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Tribune Fact Check: Imran PM says the Covid-19 curve is flat after reading the reverse graph | Instant News

Indian media repeated articles from satirical Pakistani websites, which immediately circulated on Twitter


Indian media repeated articles from satirical Pakistani websites that soon spread on Twitter. PHOTO: EXPRESS / FILE

KARACHI: Indian media think they have pounced on ‘glaring mistakes’ by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and as far as repeating a piece of satire to try to put words into his mouth.

Pakistan’s prime minister is no stranger to a clumsiness from time to time, however, in this case the media outlets of neighboring India are in a ‘rude awakening’.

Dependents, a satirical Pakistani website, publishes an article here make fun of PM Imran.

The article outlines how PM Imran spoke at a press conference attended by prominent journalists where he claimed that the government had reached an ‘epidemiological holy grail’ after leveling it. Covid-19 curve in this country


That curved refers to the number of new cases that are projected over a certain period of time.

This article goes on to detail how the prime minister chided about achievements before being told by one of his aides that he had read the reverse graph so far.

Immediately began the round on social media and was picked up by Indian journalists Aarti Tikoo Singh, which actually takes it from face value and is then published in Indian news outlets Indo-Asia News Service.


An experienced television personality and journalist Zarar Khuhro, also tweeted how Indian media was wrong, but unintentionally provided comic assistance in the process.

The article was also widely shared on Twitter India, with users of micro-blogging sites trying to trap PM Imran for his “mistakes”.


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