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Governor Sarwar shape of the body to check the sub-towns | Instant News

Lahore:Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has formed six members of the investigative Commission for verification of sub-campuses established by the University of Central Punjab (UCP), taking into account the criteria and guidelines for notification from the government.

According to details, the Governor, who is also the patron of the UCP formed a Committee in exercise of the powers conferred on it in accordance with Section 7 (1) University of Central Punjab, Lahore Ordinance 2002.

The Committee is chaired by Quaid-e-Azam (qau) Islamabad Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali while the other members of GCU Lahore VC Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, LCWU VC Prof Dr Bushra Mirza, a retired bureaucrat Dr. R. Siddiqui, special Secretary higher education Department (hed) Punjab and the Director of R&D Punjab GEK Noman Maqbool RAO. The Committee was asked to submit a report within 60 days.


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Steps to contain the virus are bearing fruit: CH Sarwar | Instant News

Lahore: Federal Minister for science and technology CH Fawad Hussain met Governor CH Muhammad Sarwar here on Sunday. Discussed management, political and public Affairs.

The Governor appreciated the role of the Ministry of science and technology in the war against the pandemic crown. According to a memo issued by the Federal Minister of science and technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain met the Governor at the Governor’s house and informed him about the steps taken by the Ministry of science and technology against the crown. CH Sarwar said that the steps taken by the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan against the crown, give positive results, but there is danger, the crown spread through the markets of livestock on Eid al-Adha.

Strict adherence to SOPS should be provided as the spread of the crown could once again destabilize the situation, and the Governor strongly condemned the atrocities of India in Kashmir and said that the accession of Kashmir on 19 July 1947 still stands on the principled position of Pakistan. And Pakistan also stands with their brothers and sisters Kashmiri.

“The Delhi minorities Commission on the riots in new Delhi called pogroms in new Delhi the Muslims of a well-organized plan. Modi was exposed and now there is no doubt that Narendra modi is enemy of humanity and its agenda is to target minorities.

Commission in Delhi minorities should not be a silent observer of the United Nations and other international bodies should take action. He said, taking immediate notice, Narendra modi should not only be stopped from such atrocities, but strict measures must be taken so that such incidents did not happen in the future,” the Governor said.

Federal Minister Fawad CH said that the government agencies have worked together against the crown. Which other measures, including the preparation of fans were provided in Pakistan. There is still the danger of Corona, and if people do not ensure the implementation of the SOP to prevent crown on Eid, it is a great danger to the country and the nation. Pakistan cannot afford such a situation, he said. He said that the PTI government believes in the strength of institutions and only with the strength of the institutions of Pakistan will become strong and prosperous.


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The steps for prosperity of the people: Governor Sarwar | Instant News

Lahore:Minister Majid Niyazi Ansar and the Minister of Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmad called on Governor CH Muhammad Sarwar, while the Governor also approved the names of two of the members of the syndicate, University of education Lahore.

Ahmed, Punjab Minister of labor Majeed Ansar Niyazi, Minister of excise Hafiz Mumtaz and parliamentary Secretary of Adil Pervez called on the Governor at the Governor’s house on Tuesday. The Governor said that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking practical steps for the development and prosperity of the nation and Pakistan is faced with economic difficulties, through the crisis of the crown. Despite this, the government has taken steps to assist people. The government, under the leadership of Imran Khan makes all the decisions in the interest of the nation and the protection of public interests. All the promises of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to the people in a General election will be performed. The delegation of the Sikh community led by Moon Khan met with the Governor. He expressed condolences to the delegation in connection with the death of Sikhs in the accident. He said Farooqabad railway accident was a tragic incident and all the people deeply mourn the irreparable loss of precious lives. As Chancellor he approved Dr. Shagufta Andalib and prof Dr. Muhammad Alam Saeed, as the members of the syndicate of University of education Lahore for three years.

Raising considered: Minister for national minorities and human rights Ejaz Alam Augustine, together with the Minister of wildlife and fisheries Asad Khokhar and MPA Haroon Gul visited Youhanabad here on Tuesday. They discussed the current work on the development and heard from the community. Religious minorities gave a welcome to the Ministers. Talking to the media on the occasion, Ejaz Alam Augustine said that all religious minorities living in Pakistan enjoy equal rights, although the government of Punjab has provided a package of empowerment of minorities for the benefit of religious minorities and to ensure effective measures to protect their rights. He said that special funds have been allocated for the repair of religious buildings to religious minorities, as well as the construction or repair of religious places, whereas the amount of scholarships for students of religious minorities have been expanded. Special quotas were fixed at the best universities. The Minister said that during the reign of PTI, all sects work together to promote mutual love and peace in the new Pakistan.


