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The Most Beautiful MasterChef Competition Is Among … | Instant News

After a series of doozies, this week’s last twist on MasterChef: Back To Win is probably the most personal.

After competing in a challenge where the team had to swap the cook’s bench, make a Darren Purchase pavlova without a recipe, and make a “Hot N Cold” dish for guest judge Katy Perry, the contestants faced a test that pitted their sheep MasterChef bestie

As each cook walks towards elimination Sunday night, they naturally arrive at their bench in pairs with someone who has the closest bond with them in the competition – like you might order a seat next to you for your best mate at school.

But choosing to cook with their friends’ favorite kitchens ended up being the worst decision they could make when Jock, Andy and Melissa announced that each bench would come face to face, with those who served the most memorable dishes going to round two. .

Each bench must also cook dishes with dishes specified under the cloche on their bench – with international flavors including French, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese on the menu.

While there were sad faces around the room when both of them realized that, for the next 60 minutes, they had to pretend to be mortal enemies, Brendan and Reece were the saddest.

A tragic scene in the kitchen of MasterChef. Image: Network 10.

“This is my worst nightmare in the kitchen,” Brendan admitted.

“I’m standing right next to my best friend Reece and I will be in the second round,” he added.

The couple, located at the back of the kitchen, also scratched their noggin because, after lifting their robes, they found a Spanish flag staring at them.

Season 10 friends are more famous for their desserts (Reece) and dumplings (Brendan) and nobody really tries much Spanish cuisine.

Katy Perry? A good twist. Cooking against your best friend? Bad twist. Image: Network 10.

But while there is no way we would like to see friends separated, we were indeed treated for a very funny, friendly competition – with some very hard (definitely not harsh) sledges coming from Reece’s corner.

“Brendan, don’t make it delicious! Surrender! “Reece called out to the beginning of their chef.

Brendan sighed: “I can’t talk to you today”.

Their exchange also attracted Hayden’s attention, cooking Chinese dishes right in front of them.

“It’s like two old ladies cooking there, all they need is a glass of rosé and they will leave.”

The couple explained their dishes to Melissa and Jock with Reece leaving for Crème Catalane and Brendan a packet of shrimp and brique potatoes with both confirming their dispute was not cooking-friendly – this was an “all-out war”.

Game on, besties!

MasterChef: Back to Win Airs Sunday-Thursday at 19:30. Only On 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.


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