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Text of weather forecasts for the United Kingdom. Morning call | Instant News

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 12 April 2020
Task Forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

A cool day for the north and west of England and Ireland, warm again for most of England and Wales. Outbreaks of rain affect Ireland temporarily locally, heavy rain may occur in some parts of England and Wales later. It’s drier to the north but it’s rather cloudy here.

Good morning,

Cloudy weather starts today for most people despite the sun’s rays in the south and southeast of England. The rainy plague affected Ireland, Northern Ireland and also parts of Scotland and northern Wales. Some isolated bathrooms may also be in central and northern England. The heaviest rain will occur in eastern Ireland where there may also be strange thunderous thunder.

A swarm of light, heavy rain fell south over Scotland all afternoon, while the heaviest rains tended to subside in much of Ireland, possibly lasting a long time in the south. Across Wales and central and southern England localized heavy rain, heavy rain can last until late afternoon. Some of them can join to give longer heavy rain spells throughout the Midlands.

Rain plague and heavy rain continued in southern Ireland, Wales and southern England until Sunday night. The nights are dry for Scotland and Northern Ireland but it is cloudy here and feels cool.

Happy Easter!



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