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Find Your New Italian Small Group Tour for 2021 | Instant News

Discover Your Italy, a boutique retailer, will start offering a new line of small group tours in 2021, named “Our Italian“The inaugural tour set will start the following spring.

With a group size of no more than 20 guests, the seven new “Our Italy” tours offer the same insider access and handmade experience that guests expect from Discover Your Italy. New collaboration with Authentic Hotel, a collection of 16 family-owned and operated boutique hotels spread throughout the country, adding a layer of intimacy and immersion into Italian culture.

Matteo Della Grazia, co-owner, Discover Your Italy, says that’s because COVID-19, retail clothing sellers see the need to keep group sizes small and book boutique hotels, limiting guest exposure to other travelers.


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New tours include:

  • Northeast Italy: Adriatic Sea, Culture & Food (April 19-28, 2021; September 6-15, 2021): Discover hidden gems and the strong history of the northeast Italy from the world famous Venice for Trieste and lots of off-track experience in between, including one of the best Prosecco producers in the region. Move insight about world war II revealed during the exploration of wineries in the region, traditional crafts, extraordinary heritage, natural trails, and visits to neighboring countries Slovenia.
  • Italy’s Best Enduring Secrets: Marche & Abruzzo (3-13 May 2021; 30 September – 10 October 2021): Tucked in Apennine Mountains is an unsung village in central Italy. The remote Market and Abruzzo the regions were filled with vineyards and hills, castles fused into rocky spurs and trabucchi (traditional fishing huts) that woven wood and water. During these 11 days, guests will be amazed at centuries of age Renaissance architecture, take a walk in the ancient piazza, learn traditional cooking techniques in medieval mountain cities and tour the wilds hidden in the Apennine Mountains.
  • Highlights of the Italian Lake District (15-26 May 2021; 21 August – 1 September 2021): During this 12-day tour, guests will see insiders in lakeside cities, magnificent villas and magnificent gardens and experience a chic atmosphere that attracts attention celebrities from various directions. world. They will tour Lake Garda, Lake Como, a hidden gem in the region, Lake Ortaand sail Borromean island of Lake Maggiore.
  • Sardinia Outside the Track (7 – 16 June 2021; 20-29 September 2021): During this 10-day tour, guests dive in Sardiniaancient history, traditional crafts and The Mediterranean the coastline, from discovering hidden coves and remote beaches throughout the island to hanging out with skilled goldsmiths and pottery, to tasting local dishes such as seadas and malloreddus, tasting cannonau wine and the spirit of mirto.
  • Northwestern Italy & The Passion Play (June 21-June 30, 2021): Explore northwestern Italy and learn why Turin was once the capital of Italy, drinking wine UNESCOcellars, admire the mighty castles, castles and sanctuaries and enjoy the view from Mont Blanc. Traveling through Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, enjoy food, wine, scenery and stories. The special highlight of this trip is Passion Play of Sordevelo; open air reenactment Christ’s passion by 400 actors staged in this small village every five years, intended in 2020 but rescheduled for 2021.
  • A Jewel of Northern Italy with Autentico Hotels (September 7-16, 20210: From snow-capped mountain peaks) Dolomite and Mediterranean charm Five countries to the shores of Lake Garda, guests will be pleased with the diversity in northern Italy. During these 10 days, guests will sip wine Valpolicella, enjoy ham and parmigiano from Parma, enjoy the romance of Venice and Verona, admire the beauty of architecture from Pisa and fascinated by the fashionable city Milan.
  • Classic Italy Tour with Autentico Hotels (9-21 October 2021): This tour showcases “extraordinary” Italian experiences that illustrate the grandeur of the country: Feel the crowd in Milan, drink wine and enjoy cooking classes at Tuscany, travel back to the Renaissance at Florence, tour Rome, “Eternal City,” and relax in Amalfi Beach.

All Discover Italy “It Italy” tours in your Italy include accommodation in four and five star hotels which are historic mansions, elegant villas or trendy resorts. They also include a full breakfast, private transfers in luxury vans, complete sanitation cars with English-speaking drivers, personal English-speaking guides, entrance fees to tourist attractions, professional assistance during the tour, and welcome packages that include prepaid local SIM cards.

To give guests further guarantees for their health and safety, Discover Your Italy will implement the newly designed TourCare Guide as co-founded by USTOA (United States Tour Operator Association), ETOA (European Tourism Operators Association) and CATO (Canadian Tour Operators Association) during their private and group tours.

Visit www.discoveryouritaly.com.

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