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WWE raw results: winners, grades, reaction and events July 13 | bleacher report | Instant News

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Final wwe raw before the show of horrors at extreme rules promised us “the night of the offense,” with familiar enemies in battle as they fight for position in anticipation of the pay-per-view channels Sunday extravaganza.

    Champions will battle the top teams of applicants will be determined and loud 36 Restlmaniya a rematch will happen as the brand not only seeks to build momentum for their latest WWE network hotel, but looks to turn around its alarming decrease in ratings.

    Work, who will speak on the major matches on the night with his hands raised in victory and what do these findings mean for the most extreme events of the year?

    Find out now with this recall, July 13, the USA network broadcast.

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    Already announced show for the night are:

  • Champion raw women ask and Kairi sane and women’s team Champions Sasha banks and Bailey
  • Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins
  • R-truth vs Randy Orton
  • Raiders Vikings and angel Garza and Andrade

It should be noted, though-Orton match, as it is seemingly not up to the beef between the two, at least not enough to warrant inclusion in “the rematch”. It will probably be the latest Chapter in the ongoing competition Orton with big show and the excuse to really accept the fact that you have to hate the Viper.

If it goes on as planned, and not another instance of Bait-and-switch, Owens and Rollins can be a damn good match ahead of the showdown in the night of Monday of the Messiah with Rey Mysterio in the night of Sunday on PPV.


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Asuka vs. Sasha Banks and Top Potential WWE Raw vs. SmackDown Matches | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Pictures of Etsuo Hara / Getty

WWE last week announced a brand-to-brand invitation, and that has led to some unexpected matches on Raw and SmackDown.

WWE champion Drew McIntyre will face King Corbin in the Raw edition on Monday, while NXT female champion Charlotte Flair will face SmackDown’s partner, Bayley, on Friday.

With so many talents in both brands, there are many possibilities for matches that are rarely or never seen before.

As brand-to-brand invitations continue to play, here are three potential matches that WWE wants to see on Raw.

Asuka vs Sasha Banks

Asuka won the Raw woman champion last week as her prize for winning Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match after Becky Lynch resigned because of her pregnancy. As a result, The Empress of Tomorrow is now the face of the women’s division of the red brand.

It can be said that Bayley holds the same role in Smackdown because he is a champion, but Sasha Banks is probably a star who is even bigger than her friends after playing an important role in holding her title as long as she has it.

WWE is building tensions between Bayley and Banks, and reached another level at SmackDown last Friday when Charlotte Flair called The Legit Boss as a role model errand boy and challenged him to defend himself and his best interests.

A great way to advance problems between Bayley and Banks while also providing fans with interesting battles will make them appear on Raw to disrupt Asuka during the promo segment.

The empress can challenge the Smackdown title to the match only for the champion to throw the Boss under the bus and force her to fight for him.

Asuka and Banks had faced each other in a single match only once before, and that happened two years ago on Raw. The match was fantastic and made fans want more, but a rematch hasn’t happened to date.

Doing Asuka vs. Banks will achieve several goals, including highlighting The Boss and allowing him to have a great match with one of the best in the business. Also, Raw card holders can score big wins to add credibility during his reign, perhaps by interfering with Bayley’s interference.

An alternative option could be Bayley and Banks face Asuka and Kairi Sane in a tag team match because The Kabuki Warriors are technically still one unit.

The match will have the potential to become the best female tag team in WWE history if given enough time, and a number of storylines can also be played in it.

Seth Rollins vs. Jeff Hardy

Seth Rollins has established himself as the upper heel in Raw, and now it is Jeff Hardy returning to SmackDown, he became one of the top blue babyfaces of the brand that moved forward.

Clearly there are some similarities between the two men in terms of their in-ring style, and a contest between them is often discussed among fans as a dream match between Superstar which reaches its peak in a different era.

Both Rollins and Hardy are multi-time world champions at WWE. The latter hasn’t held a world title at the company since 2009, while the first was a universal champion only last year before dropping it to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Rollins will lose WWE champion Drew McIntyre at Money in Bank, and he needs a few wins to get back on track. Meanwhile, Hardy is in the midst of competition with Sheamus.

