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Pakistan plans to separate civil aviation regulatory operational units | Instant News

Islamabad: Pakistan plans to split the civil aviation authority (CAA) into two separate regulatory and operational entities to improve the overall performance of its sector of air transport, said a senior government official on Thursday.

The proposal was put forward in March 2019, but his discussion once again after the Minister of aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, claimed last month that “nearly 40 percent ” of the pilots of the country was a fake license.

Soon after the scandal, aviation experts have confirmed that the government should bifurcate the operations of the CAA to strengthen regulatory control over pilots and flight operations.

“The special Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers discussed the issue of bifurcation of civil aviation,” Abdul Sattar Khokhar, chief Secretary, Department of civil aviation, told Arab News on Thursday. “Once this is done, it will go for approval to the Federal Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament”.

“It will also allow you to remove the conflict of interest, as currently, the same organization acts as the regulator and provider of services,” he added, refusing to name the date of completion of the plan.

“Everything is processed and nothing is final at this stage,” he said.

The government has formulated a state policy in the field of aviation in March 2019 to make the regulatory role of the CAA is completely independent of rendering services within two years.

In accordance with the plan, SAA will be divided into the Pakistan regulatory authority Pakistan civil aviation administrations and airports. The scheme is also aimed at outsourcing the various airports of the country in two phases to improve the quality of their service.

The Association of the Pakistan airline pilots’ (Palpa) has said that the government did not consult the body over the plan bifurcation, adding that its members had serious reservations about the functioning of the licensing branch of the CAA.

“The government must consider the anomalies in the licensing process, as the recent debate about so-called fake licence has damaged the reputation of Pakistan in the world”, – said the President of the Association, Chaudhry Salman, told Arab news.

He said that the government had banned flights 101 pilots for “questionable” professional credentials, and they were all prosecuted against this decision.

“The government should impose fines or allow re-testing instead of revocation of licenses of pilots,” said Salman.

Aviation industry experts say about the bifurcation of the CAA will not automatically optimize manufacturing operations, if the government cleaned up the whole institution of “the black sheep and the crooks.”

“This is a good initiative, but regulatory and airport authorities should be presented in two different departments to get desired results,” the Afsar Malik, aviation, business consultant, told Arab news, adding that one of the blocks may present an aviation division, and others could work under the Cabinet division.

Said Malik outsourcing airports could help the government improve its effectiveness and profit, but “the full business plan needs to be formulated in advance.”


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A key factor of obesity in the fight against coronavirus’ | Instant News

London: obesity remains a major risk factor in the battle against COVID-19, according to a report published on Saturday by researchers in the UK.

In a report published by public health England (FA), a government Agency aimed at improving UK health and welfare, found that the risk of hospitalization, intensive care, treatment and death“ seems to increase with higher BMI’s (body mass index) is higher than in a healthy weight range.”

Among the risk factors, including age, gender and ethnicity, report PHE said weight “may be one of the few modifiable risk factors COVID-19”.

Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist, PHE, said: “it is proved that overweight or obesity increases the risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19, as well as from many other life threatening diseases. In the case of actions on obesity has never been stronger.”

These findings especially in relation to the Gulf States, which have some of the highest obesity rates in the world.

Kuwait is most obese country in the middle East, where the level of obesity of about 37.9 per cent. Saudi Arabia has an obesity rate of 35.4 percent.

In combination with overweight and obesity in the Gulf countries are estimated to be 86 per cent of women and 77% men. Overweight is defined as BMI greater than or equal to 25 and obesity is 30 and above.


Read MORE: High diabetes and obesity complicates the coronavirus to fight the GCC


Insights VET about the importance of weight in surviving infection have recently been given additional credence separate research teams from the University of Toronto and the University of Texas.

By comparing the number of cases and mortality among the 50 most affected countries in the world, they found that strict measures of isolation does not affect the mortality rate.

Instead their results suggested that one of the most important factors affecting the mortality rate and the prevalence of obesity in each country, economic indicators also play a role.

The report States: “When COVID-19 mortality were evaluated, variables significantly associated with increased mortality in the population, the prevalence of obesity and gross domestic product per capita”.

Conclusions the article has been disputed by some scientists in connection with the alleged narrow field of research.

However, in combination with a New study of PHE, it becomes increasingly evident that obesity and health are key areas that governments, especially in the Persian Gulf, due to high rates of obesity — can apply in order to help their fight against the disease.


