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No occupation force can subdue the spirit of brave IOK, FM Qureshi said | Instant News


Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, on the occasion of Kashmir Martyrs Day, said no occupation force could conquer the spirits of the brave people of Kashmir (IOK) occupied by India.

FM Qureshi paid tribute to the 22 people in the besieged valley who lost their lives in 1931 in the struggle for the right of self-determination.

“I pay homage to the 22 sons of J&K whose courage in confronting the brutal Dogra troops revived decades of struggle for self-determination in 1931,” the foreign minister tweeted. “[Which is] The inalienable right Kashmir continues to die to this day. “

Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed support for the people of Kashmir and their continued struggle.

“Today, at Yaum-e-Shuhada-e-Kashmir, we salute Kashmir for their continued struggle against the illegal and barbaric Indian occupation of Jammu & Kashmir. Shuhada 13 July 1931 is the ancestor of today’s Kashmir resistance,” premiered the minister said in a tweet.

He paid tribute to the Kashmiri generation who gave their lives to fight for freedom from the occupying forces.

On July 12, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan vowed to continue the mission of Kashmiri martyrs who offered the highest sacrifice in their lives on July 13, 89 years ago, in Srinagar to get rid of the most oppressive Dogra government. .

“Today, we mark Kashmir Martyrs Day in the most tragic circumstances. The occupation authorities have canceled anniversaries today in Srinagar and all occupied territories. We strongly condemn New Delhi’s decision to suppress the voice of Kashmiris, “he said in a message on the occasion of Kashmir Martyrs’ Day.

The AJK president strongly condemned the arrest of senior Hurriyat leader and Tehreek Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai under the cruel Public Security Act (PSA) in Srinagar.


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India is preparing for a ‘bucaneering salvo’ against Pakistan, the AJK president said | Instant News

Indian authorities regard the Covid-19 crisis as the most appropriate for such carelessness, said Sardar Masood


AJK President Sardar Masood Khan’s photo file. PHOTO: ANADOLU AGENCY

ISLAMABAD: Presidents Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan have warned that Indian rulers can undertake “high-risk adventures” against Pakistan and Kashmir because they regard the situation arising from the new corona virus as the most appropriate for such carelessness.

“The BJP-RSS regime is preparing another ‘bvoane salvo’ against Kashmir and Pakistan. Covid-19’s cover would be bad luck, “he said in a statement on Tuesday, warning India not to make mistakes because” we haven’t dropped our guard “.

Responding to the Indian war statement, the AJK president said that the ruling Indian ruler, under a planned strategy, had spread hatred towards Muslims in occupied India and Kashmir.

He said New Delhi had created the situation in such a way that in the next phase they could begin ethnic cleansing and massacre of Muslims on a large scale, and also attack Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

“India must know that the 220 million Pakistanis who are actually defenders of their homeland are fully living on adventurous designs, and if India does something stupid, it has to pay a large fee.”

Preparing a BJP-RSS regime plan to be carried out in the future, AJK president

While supporting the call of the UN Secretary General António Guterres for international action against those who spread hate speech in the world, President Masood urged him to use his good office and prevent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cronies from promoting anti-Muslim hatred in India and IOJ & K.

“The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s call for global action against hate speech is increasing along with the coronavirus pandemic. I request the Secretary General to make a special request to the Indian leadership to stop hate speech against Muslims in India and Kashmir. “

He said the ruling party in India, the BJP and its political and ideological fanatical allies sowed the seeds of hatred against Muslims to eliminate them.

AJK President warns BJP and RSS to pack from Kashmir occupied together with the equipment they use for terrorism in the region.

“BJP-RSS must wrap their terror tools from Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and get out. All colonies have been freed. Likewise Kashmir, the last remnant of foreign occupation and colonial rule. You cannot survive as East India Company and British Raj in Kashmir. “

Strongly condemning frequent violations along the Control Line (LoC) by Indian troops and targeting civilian Azad Kashmir with heavy artillery, President Masood called on the international community to prevent the Modi government from creating a war-like environment in the region.

He expressed sadness over the martyrdom of a 20-year-old Shauzia girl by an Indian who shot the Rawalakot sector, and expressed sympathy for the bereaved family.


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