The Monday Night Messiah’s actions, including gouging Rey Mysterio’s eyes with the corner of the ring ladder last week, could make him a target for someone like Hardy from the perspective of the storyline.

Charismatic Enigma seems to respect Mysterio deeply, and defending the honor of his veteran colleagues will be a good way to explain the match. This will also be the first meeting since Rollins and Hardy have never had a single match.

The Rollins vs Hardy match can be branched into several angles as well, as Sheamus intervenes to advance his dispute with Hardy or Murphy to interfere on Rollins’ behalf, which can lead to another unique fight on Hardy vs. Murphy.

Street Profits vs. New Day

Tag wrestling is not always the main focus at WWE, but there is no question that the company offers some talented tandem in all its brands.

The two best ones are The Street Profits and New Day, and they happen to each hold the Raw Tag Team and SmackDown Championship.

New Day has been pure entertainment in the five years they have been together and have proven themselves as a WWE companion team. They also enjoyed tons of success with eight championships.

Street Profits are still quite new to the main list, but they have made their mark with fiery promos and a pleasant backstage segment. They also did not take long to win the Baku Mark Team Championship after previously holding the NXT title.

Perhaps the biggest argument in favor of The Street Profits vs. New Day is the fact that Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Kofi Kingston and Big E can put together a great promo segment to set the stage for a match.

Actual in-ring action can be very good too because all four Superstars are impressive athletes with the ability to tell interesting stories through matches.

Street Profits vs New Day is perhaps the biggest potential tag team’s dream match at WWE today, and brand-to-brand invitations can make it happen.

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HHH 25 Falls Flat, Sasha-Bayley Story Builds and More Fallout WWE Smack | Bleacher Report | Instant News

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The WWE SmackDown episode on Friday was supposed to pay homage to Triple H, who celebrated a quarter of a century with the company, but instead became a painful reminder of how many shells once were blue brands.

    With only one real long-term story line to talk about and no real star power, it feels like a B-show in the sports entertainment empire of Vince McMahon.

    However, even with such lackluster products, there is no shortage of topics worth talking about, good or bad.

    What are they, and what, if any, do they impact on the brand in the future?

    Find out with this Fox Friday broadcast recap.

1 out of 4

    Triple H is one of the greatest stars in WWE history and thinks otherwise is ridiculous. He is one of the most decorated champions, stars of various eras and the driving force behind the youth movement NXT. There will always be people who try to discredit him by claiming his success due to nepotism or backstage politicization. But when all is said and done, he stands on a mountain with a very select company.

    That is why the closing segment of the Friday event was very disappointing.

    WWE does not pay homage to second-class stars from ancient times. No, it pays tribute to one of the biggest, most known and strong players ever in the industry. But the execution of the Triple 25th Anniversary H segment was bleak, even bordering on embarrassing.

    Yes, the lack of crowd involvement really hurt the comedy part of The Game and Shawn Michaels’s best friend provided, but even then, there was no way anyone could see planned (or not) and thought it was like a big star.

    Maybe he wants something lower, lighter and more pleasant. Maybe he was fine with his father-in-law muttering whatever he said at the end of the event. If so, fine, but someone has to step up and shoot down what is displayed.

    Triple H is a visionary outside the circle of squares. As much as he was there, he concocted this idea for NXT, revolutionizing the development system. He imagined a sophisticated performance center, without which we would not watch WWE television during the coronavirus pandemic. We also will not have WrestleMania 36.

    His influence on the company over the past two decades cannot be measured, and he deserves better than half the effort on comedy that he and his fans got on Friday.

2 out of 4

    The only bright spot on Smackdown lately is an increasingly intensive problem between female champion Bayley and her best friend, Sasha Banks.