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The deal: the inter-Afghan talks hang by a thread, as Kabul, the Taliban set conditions | Instant News

Lahore: the government of Afghanistan said Saturday that there are still opportunities for peace in the war-ravaged country, but that the Taliban should shun violence first to engage in direct negotiations with Kabul.

“There is a possibility for peace, on the condition that the Taliban renounce violence and agree to direct negotiations with the Afghan government,” Sediq Seddiqi, chief press Secretary to the President Ashraf Ghani, told Arab news.

His comments came a day after US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad said that the inter-Afghan negotiations was “never” was as close as they currently were.

“This is an important moment for Afghanistan and the region — perhaps at the decisive moment,” Khalilzad, who has signed a historic deal with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in late February of this year, said Friday, speaking at a virtual event organized in Washington, United States Institute of peace.

On Thursday, the Taliban said, for the first time, the date for starting talks with Kabul after tightening them twice in connection with the preliminary conditions established by the group and the government Ghani.

Confirming messages, Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban in the Qatar office, said that negotiations could begin after the Eid al-Adha, which is celebrated by Muslims around the world in 10 days, while the “Kabul released the prisoners,” the list for which is with the government.

Ghani government, which was away from the Qatar talks, refused to free hundreds of Taliban prisoners, as required by the group, which will review more than 4,000 militants have released from Afghan prisons in recent months, and says that the Taliban must cease violence“ to show their sincerity” for negotiations.

“The release of more than 4,000 Taliban prisoners … has created this opportunity and should be considered a big step and needs to be mutual the Taliban to stop the violence. The world and the Afghan people want peace and are tired of war,” said Seddiqi.

The Taliban, for its part, freed about 1,000 inmates by the government as part of a prisoner exchange program outlined in the Qatar agreement, which, according to the agreement, was to be completed by the end of March to pave the way for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan by next spring.

However, despite the optimism of Mr. Khalilzad, that the negotiations can become a reality in the near future, some Afghan analysts believe the persistence of the Taliban in the future releases, and the government’s efforts to end the insurgent activity, can block the dialogue.

“Both sides reiterated their recent background. If there is leniency from them, it is hard to be optimistic, as Khalilzad was,” Taj Mohammad, a Kabul-based analyst and former journalist, told Arab news.

Nasratullah Haqpal, a political analyst at the Central and South Asia, agreed, adding that the delay in the inter-Afghan negotiations was to put pressure on both Khalilzad and U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who appointed Khalilzad as two years ago.

The US President Donald trump, who is standing for re-election in November, seeks to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan after 19 years of war, despite the opposition from some current and former American generals during, and Ghani, who is in his second term after last year’s controversial elections.

Said Haqpal Khalilzad and some other American diplomats, was “exerting pressure on Ghani” to release the remaining Taliban prisoners and engage in talks with the Taliban, while “Gani was against the peace process … because it threatens its power and the presidency.”

Mistrust on all sides and each of which uses the peace process in their favor, Haqpal said that there will be no clarity about the initiation of peace talks before the presidential elections in the United States.

“While we will not have any tangible changes,” he told Arab news.

Mohammad said that instead, there may be more violence in the coming months both parties “tend to use domination on the field of battle for advantage at the negotiating table” when and if the negotiations start.

There has been a surge of attacks and counter-attacks by the Taliban and the Afghan government in recent months, resulting in hundreds of casualties on both sides Sediqqi said earlier this month that “the increased violence by the Taliban in recent times”, which also led to the death of civilians, “damage hopes for the start of negotiations and lasting peace in the country.”

He gave no estimate of losses by government forces. However, official data published last month showed that hundreds of soldiers and police officers were killed during a Taliban attack in June.

The Taliban have rejected these claims, a spokesman zabihullah Mujahid, accusing Kabul for a few strokes, which “has led to casualties among non-combatants.”


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Pakistan is the most improved country in the new nuclear security Index | Instant News

The funeral-like scene in a Pakistani village as the coronavirus cancel the Hajj for the aging farmer

Peshawar: a large part of his life, Sanaullah Khan hid the money in the hope of one day traveling from his village in a remote mountainous area in the Northwest of Pakistan to execute the most sacred times in life-the duty of a Muslim: the Hajj pilgrimage.
But then he got a call from his Bank, asking him to collect a Deposit of pilgrimage Rs463,000 ($2,760).
Khan, 52, is one of the 2.5 million Muslims in the world, nearly 180,000 from Pakistan, whose plans were rejected when Saudi Arabia limited event in this year’s Hajj only 1,000 local residents, who live in the Kingdom, to restrain the spread of the coronavirus.
“I felt like the sky fell on his head on the day I received a phone call from the Bank,” the farmer from a poverty-stricken city Gomal on the border of South Waziristan tribal district, told Arab news.

