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Waziristan’s savage ‘honor’ killing, condemned: HRCP | Instant News

LAHORE: Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission (HRCP) condemns the cold-blooded murder of two teenage girls in a village of Waziristan – allegedly an ‘honor’ crime committed by a family member after a video of the victims’ cellphones appeared on social media. Apart from the enactment of the Criminal Act (Amendment) (Violations in the Name or Excuse of Honor) of the 2016 Act, there is little evidence to suggest that the incidence and acceptance of ‘honor’ crimes has diminished. The ancient – and deadly – notion that ‘honor’ resides in women’s bodies and actions still applies throughout Pakistan, and that will require far more than the law to make changes when perpetrators of ‘honor’ crimes continue to act with impunity. Patriarches who uphold casual sexism are the same patriarchy that is used to justify, support, and carry out ‘honor’ killings. Nothing is acceptable. The HRCP said many people who spoke out against the Waziristan murder on social media platforms had been threatened or ridiculed. The state must explain to all parties that it will not tolerate any support for this heinous practice. The local government must take all possible steps to ensure the safety of the third girl and man in the video, and to bring the perpetrators to justice, he added.


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