    Every week, it became clear that Bayley used The Legit Boss for his own benefit and then failed when it was time to return the favor. That was what happened this Friday, when Bayley comfortably provided a distraction, intentionally or not, which prevented Banks from winning, and allowed Lacey Evans to recover to give the Women’s Right to win.

    The tension between Banks and Bayley was evident during and after the match, with the former becoming increasingly tired of the champion’s selfishness. Even though he didn’t explode on his friend, it was clear the two of them would do battle for the grand prize on the blue brand soon.

    Getting there might feel like forever, for fans who have to endure the rest of the show.

    The Bayley-Banks story line has become the best thing that the company does and most of it can be attributed to the fact that WWE Creative has chosen to take time rather than finish the storyline prematurely. This has allowed things to develop, for emotions to take over and for fans wanting to see The Boss defeat hell from a self-proclaimed role model and take on the title.

    It worked, and that moment – hopefully in SummerSlam – would be worth the wait.

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    Sheamus returned to much fanfare in January thanks to a series of sketches that made The Celtic Warrior criticize the complacency that he believed had swallowed WWE. His first feud was with Shorty G and Apollo Crews, and if that wasn’t enough to kill his momentum on the spot, he seemed ready to be fed to Jeff Hardy who was back in the middle card competition on a brand that could benefit from his star. power.

    You won’t know it based on the way he was promoted and encouraged since returning, but Sheamus is one of the most decorated players of his generation. A former WWE, world heavyweight, intercontinental, United States and tag team champion, he also holds Money at the Bank, won the 2012 Royal Rumble match and was the King of the Ring in 2010.

    He is one of the few who can claim to have done everything at WWE, but he is not treated as such. At a time when Smackdown craves star power, the company has one staring in the face but seems more interested in telling the latest Hardy redemption story than building a heel which can then be programmed against someone like Braun Strowman or an enemy known to Daniel Bryan.

    The use of Sheamus, and what seems to appear to him, is the definition of WWE Creative cutting off his nose to grumble his face.

4 out of 4

    By ignoring Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the closing segment of the night, the biggest star to appear on the show on Friday was former WWE champion Kofi Kingston in the opening segment of the night, dedicated to marking the team.

    While he used to help heat up the Forgotten Sons in their quest for the tag team’s success, that he is the only product wrestler fan who can designate as a legitimate star in the past year is a big problem for the blue brand.

    Friday’s program, which is broadcast live, without universal champion Braun Strowman or competitor No. 1 Bray Wyatt. Daniel Bryan was revealed to be a cheerleader for Drew Gulak. Roman government continued to be clear in his absence because he was entitled to remain at home because of concerns related to the compromised immune system and the ongoing pandemic.

    To its credit, WWE Creative has sought to promote the women’s division, providing a talent harvest on Friday night time and considerable television exposure. Unfortunately, none of the women made it out.

    The perception that SmackDown is the lower of the two main roster properties is only enhanced by WWE products installed there every week. Until that change, television ratings will continue to fall while apathy for the Smackdown brand as a whole increases, no matter how much work is done by men and women who call it home.


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SmackDown WWE Results: Winners, Values, Reactions, and Highlights from April 17 | Bleacher Report | Instant News

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Friday Night Smackdown continues WWEThe momentum ahead of the April 17 issue of the show thanks to several big matches and announcements.

    Miz and John Morrison were forced to put the SmackDown Tag Team Championship on the phone in a unique Triple Threat match when A-Lister fought on The New Day’s Big E and Jey Uso.

    Bayley forced Tamina to go through Sasha Banks to get to the Smackown Women’s Championship. The veteran had been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time, and The Legit Boss was clearly afraid of what Tamina could do.

    In a pair of money in Bank qualifications, Daniel Bryan met Cesaro in the ring and Naomi and Dana Brooke struggled to get a chance.

    After months of drama, Sonya Deville tried to clear the atmosphere with his best friend, Mandy Rose, explaining his actions that guarded Otis’s Greatest God’s Creation.

    This event promises big matches, moments, and the potential for a buildup of money in the bank, which sets a pay-per-view of May 10 as a must-watch TV.

