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Sarwar will open the Punjab Authority Aab-e-Pak project today | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar will lay the foundation stone for Punjab Authority’s first project Aab-e-Pak today (Monday) in Chak Jhumra.

The project will provide clean drinking water to more than 57,000 families from 16 villages at their doorstep. The governor said that in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, clean drinking water would be provided for both urban and rural residents in Punjab.

According to a statement issued from the Governor’s House here on Sunday, the Governor and Chief Protector of Punjab Aab-e-Pak, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar will lay the foundation stone of the Rs161.75 million clean water project in Chak Jhumra. will provide drinking water for the residents of Chak Jhumra and the 16 nearby villages.

Provincial Ministers, members of Parliament, chairman of Punjab Authority Aab-e-Pak and members of the Board of Governors will attend the ceremony. Speaking about the project, the governor said that the Punjab Authority Aab-e-Pak would provide clean drinking water to the people of the province in accordance with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision.

He said that every penny of state revenue under this authority would only be used to provide clean drinking water for the general public. Chaudhry Sarwar said that all obstacles on how to set up a filtration plant of Punjab Authority Aab-e-Pak have been removed. We will try to make up for the two-year delay in the affairs of the authorities and after Chak Jhumra, the pace of projects to provide clean drinking water to people in other cities and villages in Punjab will be accelerated, he added.

The governor said, to provide clean drinking water, priority would be given to areas where the majority suffer from life-threatening diseases such as hepatitis due to drinking unclean water. There will be no difference in the beneficiaries of the Punjab Authority Aab-e-Pak project.

The government will also carry out clean drinking water projects, including installing filtration installations in areas that the opposition party won in general elections. Our only goal is to provide clean drinking water for the general public, he stressed.

praised LGH services: Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar acknowledged the services provided by the administration of the Lahore General Hospital (LGH), especially the PGMI / AMC School Principal Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-freed Zafar to handle the Corona epidemic and provide the best medical and care facilities in LGH.

Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar in a ceremony gave a shield of honor to Dr Al-free Zafar who thanked the governor for this encouragement. Dr Al-Freed Zafar said he and his team together with the government are always ready to accept any challenge related to public health and the medical community will never back down from its professional services.

He said that under any circumstances, doctors, nurses and paramedics would fulfill their responsibilities in the health sector. Speaking to PGMI Leaders, Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar said the nation was proud of those who risked their lives for their sake and while paying tribute to people related to the health sector for their outstanding service during the Corona outbreak, he said there was no doubt. that doctors, nurses and paramedics continue to care for patients suffering from the corona virus regardless of life.

He praised Prof Al-freed’s arrangement for excellent management and special care for the care of corona patients at LGH. Other officials were also present at the occasion.


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The PDM political story has ended: Governor Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the political story of the PDM parties is over and all their conspiracies will fail.

He said the PDM should wait for elections rather than march on the streets, because a long march will not end government and Imran Khan will become Prime Minister of Pakistan until 2023. The governor of Punjab made this point during a speech at an event and spoke to the media at the inauguration of Rescue 1122 Center at Pir Mahal, Toba Tek Singh on Saturday.

He said the PTI was the first government to take practical steps to strengthen all institutions. The entire nation is proud of the Rescue 1122 performance, he said.

PTI Vice President Chaudhry Ishfaq, MPA Syed Ahmad Saadi, MNA Riaz Fatyana, DG Rescue 1122 Dr. Rizwan Naseer also attended. Responding to media inquiries, the governor of Punjab said that the PDM makes new decisions at every meeting and threatens the government day by day, but that the government under Prime Minister Imran Khan is united and strong. If the PDM wants to march against the government, then that is the right of democracy, but the government will not stop because of the long march.

Responding to other questions, Sarwar said due to corona in 2020, Pakistan has faced many challenges on all fronts including the economy, but I believe this year will be better in terms of employment and economic growth in Pakistan.

The federal and provincial governments use all resources to control inflation and poverty from Pakistan. The governor of Punjab said that if NAB investigates corruption allegations from opposition people, then what does the government have to do with it? “We have said from day one that action will be taken against people who are corrupt, regardless of their political affiliation. Opposition talk of political revenge has nothing to do with reality. NAB is an independent institution and there are no decisions that have to do with the government, “he said.

