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Canadian coronavirus cases exceed 101 thousand with Ontario, Quebec leading the new case – National | Instant News

Corona virus cases continue to increase in Ontario and Quebec, two provinces that have contributed to the majority of deaths and the burden of Canadian cases since the pandemic began.

Overall, Canada reported 390 new cases of COVID-19 and 64 deaths on Saturday, for a total of 101,002 cases.

More than 8,400 people have died so far, while more than 63,000 cases are considered to be recovering.

The death toll every day experiences artificial bumps because 15 of 33 deaths in Quebec on Saturday actually occurred before June 12, which means the number of deaths on Saturday is 49.

How many Canadians have new coronavirus? Total number of confirmed cases by region

Nearly 2.5 million tests have been carried out throughout the country.

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Ontario see 206 new cases on Saturday – the first time the province reported more than 200 cases a week – for a total of 33,301. More than half of all active cases in Ontario have recovered.

Coronavirus and Camping

Coronavirus and Camping

Ontario also reported 31 new deaths – the largest increase in one-day deaths since June 6 – totaling 2,595 deaths.

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Quebec – the most severely affected by the pandemic – saw 124 new confirmed cases of the virus and 33 deaths. Fifteen of the deaths occurred before June 12. Of the 54,674 provincial cases, 23,201 have recovered.

Ontario reports more than 200 cases of corona virus for the first time in a week

In Saskatchewan, active cases increased to 72, the highest number since May 26, which saw 77 active cases. In total, the province reported 726 COVID-19 cases while 13 people had died and 639 had recovered.

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Alberta reported 48 new cases and no new deaths, leaving the death rate in 152. There are more than 7,600 cases in the province, with 525 of them active.

Coronavirus: WHO explains the difference between the 2nd peak and the 2nd wave of COVID-19

Coronavirus: WHO explains the difference between the 2nd peak and the 2nd wave of COVID-19

Manitoba see two new cases, raising the number of cases to just over 300. Seven people have died so far. The province does not have hospitalization on Saturdays, and Phase 3 of the reopening plan starts on Sunday.

British Columbia has no new data to report on Saturday.

Atlantic Province

Nova Scotia reported no new cases for 11 consecutive days. To date, Nova Scotia has confirmed 1,061 COVID-19 cases, 62 deaths. All but one active case have recovered.

One new case of COVID-19 is reported in New Brunswick, with a total of 164, as 27 active cases remain. So far two people have died in the province.

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Can I fly to other provinces? Your coronavirus travel question was answered

All 261 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Newfoundland and Labrador remain unresolved. Three people at N.L. died of a virus. There are no new cases.

All cases resolved

Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories and Yukon have all been settled for weeks now. Nunavut remains the only region in Canada that has not reported a positive case of COVID-19.

Globally the new corona virus has produced more than 8.7 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 463,000 deaths, according to data tracked by Johns Hopkins University.

The US and Brazil are collectively responsible for more than three million cases, while the US has the highest number of deaths so far.

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