on the passenger side of the vehicle’s floor, police said.

Small pieces of glass were also found in the Bean-Dowell jacket, police said.

Police said the vehicle came from behind Martin, first crashing into the rear carrier the boy was riding on, then crashing into a bicycle before fleeing west along Red Ridge Road.


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