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Russia is accused of firing satellite weapons, the US and Britain are concerned about control of space weapons | Instant News

Russia has been accused of testing projectiles such as weapons in space that are claimed by the United States and Britain to be used to destroy satellites that move in Earth’s orbit.

According to international media reports, the US State Department said the alarming use of “in-orbit anti-satellite weapons” was alarming while the Russian defense ministry was reported to have previously informed that it was inspecting space equipment with new technology.

The US Space Command, in a tweet, said the space-based anti-satellite test was not destructive and reaffirmed its commitment to ‘prevent defensive defenses’ from space threats.

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‘Hypocrisy Advocacy’

The US has repeatedly raised concerns about Russian satellite activity; however, this is the first time Britain has accused the country of carrying out space activities. Earlier, British lawmakers accused the government of ‘lack of curiosity“in investigating Russian interference in Brexit and criticizing it for underestimating the Moscow fort, as reported.

Christopher Ford, Assistant Secretary of the US Department of International Security and Non-proliferation, in a tweet accusing Russia of hypocrisy over control of space weapons. Russia is among the list of countries committed to the space agreement calling for peaceful space activity and gun control in space. The US, Britain, China, India are important signatories to international agreements.

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On the other hand, Deputy Air Marshal Harvey Smyth of the British space directorate expressed concern over the use of Russian “projectiles with weapon characteristics” that could cause space debris that could damage the orbital satellites on which the world depends. He further urged “responsible behavior in space”.

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