Soon the news reached relatives and neighbors, and all community Gomal poured into the house of the Khan to offer condolences and pray that his dream will come true next year.
“They came to my house to comfort me, as if they were there to Express condolences over the death of a close relative,” Khan said, “for most of my life, I was saving money every month, hoping to perform the Hajj, but the pandemic broke my dreams”.
“They were reassuring me that it is the will of God and I must be patient,” added Khan.
In many countries, even people who can afford the journey to Mecca often waited for so many years, is included in the quota of the country of the pilgrims, set in Saudi Arabia with the aim of equalizing opportunities for pilgrimage by Muslim countries.

The quota for Pakistan this year was 179,210 pilgrims.
Last year, too, Khan was all set to go, but withdrew its application for Hajj at the last minute, so his ailing brother can get.
Khalid Anwar, the civil servant and the neighbor Khan, said he twice called for his friend to Express condolences and “to explain that the pandemic affected millions of pilgrims, intending not only to him.”
But for the aging of Khan, this year no Hajj-the inconsolable shock.
“My only wish at this age is a visit to Mecca and Medina,” Khan said, “If I’m still alive and still can afford it.”


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Pakistan announces tax relief on the import of wheat to meet the deficit | Instant News

Islamabad: Pakistan Ministry of law and justice late in the evening on Saturday denied allegations that the government offers a reprieve to the Indian man convicted of spying and sentenced to death a Pakistani military court.

Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested in March 2016 in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province was sentenced to death in a year on charges of espionage.

Wife (R) and mother Kulbushan Sudhir Jadhav,an Indian national sentenced to death for espionage in Pakistan, leave after a meeting with Jadhav in the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Islamabad on the 25th of December 2017. (AFP)

“These accusations are groundless, and he explained that the government of India filed a case against Pakistan in International court of justice (ICJ) with respect to the detention and trial of a citizen of India, the commander Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav, who was sentenced to death by a military court in Pakistan in April 2017,” – said in the Ministry.

The following statement of the Chairman of the Pakistan peoples party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, who said Friday that the government secretly for adoption of a resolution “to facilitate Jadhav”.

“The resolution was introduced to facilitate Kulbushan. Despite the expiration of the bylaws and regular meetings of the Senate and the National Assembly, it was never presented [in the House]” – Said, Bilawal.

Rejecting the allegations, press Secretary of the Ministry of the law says that a decree was passed in accordance with the instructions of the court. May 20, after the world court decided to give the opportunity Jadhav to plead mercy.

Called Review and revision of resolution 2020, in accordance with this decree, the review petition can be filed in the High court of Islamabad within 60 days after the law came into force, the deadline for which ends on Saturday.

He added that the revised 2020 was adopted in conditions when the Parliament was not in session.

“The decision was made when Parliament was not in session. Please note that spit on the decision of the government to issue a decree on the question reflects a poor understanding of Pakistan’s delicate security issues and international obligations, and an attempt to confuse the public,” the statement said.

In accordance with article 89 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the President maintains final prerogative to issue a decree when the Parliament is not in session.

The development comes just days after Pakistan, on Thursday, was offered consular access to Jadhav for the second time.

“Two consular officers of the high Commissioner of India in Islamabad was provided unhindered and uninterrupted access to consular staff to the commander Jadhav at 1500 hours,” the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a statement.

India insists Jadhav innocent, and last year the world court has obliged Pakistan to reconsider the decision to impose the death penalty.

Jadhav’s wife and mother were granted permission to visit him in 2017, eight months after he was sentenced to death.

According to the Pakistani authorities, Jadhav admitted that he was ordered by the intelligence services of India to conduct espionage and sabotage in Balochistan, a province that is part of the $60 billion, Chinese-backed One belt and one road initiative project of international development.

A transcript of which is published by the Pakistan confession Jadhav, a former naval officer quoted by the violation of Chinese funded projects is the main goal of its activities.


