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The “Show Up for Alaska” campaign promotes resident travel offers and urges Alaska to support local tourism businesses Bulletin | Instant News

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) called on locals to “appear in Alaska” by going out and exploring with the tourism business this summer. and small towns, either by car, train, ferry or plane. With sponsors from Alaska Airlines, Alaska Railroad, GCI, Jerry Mackie & Associates and Alaska Communications, ATIA is leading a campaign to promote travel specials and citizen contests, as well as spotlighting local travel operators throughout the state. As part of the campaign, ATIA will distribute five pairs of round-trip tickets, Alaska Airlines to local Alaska to encourage instate trips. “As Alaska, it is not only important for us to shop locally, but also for traveling locally,” said ATIA President and CEO Sarah Leonard. “We can support our friends and neighbors who run hospitality businesses and enjoy the beauty of our great country while still safely observing state and community health protocols.” A recent study by the University of Alaska Economic Development Center estimates that residents and travelers typically spend $ 3.2 billion each year in connection with their outdoor travel, generating 38,100 jobs. “We can all play a role in preserving jobs and many small businesses which are one of Alaska’s largest industries,” Leonard said.


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