Responding to the event, the governor of Punjab said, “I am delighted that I have a role to play in laying the groundwork for the 1122 rescue. I also received rescue worker training from the UK and it is an organization that works without differentiating between rich and poor, believing only in humanitarian services. Whenever there are hard times in 1122, I support them and 220 million Pakistanis are proud of our Rescue workers. The distribution of rations made by Rescue officers even when a corona occurs is commendable. “


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No questions about compromise on accountability: Chaudhry Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said the opposition’s mission is to stop the accountability process, but as long as Imran Khan is prime minister, there are no questions about compromises on accountability.

He said this while discussing various issues, including politics and parliament, with State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan summoning him at the Governor’s Building.

The governor of Punjab said it was the PTI government’s democratic and constitutional right to complete his term of office. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that the development and prosperity of the people is the mission of PTI. He said, “After saving the country from economic bankruptcy, today we have brought the country towards economic development.

Despite the difficult situation due to the Corona virus, the assistance provided to people in every sector, including the business sector, the current government has taken historic initiatives. “He said the agenda of all protest politics from the opposition is to stop the accountability process in the country but the elimination of corruption and transparent accountability is the voice of 220 million Pakistanis and until the last corrupt person is brought to justice, transparent and impartial accountability will continue and Pakistan will eradicate corruption State Minister for Parliament Ali Mohammad Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has no personal or political agenda, he only wants the prosperity of the Pakistani people where the New Pakistan Housing Scheme and the Ehsas Program were launched.

The public will not be disappointed and will be given maximum assistance in all fields, he said. Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar expressed grief over the death of four soldiers, including Pakistani Army officers, in the helicopter crash in Skardu and expressed his full condolences to the martyrs’ families.


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PDM rally spreads corona: Governor Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said the PDM demonstration played an important role in spreading Corona. Prime Minister Imran Khan has never been blackmailed by the opposition and he will not be blackmailed in the future either, the governor said during a speech at a Christmas cake-cutting ceremony at the Governor’s House here on Monday and later spoke to the media.

“Narendra Modi is a killer of minorities and of peace. History will never forgive him. Pakistan provides protection and freedom of religion for minorities in accordance with the ideology of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, ”said Sarwar.

He said since the PTI government came to power, “We have ensured the protection of the lives and property of minorities. The freedom of religious minorities in Pakistan is unmatched in the world, “

The governor condemned the atrocities against Kashmir and other minorities in India, including Muslims, saying that minorities in India had become completely insecure.

The RSS terrorists carried out the massacre with the support of the police and other authorities, but the world has become a condemned silent audience. There is no doubt that peace in the region will remain a dream unless the Kashmir issue is resolved and minorities living in India are protected from terrorism by the Modi-led government, he said.

For questions, the governor said that opposition parties are stubbornly holding rallies to intensify the Corona situation in Lahore and these parties are holding rallies despite the surge in Corona. He says Imran Khan is doing politics of principle and vision and nothing can blackmail him.


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Senate election on time: Chaudhry Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said the opposition’s dream of overthrowing the government before the Senate elections will never be fulfilled. Senate and general elections will be held on time.

The PTI government does not believe in political revenge and neither has been the target of political revenge. He spoke to the media in Model Town on Sunday following the anniversary of the deaths of Maulana Safdar Hussain Najafi and Chehlum of Allama Niaz Naqvi. The governor said that the PDM should reconsider its decision to hold a demonstration so that the country can survive the corona situation like America.

It is the responsibility of government agencies to ensure the rule of law, the governor said adding if the opposition tries to take the law into their hands, stern action will be taken. The governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had a clear and firm policy that there should be no compromise on transparent accountability and eliminating corruption. If the opposition wants to end the accountability process, that will never happen, he said. No matter how many rallies they hold, the government will finish its term of office, Sarwar insisted.

Responding to a question, the governor said he wanted to convey to all opposition parties, including PML-N that only people who are still alive are involved in politics so people should think about their lives first. The current situation is not about politics but about fighting the corona.

Speaking to attendees on the death anniversary of Maulana Safdar Hussain Najafi and Chehlum from Allama Niaz Naqvi, Ch Sarwar said that the two personalities served Islam and humanity.

These two scholars are the driving force for the unity of the people. He said that followers of all religious schools should live together in Pakistan and work for Muslim unity. The role of clerics in protecting non-Muslim minorities and raising awareness about the corona is laudable.

The governor said that the votes raised at the mosque about coronavirus precautions had an impact on the general public. History always remembers people who have served the people.


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