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Sign Language Translators Are More Important Now | Instant News

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.– With important coronavirus information that is often distributed every day, the CEO of the National Association of the Deaf emphasizes that sign language translators are more important than ever.

“If the White House tells people to stay home or wear masks or do something specifically proactive to take care of your health. Much of that important information does not reach the deaf community,” said Howard A. Rosenblum, National Association of CEOs the deaf.

Rosenblum said his agency and several others had written a letter to the White House asking for sign language interpreters during the daily White House briefing.

“This is very critical,” Rosenblum said. “Everyone needs to know what is happening. What they can do. What they have to do to protect themselves and their families.”

He said having closed texts was not the only solution because it could be inaccurate and sign language was the first language for many people in the deaf community.

Bay News 9 Reporter Saundra Weathers talk to Rosenblum about this problem. Watch the interview above.


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