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Shares Sarah Ferguson sweet message on wedding of Princess Beatrice | Instant News

Shares Sarah Ferguson sweet message on wedding of Princess Beatrice | PEOPLE.com

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More Legal Issues Are Being Produced for Prince Andrew | Instant News

At the end of December 2019, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson sending a Christmas card stating that they had a very bad year. The card, which was also signed by their daughter, Beatrice’s daughter and Princess Eugenie, not discuss specifically what made their year so difficult. But it is quite clear that the scandal surrounding Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, accusations of violations directed at him personally, and his resignation from his public role as a kingdom have taken their toll on all of them. (Andrew has rejected all allegations of violations.) However, on Wednesday, Swiss newspaper Le Temps reported on another reason why December might be rude to the family: Andrew and Sarah missed payment of $ 6 million in their chalet in the exclusive ski village of Verbier, according to the former chalet owner.

Andrew and Sarah spent about $ 22 million to buy a Verbier ski chalet in 2014. Installments of that amount will be due in December, and they still haven’t paid, despite assurances that they will. Former chalet owner now suing them for this amount, plus about $ 2 million in interest.

Security report that the couple intends to sell the house and use the profits to pay off bills. “We can confirm there is a dispute between the two parties on this issue,” said a spokesman for Andrew Security. “The details of the contract remain the subject of the confidentiality agreement and prevent further discussion.” The newspaper added that Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the matter.

Sarah and Andrew have long been diligent skiers, and Verbier has been one of Sarah’s favorite places since she was young. In his 1996 autobiography, My story, he wrote about his love for the city: “I miss the Verbier tonic. I would be in debt to fly there, but it was not in vain; I felt loose and free, as if I was removing my coat. “He also described the time he spent there Paddy McNally, the millionaire he dated before he met Andrew.

In 2014, Sarah and Andrew had been divorced for 18 years, but they continued to share the Royal Lodge, their home in Berkshire. In 2015, BBC reports that they bought the chalet as an investment in a joint mortgage, adding that the source said “there is no external party providing funds for purchases.” Although several Epstein accusations have been filed against Andrew in 2011, it was not until 2015 they were revived, and when Epstein was arrested in July 2019, they reached their peak.

When the scandal around Andrew was brewed last fall, a former M.P. citing the chalet as a clear sign that Andrew’s wealth has not been properly calculated in his public income filing. “Every year the prince receives a tax-free leaflet from his mother of £ 249,000 to fund his private office, where he can add a small navy pension of £ 20,000. But his spending habits show that income far exceeds that, ” Norman Baker write in the column for Mail on Sunday. “Most surprisingly, at the end of 2014, Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, bought a ski lodge for £ 13 million at the luxury resort of Verbier, Switzerland.”

In December, a friend of Sarah told me Daily Mail that Beatrice and Eugenie would go to Switzerland to accompany him after their time with the nobles at Sandringham, but Andrew did not want to. “Prince Andrew will not join them this year. He will lie low at home, “said the source.

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Sarah Ferguson has just made her most magical fashion statement – see photo | Instant News

Aisha Nozari

The Duchess of York take to Instagram on Saturday for another story installment, and in her Instagram post, Sarah can be seen wearing what is perhaps the most colorful headband to date. Her loving mother chose a flower headband full of yellow and purple petals, and it looked like something straight from a fairy tale!

Needless to say, fans quickly commented on Sarah’s cheerful and cheerful appearance, with one writing: “Looks Sarah is beautiful.” One more sweetly added: “Very much like spring,” with a third addition: “Very pretty.”


Sarah’s flower headband is very beautiful!

Earlier in April, Sarah launched a new initiative that was wise in the hope of making children read when they were locked up at home during the coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to encourage children to pick up books, Duchess has read various children’s stories on her social media pages, and has even asked several famous faces to have fun, including her daughter Princess Eugenie, who took part last week, reading Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney.

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Sarah has used a variety of beautiful headpieces

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Among those who showed their support for Sarah’s new initiative was her future daughter-in-law, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, who was engaged to Princess Beatrice’s daughter. He shared a series of different colored heart love emojis in praise of his efforts.

This is not the first time the Duchess has been amazed by the choice of headwear. Earlier in April, when the mother of two children was seen packing food packages, skin care and beauty supplies as gifts for NHS workers at the forefront of the coronavirus crisis, she chose a sweet yellow flower hair band, which would not look too out of place in Royal Ascot or a more formal event. Let them come, Sarah!

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