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WATCH: Porn Star Actor in New Zealand’s Viral Sex-Ed Video | Instant News


The New Zealand Government releases sex education videos about online pornography.

New ZealandThe government approved an honest sex education video about the dangers of children watching the Internet pornography which quickly went viral online because of its funny nature. In the campaign, titled “Keep It Real,” two adult film stars, Derek and Sue, appeared at the home of a mother who was completely naked and displayed nearly 2 million views on Saturday.

In an effort to promote Internet security, Sandra, played by comedy actress Justine Smith, answered the front door with a bathrobe and was truly surprised to find a naked partner standing in front of her.

“Hi! Your son has been watching us online … you know, to watch us,” Sue said. While Sandra asked her son, Matthew, to come to the door, Sue explained to her mother that her son had been watching them on his laptop, Ipad, Playstation, his telephone, your telephone, the Smart TV projector. “

“We usually perform for adults but your son is just a child,” Sue said. “He probably doesn’t know how the relationship actually works. We don’t even talk about agreement, right? No, we go straight there.” Derek added, “Yes, and I would never act like that in real life.”

Keep It Real Online – PornographyMany young Kiwis use pornography to learn about sex. Get help & advice at http://www.keepitrealonline.govt.nz2020-06-06T22: 53: 37Z

The humor continued when Matt finally arrived at the door, holding his laptop. After seeing two porn stars on his door, he made people speechless and dropped his food plate. That’s when Sandra controls the situation. He said to himself, “Okay, Sandra. Keep calm. You know what to do here. “

Sandra told her son, “All right, Matty, it seems like it’s time to talk about the difference between what you see online and real-life relationships. No judgment!”

The video ends with the narrator saying, “Many young Kiwis use pornography to learn about sex. Stay online, “and show website to learn more information about campaigns.

An Educational Video Created After A Study Shows a Large Number of Children Are
First Learn About Sex Through The Internet

The main censor on the elimination of 13 Reasons Why suicide scenesNew studies show suicide rates in the US rise after the controversial Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why it aired. A three-minute suicide scene in this series has now been removed, but censor chief David Shanks told Kim Hill that damage had occurred, and that was not the end of the dangerous material aimed at teenagers on our television screens.2019-07-17T21: 36: 54Z
David Shanks, who has served as the New Zealand Chief of Censorship at the Film and Literature Classification Office since 2017 said about the “Keep It Real” video:

“Often videos with this content will begin with couples who are reluctant, usually women, who start saying ‘no’ to sex but whose resistance is initially overcome through pressure and subtle pressure by men. The actress was later described as enjoying sexual contact – women’s pleasure was recorded in 99% of the video. “

“For young people, or people who tend to be coercive, the recurring theme of ‘no’ to ‘yes’ can very easily become a problem,” Shanks said.

Hilary Ngan Kee, a spokeswoman for Motion Sickness, an advertising agency who created a viral sex education video said in a statement“Parents should feel confident when facing this problem … in the end, they are the best people to keep their children safe. You don’t need to have all the answers, but support your child and provide ‘adult’ guidance as they navigate choppy waters. the online world will really make a difference. “

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