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The government allies on the same page, says Governor Sarwar | Instant News

Lahore :Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that the government and its allies on the same page, but opposition parties have their own pages.

The Governor stated this while interacting with religious leaders and a delegation of the party headed by Allama Asif Alvi in the Governor’s House, Lahore here on Monday. Speaking at the ceremony, the Governor said that there is no other leader like Prime Minister Imran Khan, because 220 million Pakistanis to trust him completely.

The government and allied parties combine for the development and prosperity of the country, but the opposition party defended its own interests. They work on a personal vendetta against the opposition party has been completely exposed before the people. Insha Allah we will not allow any attempts to destabilize the situation in the country to succeed, and we successfully lead the country. CH Sarwar said that the crown was not finished.

The Governor strongly condemns the unprovoked dismissal of Indian troops on the line of contact and noted that India has pursued a policy of destroying peace in the region and unprovoked Indian firing on LK, too, was terrorism. He noted that international organizations, including the United Nations, should pay attention to Indian terrorism and to stop the threat in Kashmir. Under the leadership of modi, the atrocities against innocent Kashmiris in the valley should be stopped immediately and the United Nations must uphold its resolutions and to give the right of Kashmiris to self-determination.

Implemented SOP: 105 days partial/smart lock imposed by the government on March 24, the city completed on Monday. Lahore police during these 105 days of taking all necessary measures to ensure strict adherence to SOP and direction of the government to contain unnecessary movement of public in the city on the wave of the impending danger of the spread of coronavirus.

Lahore police operations wing created a special pickets in different parts of the city. Dig (operations wing) Ashfaq Khan said more than 2 Lac 56 972 thousand citizens were checked on the pickets, while more than 2 Lac 45 thousand 606 citizens were given a warning. Over 4,599 citizens participating in unnecessary movement was released after acceptance of warranty from them. More than 2 Lac 34 thousand cars, including 1 Lac 27 thousand 894 motorcycles, 32,015 rickshaws, taxis of 7.955, 52,117 14,028 cars and more cars were stopped by the pickets and their owners were given warnings for their unnecessary movement. For 2212 fir had been registered against people involved in various breaches during the alarm. Over 8,280 vehicles were impounded in various police stations involved in the violations.


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Anti-Pakistani forces involved in terrorism, says Governor Sarwar | Instant News

Lahore:Governor CH Muhammad Sarwar said anti-Pakistan forces involved in terrorism and law enforcement agencies (LEAs), including the Pakistan army clear terrorists and their accomplices.

The people stand with the security agencies. He said that all members of the National Assembly, including Prime Minister Imran Khan deserve congratulations for the Federal budget for the financial year 2020-21.

He spoke during a meeting with a delegation of overseas Pakistanis in the Governor’s house on Monday. CH Sarwar said he strongly condemns the attack on the Pakistan stock exchange.

He said that Rangers and other security personnel, including police, should be applauded for disrupting terrorist attacks. However, terrorists are enemies of humanity and peace. Enemy forces do not want peace, development and prosperity here, he said.

He said that anti-Pakistan forces are involved in terrorism in Pakistan, but our security agencies have disrupted the intentions of the terrorists and will continue to thwart the terrorists and their accomplices in the war on terror.

He added that the sacrifices of the institution have analogues in the world. We are proud of our security agencies and 220 million Pakistanis stand with their security and no sacrifice will be spared, Sarwar added. He said that we welcome soldiers who were killed in this incident of terrorism, and we pray that Almighty Allah grant the martyrs a high status in Janat-ul-Firdous.

The Governor praised all members, including the Prime Minister-Imran Khan on the issue of approving the Federal budget for fiscal year 2020-21. Later, CH Sarwar visited the house of famous Pakistan TV host, actor, voice actor and poet Tariq Aziz expressed his condolences and prayers are with his family.

Paying tribute to the services of Tariq Aziz, he said that Tariq Aziz was a multifaceted personality and his services willalways be remembered. He said that people likehim are born after centuries.


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