1 out of 5

    Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross invited Braun Strowman to A Moment of Bliss. The Monster Among Men explains that the past is the past with Bray Wyatt, and he looks to the future.

    Strowman found a gift waiting under the turnbuckle. When he opened it, he found his old black sheep mask. As he looked at her, Wyatt’s laughter echoed through the Performance Center.


    B +


    This is a simple but effective segment when Strowman seems confident but is not ready for Wyatt’s mind play. The universal champion of WWE may feel ready to be his own man, but it is always difficult to forget your past.

    This story continues to build in a unique way. It would be nice to see what the two men did to make this story as interesting as possible.

2 out of 5

    Sasha Banks couldn’t make Tamina get up most of the match. The veteran threw him around easily when Bayley watched with confidence about the comment. Role Models tried to distract Tamina late, but Lacey Evans was involved and expelled Bayley.

    After the superkick is outside then the second superkick in the ring, Tamina pinned The Boss. Sassy Southern Belle raises the hand of competitor No. 1 in victory.


    Tamina def. Bank with Pinfall to get SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunities in the future.


    C +


    This is a good match but really mediocre. Tamina has worked better in her current role than in the past five years, but she still can’t do much in the ring. He just stood on his feet while his opponent worked around him.

    Banks may be good enough to do that, but tensions never increase. It’s always clear that Tamina will win. Hopefully, Bayley vs Tamina has more stories behind it.

3 out of 5

    Credit: WWE.com

    Sheamus made a quick work out of one of NXT’s young, developing stars. He brought out Denzel DeJournette with Brogue Kick.

    When Michael Cole tried to switch to Jeff Hardy’s video package, the Celtic Warrior threatened Cole for distracting him from his victory. Hardy’s video package focuses on his drug and alcohol struggle, promising redemption next week in the latest video that focuses on Hardy’s journey.


    Sheamus def. DeJournette by pinfall.




    Sheamus shouldn’t waste time rolling up the NXT stars, but at least a story is starting to take shape. He has a target on Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma must wrestle regularly again, and its first enmity must be against the Celtic Soldiers.

    DeJournette is one of many men who have not done anything so far at WWE but has gained some exposure as a local talent for improvement. Some of these NXTs will take advantage and rise soon.

4 out of 5

    Carmella found Dana Brooke backstage preparing her money for a Bank qualification. He questioned why his tag teammates were more focused on solo opportunities than their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity. Brooke promised he could do many tasks.

    This remarkable athlete shows that he can fight the only woman in WWE who can keep up with his speed. Naomi pushed Brooke, but The Glow could not get rid of the match with Rear View. Brooke rolled it up for three to get money at the Bank opportunity.


    Brooke def. Naomi by pinfall.




    This is a fun athletic show between two talented women who need real opportunities. It tells a great story even if it’s short because Brooke isn’t a match, but he refuses to give up.

    It felt like a big moment when he managed to attract victory. Brooke has the perfect opportunity to make an impact on Money in the Bank this year. He felt like the ultimate dark horse to take a briefcase.

5 out of 5

    Sonya Deville begged Mandy Rose to come out and listen to her explanation. God’s Greatest creation listened to his friend when Deville explained that he finally saw the truth. He calls Rose the most selfish woman he has ever met.

    Deville promises to ruin Rose’s life and finally reaches its peak after years of living in the shadow of God’s Biggest Creation. Dolph Ziggler interrupted to beg Rose to give him a second chance. However, Deville ruined the moment by putting his former friend.

    Otis walked to the ring and pulled out Ziggler. He pressed Caterpillar on The Showoff while Rose sent Deville to run.




    The middle card has struggled to tell strong compelling stories with any talent for several years now, but this story continues to land no matter who is involved. Deville cut a spicy promo, the best of his career. It reshapes the way this story will develop.

    That also makes Deville and Ziggler more attractive as heels. While Rose’s former partner wants to hurt God’s Biggest Creation, the Show wants to win it back. He will likely turn against Rose when he realizes he really chose Otis.


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