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COVID-19 crisis shows universal health care is badly needed in Pakistan — research | Instant News

In India, a major Agency of air Pakistani content after more than three years

Karachi: after the ban on entertainment content from Pakistan in the attack in the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir in September 2016, India Zee entertainment enterprises society (matches Zeel) has decided to broadcast Pakistani shows to the world through your digital life app.
Designed for the South Asian Diaspora around the world, Zindagi not only the content feature of Pakistan, which is primarily served a local market, but also to roll out fresh shows by bringing the Pakistani producers, Directors and actors.
Five original programs for the users of the Internet platform is almost ready and will be available in the next few months
Before you can enter it as apps, games Zeel also operated a television channel named Zee Zindagi, which was launched in June 2014. The channel ran quite a few Pakistani dramas and did Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan biggest celebrities in India. After the attack URI to enter in Indian Kashmir, however, removed all Pakistani Zindagi shows from his collection.
Momina Duraid, the creative head of the network television buzz, have expressed interest in the development during a conversation with Arab news on Friday.
“This is a proud moment not only for the drone of the TV, but also for Pakistan that our programs will follow a much larger audience around the world,” she said. “This is certainly a victory for our cultural values and norms as the entertainment industry is the most important tool in the present and sometimes increases status in society.”
Duraid further said that Hum TV has sold its content to the digital platform matches Zeel for a number of years in the framework of recognized international procedures. The contents included drama series, which already aired in Pakistan. However, she confirmed that her channel was not the development of original content for applications currently.
Announcing the development, Amit Goenka, who manages the digital platform matches Zeel, said, “the Power of Z has always been its ability to tell unique stories, to connect the billions of viewers around the world, and offer various genres of content. Zindagi is always appreciated due to their premium content, offer and culturally rich history from around the world that are much more adapted to the digital feelings of the audience.”
He added that the digital platform is that it will live up to its legacy of designing multicultural narratives and thus reflect his belief that “art has no nation, borders and religion.”


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Pakistan begins local production of fans | Instant News

London: England cricket chiefs on Monday confirmed the timing and venue of the three-test Pakistan tour, with the series starting at old Trafford on Aug. 5.

International cricket returns to first Wednesday after blocking coronavirus, when England will play the first match in the three-test series against the West Indies at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, after the two matches at old Trafford, in Manchester.

The first match of the series Pakistan will also be held at old Trafford, with the second two in the Ageas bowl. The second test starts in August. 13, the third early August. 21.

Both objects are considered to be bio-safe, with hotels on the website.

Old Trafford will also host three Twenty20 international matches between England and Pakistan, on Aug. 28, September 30. 1.

Ireland will play three one-day international matches at the Ageas Bowl on July 30, Aug. 1 and Aug. 4.

ECB chief Executive Tom Harrison said: “the confirmation of these matches against Ireland and Pakistan-is another important step for our game, when we safely stage international cricket again, but also to minimize the impact on COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to have, at cricket, at all levels.

“It has taken considerable effort and experience to allow us to reach a position where cricket is ready and able to return to the field from the elite level to recreational cricket.”

Negotiations are continuing about the possible timing of Australia’s white-ball tour and the England women’s tri-series against India and South Africa.


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Recovery in Pakistan hit 50% of cases | Instant News

The comments of the Minister of aviation on “fake” licences caused an international disgrace’—, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Karachi:, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of the main opposition party of Pakistan, said Wednesday the Minister of aviation that 30% of civil commercial pilots in Pakistan were “fake” licenses damaged the aviation industry and caused Pakistan an international embarrassment.

The air Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan announced last week grounding 262 pilots suspected of Dodging their exams, which aroused universal interest.

The European Union Agency for aviation safety suspended Pakistan International airlines (PIA) approval to fly in the unit for six months, a blow to the operations of the carrier.

United Arab Emirates is also trying to verify the credentials of Pakistani pilots and engineers working in the airline as an international suspicions about the “dubious” qualifications of the Pakistani pilots of the mountains.

“The Minister should not have to make such a blanket claim publicly, without being aware of all the facts,” Zardari, who is Chairman of the Pakistan people’s party, reported Wednesday the Arab news. “His irresponsible statement put hundreds career is in danger and has caused the nation an international problem”.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan and aviation division, Abdul Sattar Khokhar has not returned several calls seeking comment for this piece. Press conference Khan is scheduled for Wednesday evening was cancelled.

The Pakistan airline pilots and their Union had raised a question on the government list of pilots with “questionable” documents, saying that it is full of contradictions.

