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PM is satisfied with the continued industrial growth | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said the industrial sector is showing sustainable growth which is good news. In a Facebook post on Sunday, PM Imran Khan said large-scale manufacturing saw another double-digit growth of 11.4 percent in December last year compared to the same month a year earlier. The prime minister said cumulative growth from July to December last year was above eight percent now.


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SC is not satisfied with NAB’s work, warns of action | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to Dr Dinshaw Anklesaria, one of the defendants in the fake bank account case, with the direction that he will not leave the country and will cooperate with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on ongoing investigations.

Bench three members of the top court presided over by Judge Umar Ata Bandial heard bail requests from Dr Dinshaw Anklesaria and Jameel Baloch, the defendants in a fake bank account case. Rashid A Rizvi, Dr Dinshaw’s advisor, and the Attorney General’s National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Asghar Haider appeared before the court.

The court, after listening to the parties concerned, gave a guarantee to Dr Dinshaw and stated that the defendant would not leave the country and would ensure his cooperation with the investigative team of the anti-corruption agency in the case.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) did not challenge these assurances to Dr Dinshaw. Dr Dinshaw, an accountant for the Park Lane Estate Company, and Jamil Baloch, director of KDA, were arrested in a case of fake bank accounts. The NAB alleged that Dr Dinshaw as the chief minister’s adviser had sent two applications signed by him regarding the designation of the plot in Bagh-e-Jinnah, Karachi. It is said that according to Dr. The Dinshaw land belongs to Bagh-e-Jinnah, Karachi.

According to the NAB, Dr Dinshaw also faces charges of taking out loans for fake documents. He is said to be involved in benefiting the Park Lane Company through a fake bank account. At the start of the trial on Wednesday, NAB prosecutors told the court they were not against Dr Dinshaw’s bail but would challenge government officials’ bail. Hakim Sajjad Ali Shah, another member of the judge, observed that the anti-corruption agency was reluctant to arrest influential people. Judge Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi observed that NAB did not arrest people who had evidence, adding that NAB arrested government officials of the first class. He expressed annoyance at the partial action by NAB, saying that what NAB was doing. Action was taken by NAB, but the consequences were borne by the court. Then the Supreme Court was blamed for acquitting the perpetrators. A goat thief is sent behind bars but people involved in major corruption are free to roam. NAB does not have the authority to work as desired. If NAB wants to work on its own terms, NAB has to amend Article 9 of the NAB Act. There are references, then there are other references if this is a joke. The court will hold accountable those who stop NAB from working.

The NAB prosecutor stated that the defendants were brought to the accountability court within 24 hours of their arrest.

Judge Umar Ata Bandial observed that the anti-corruption agency must ensure equal treatment to the accused. “We want the anti-corruption institution to be strong and free from any pressure that can guarantee a fair defendant’s accountability,” said Judge Bandial. The judge further observed that the relevant law enforcement should be applied in a similar manner, adding that stern action would be taken against NAB as it did not guarantee fair accountability as required by law.

The public prosecutor dismissed the impression that there was pressure on anti-corruption institutions. Regarding this, Judge Umar Ata Bandial referred to various forums that considered the KPK only bringing in government officials and did not touch the real beneficiaries in an instant.

At the last trial, the court requested a comprehensive report from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on steps taken to treat the accused equally apart from providing a report within two weeks of its policy on the accused’s arrest.

Judge Umar Ata Bandial has observed that one defendant has been behind bars for 20 months while others are roaming free. Hakim Sajjad Ali Shah has observed this stance adopted by the NAB as showing a partial approach.

“One person was arrested on petty charges while the other despite being involved in the heinous crime moved freely,” said Judge Bandial, adding that the NAB did not apply its laws to the accused on an equal basis. Justice Bandial has observed that it is the apex court’s responsibility to protect citizens’ freedoms and their fundamental rights.

Rashid A Rizvi, Dr Dinshaw’s adviser, has conveyed that his client has been behind bars for 20 months, adding that only his client has been arrested while other defendants roam free.

The court observed that elderly people like Dr Dinshaw have been arrested while 27 other defendants are free.


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Satispay Italia aims to triple the number of users by 2023, growing overseas | Instant News

ROME (Reuters) – Satispay aims to double its users by the end of 2022 and will use cash from new investors including Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc to grow in Italy and abroad, the head of Italy’s mobile payments start-up said in a newspaper interview. .

“Three-fold (users) means increasing transactions fivefold … and revenue sevenfold,” CEO Alberto Dalmasso told Monday’s supplement L’Economia newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Founded in 2013, Satispay provides a mobile application for payments in stores and for exchange of money between users. It is used by 300,000 people and 135,000 shop owners and expects revenue of 40 million euros this year, said Dalmasso.

Square Inc, a California mobile payments company created by Twitter co-founder Dorsey, invested 15 million euros in Satispay earlier this month.

New investors in Satispay, which include US firm LGT Lightstone, Tencent China and TIM Ventures Italia, the venture arm of Telecom Italia, will subscribe to a € 68 million share issue.

Dalmasso said he expected the deal to be completed by the end of the year and that the cooperative banking group Iccrea, which invested in Satispay in 2014, would exit the group’s capital.

