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Snyder: Have imagination, will travel: State tourism staff still busy promoting Wisconsin | Local News | Instant News

The website and Facebook page feature 50 different virtual tours from all parts of the state, including a state park air tour, museum collection, a walk through historic sites and virtual classes, he said. “We are always adding to the collection and will take suggestions and additions from museums and other groups,” Meaney said, adding, “We did not make all these items, but we have gathered them all here. We explore the places you want to experience. You might see the place you want to go next. “Highlights, Meaney said, include” a series of virtual tours of the Frank Lloyd Wright property in Wisconsin and an online Go Fish game where you see what types of fish you can catch in Wisconsin. “As for travel options that people can enjoy now, Meaney immediately points out that” many state parks remain open, as are many footpaths and county parks and city parks. Golf has also been reopened. We encourage people to walk and ride your bicycle “Looking forward to the summer travel season, Meaney is trying to keep hope but realistic.” It is difficult to project what will happen, and I am doing my best not to do anything. Predictions or promises, “he said.” We must rely to be able to continue to be outside and enjoy outdoor activities. ”

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