Pia said that the list showed differences after the airline received it. Thirty-six of these, 141 are either retired, or moved, he said. Air blue said that seven pilots on the list no longer worked for the airline.

The pilots and their Union have rejected the list and demanded judicial inquiry.

“The events of the last several days is very disturbing,” Association of old employees of Pia, the Secretary-General (Sasha), Safdar of Angola, reported Arab news. “It [causing] irreparable loss”.

Action on the “dubious” of the license was caused by the preliminary report of the investigation into the collapse of the liner PIA in Karachi, who died in may of 97. It found the plane’s pilots failed to follow the standard procedure and ignores the signals.


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Pakistan arrested the robbers the notorious new York Bank on the run from the FBI | Instant News

Karachi: as the Italian oil and gas giant Eni is preparing to curtail its upstream assets in Pakistan, senior government officials said that they hoped that the company will reconsider the decision as the Maritime exploration blocks is likely to be once offered in the early stages of the crisis waned.
According to the document, seen by Arab news, Ani last week nominated British multinational investment Bank and financial services company Barclays and transaction Advisor for 100 percent of investment companies — Eni Pakistan limited Eni AEP companies and Eni Pakistan m companies SARL and its new energy business New Energy Eni Pakistan.
The new group is a 10 MW photovoltaic power station near Bhit gas field, which provides power to the operation above, according to the document.
“We probably offer more offshore blocks in the coming months after COVID-19 questions to calm down a little. We hope that they will reconsider,” Nadeem Babar, special assistant to Prime Minister on petroleum, told Arab news on Saturday.
“Their departure is part of the General decline in markets with fewer prospects. This includes Australia, Pakistan and some others,” he said.
With 20 years of presence, Eni is one of the largest gas producers in the country, is actively involved in Bhit, Badhra and kadanwari oil and gas fields, which produce 75 percent of their income in Pakistan.
With Exxon Mobil, oil and gas development company OGDCL and PPL, Eni is part of a consortium study Kekra-1 is also near the Pakistani-Iranian border. The website, which is expected to have reserves bigger than Kuwait, was abandoned last year when the government announced that nothing was found.
“Their interest in the offshore companies because, most likely, more prospects. Not finding anything in the deep Kekra was a failure,” said Babar.
According to analysts, the transaction value of Eni may be about $189 million enterprise value (EV) of the company. Its reserves have a remaining life of about four years and can be further expanded with more drilling.
“The remaining 84 million boe (barrels of oil equivalent), net of reserves of Eni translates in a total value of 94 million dollars — with the help of EV Mari oil. With the industry average, the total cost comes out to about 189 million dollars. Taking cue from previous deals, premiums higher the EV/reserves cannot be ruled out,” said Talreja Shankar, analyst of oil on first-class securities, the Arab news.
Eni is not the first company to leave Pakistan. Malaysia’s Petronas, BHP Billiton, OMV also to unload their assets. Major discoveries of these companies had reserves of gas.
The focus of Pakistan on cheap imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is one of the reasons why companies have not seen any profitable business opportunities in the country.
“More than 90 percent of the revenue comes from Eni gas,” said Talreja.
“Imported LNG is cheaper than locally produced gas. Increased attention to the import of LNG is discouraging local manufacturers. Conditions Director General petroleum concessions (DGPC) are rigid and difficult to satisfy, and the security issues also increases the cost of production,” said Massoud Abdali, Texas expert on energy issues and former Manager, business development at Weatherford in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Future exploration and production of oil in Pakistan muddy.
“Government for many years doesn’t show interest in oil exploration because they wanted to show high performance, but intelligence takes many years to achieve results. In some cases, beyond six years ,which is longer than the government. How is it less politically attractive,” said Abdali.
Pakistan exploration and production sector is one of the most profitable industries where companies have operating margins of around 55%, the EBITDA margin (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) amounted to 63% and net profit by 40 percent.
Twenty-four operators 14 international and 10 local — working in the oil and gas sector upstream.


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Production Pakistan’s own fans in the cases rise | Instant News

Prague: the daily number of new cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic jumped to 260, the highest level since April 8, Ministry of health data showed on Sunday.
This is almost three times that of the 93 recorded on Thursday. In total, the country of 10.7 million confirmed cases of 11,298 COVID-19 illness, with 347 deaths as of late Saturday.
Chief officer of public health, Jarmila Razov, told Czech radio on Saturday that the growth could be associated with intensive testing in local foci of infection.


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