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PM Modi leads in the ‘true reach’ of leaders worldwide in Twiplomacy: Study, India News News | Instant News

Over the past few months, the world as we know it has experienced a drastic change. The corona virus pandemic has completely changed our lives – from the way we educate our children to the way we work and do business.

One area that was strongly influenced by COVID-19 was diplomacy, a profession that involved many trips, physical gatherings. The way diplomacy is carried out is limited by travel restrictions, border closures and lodging orders.

As the novel coronavirus spreads globally, leaders squat at home and diplomats must adapt to work from home and hold virtual meetings.

Among world leaders, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading in terms of rank in terms of actual achievements calculated by Klear. com. Indian Prime Minister reaches an average of 40 million followers or 70 percent of his followers with his tweet while US President Trump reaches 24 percent of his followers.

Narendra Modi: reached 40.8 million right, 70% of the total followers
Donald Trump: 20.3 million true achievements, 25% of total followers
Indian PMO: reached 16 million right, 45% of the total followers
Imran khan: 7.5 million true reach, 64% of total followers
Joko Widodo: reached 6.5 million right, 48% of the total followers

Trump with 81.1 million, 33% follower growth, leads among the most followed leaders in 2020. Indian PM Modi has 57.9 million followers with 21% follower growth.

Pope Francis: 51.2 million, 6%
Indian PMO: 35.9 million, 23%
President Trump: 30.2 million, 17%
White house: 22.8 million, 23%
Turkish President Erdogan: 16.1 million, 17%
Joko Widodo: 13.8mn, 20%
Imran khan: 11.8 million, 22%

Trump is also the most effective world leader on Twitter because each of his tweets collects an average of 24,000 retweets which is slightly better than Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who collects 23,573 retweets per tweet.


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