He said Satispay wanted to become a “reference point in Europe for the payments sector” and aimed to grow internationally, but not through acquisitions.

Reporting by Giulia Segreti; Edited by Kirsten Donovan


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The average person is satisfied for the first time, said Prime Minister Imran Khan | Instant News

The average person is satisfied for the first time, said Prime Minister Imran Khan

HAFIZABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday told Pakistan Muslim League supremo-Nawaz Sharif when it failed to get an NRO [deal], he began plotting against the Pakistani Army, while sitting in London, adding that this was the first time that ordinary people were completely satisfied with the initiatives the government was taking.

Speaking at a public meeting at the Hafizabad Municipal Stadium, he said Nawaz Sharif was defaming national institutions and targeting the Army and Justice for his personal gain. A fuss was made about his serious health condition while he was in the village. But once he got to London, he became completely healthy, the prime minister recalled. Imran Khan said when his looting and theft were detected by national agencies including the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), he started speaking in Indian to cover up his theft, the PM added.

Calling the opposition alliance’s public meetings a “circus”, the prime minister said that despite plundering the country for 30 years, they wanted to continue to enjoy privileges rather than face accountability. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), he said, acted submissively to opposition leaders in the past, but the incumbent government made him work independently.

It is for that reason that the opposition is blackmailing the government over the economic crisis, COVID-19 and even on laws related to the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) just to remove NAB, he added.

One of their biggest wishes now is to remove NAB, the prime minister added.

“Should I let them go?” Do you feel sorry for them? “Asked the prime minister of the audience, who shouted,” No “.

He assured the accused crowd that he would never forgive them until they paid back the looted state money.

After failing to put pressure on the government, he said, the opposition was forced to target the courts, the Commander of the Army and the director general of Inter Intelligence, which was tantamount to instigating a coup within the institutions, only to cover up their theft. .

“But, I will not spare them,” said the prime minister.

Addressing the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the prime minister said that previously opposition parties had rivalries among themselves to try to keep the seat of power, but now they are facing a completely new opponent, Imran Khan.

“Until you come back [the nation’s] booty, I will never let you rest, ”said PM Imran Khan. He alleges that the opposition tried to blackmail him in exchange for signing a bill on the FATF and when he didn’t listen to them they attacked the court.

“Until those of you who are like Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq, and Mir Ayaz Sadiq are brought to court, I will not leave you alone,” swore PM Imran.

He said that one person, ‘Maulana Diesel’ (Fazlur Rehman) said that Islam is in danger because of Imran, but “I say that Islam is in danger because [Maulana] Diesel. ”

Imran said looters deposited billions of rupees in foreign banks, which has severely affected the country’s economy. “We will give a health card to every family in Punjab,” the PM promised to add that one family will get free health facilities of up to one million rupiah. Because of this, a large number of new private hospitals will be opened in Punjab province and people can get free medical facilities, he added.

He said that many political parties promised ‘Bread, Kapra aur Makan’ [food, clothing and shelter] in the past but they didn’t fulfill their promise. However, he continued, now people can build their own houses because of the government housing scheme. For this purpose, loans are granted at an interest rate of 5 percent. He said the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) wanted the rule of law in the country; that is why we are going to introduce a bill to end the protracted legislative process.

He said the PTI government wanted to establish a prosperous state like Medina which was founded by the Prophet (SAW), where the poor and the rich were equal in the eyes of the law and the rules.

“We are bringing in a single education system, which will eliminate the class system in this country,” added the PM.

Imran Khan said the PTI government was taking bold steps to change the fate of the country and nation. For that purpose, he used all of his abilities. The masses must reject the baseless propaganda of the opposition and strengthen the government.

The prime minister also laid the foundation stone of Hafizabad University and announced the construction of a new modern hospital with 400 beds. He promised universal health insurance for Punjab next year and cadet colleges also in Hafizabad district.

“More than that, I am pleased that the Punjab government has decided to introduce health insurance to 50% of the provinces by 2020 and expand it to all provinces next year,” said the PM.

“We are building the first arrowgah (shelter house) in the country where daily bettors are given food and a roof to sleep on,” said PM Imran. “This allows them to send more of the money they earn to their families.

He also spoke about the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

“Until recently, you could only build a house if you had money. If you didn’t have money, you lived on rent. But now, under Pakistan’s Naya Housing Scheme, anyone can build their house on a 5% interest loan. .

“Instead of paying monthly rent, you will pay back the loan while staying at home,” said PM Imran.

“This is the first time in Pakistan’s 73 years history that an ordinary person is satisfied with a government initiative launched for his welfare.

“Even developed countries do not have facilities like those given to the people of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” said the prime minister.

Previously he met with a delegation of lawyers, PTI leaders, etc. Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar, Special Assistant to CM Firdous Ashiq Awan, MNA Shaukat Ali Bhatti, former MNA Mehdi Hassan Bhatti also made speeches at the event.

Strict security arrangements were made for the public meeting but the participants completely ignored the standard operating procedure (SOP).

Earlier, the Punjab Chief Minister’s Special Assistant for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the university, at a cost of Rs4.5 billion, would be built on 118 land canals. The government will also spend Rs2 billion on the 400-bed DHQ hospital.


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