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Parents host an overnight stay at the prom home for Leon High School students | Instant News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – For Class 2020, The main announcement is Gov.DeSantis meaning they will likely not get the chance to see many friends again.

Senior milestones such as graduations and parties will be missed.

Jada Williams from ABC 27 visited Leon High School, to show us how classmates create memories of their own high school.

“I’m a theater teacher at Leon High School, but tonight I am the photographer,” said Lea Marshall, a Theater Teacher at Leon High School.

Capture the moment of prom night themed 80’s unconventional.

“There is hope as to what your senior year should be, especially now. And then it did not happen. And then many people were in pain and injured because of what happened,” said Everett Reed, a senior at Leon High School. “It’s a strange experience, it’s a strange new reality, but we try our best.”

On what will be their prom night with their entire class some Leon High School seniors celebrate with family on the front porch.

“I think it’s sweet. That’s the best we can do,” said Reed.

The old man adorned the house and even made a photo booth from the trunk of the car.

“I think we will remember it. That’s one advantage we will have compared to other classes. That may not remember the senior year but we do,” said Bryson Gonzalez, a senior at Leon High School.

Unforeseen circumstances have changed so much for many people, but the results on Saturday night will leave a lasting impression beyond the picture.

“I get a lot of perspectives from the experiences I hear from other people and people are not safe right now. I think we can learn and appreciate what we have now even it’s not traditional what is happening,” Reed said.

And while Governor DeSantis announced Saturday that students will not return to classrooms, many are turning to technology to compete with friends.

In this way they can always be connected, even if not directly.


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