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The annual Tahoe Blue fashion show is virtual | Instant News

Every night from July 30 to August 1, League to Save Lake Tahoe, along with longtime event partners Saks Fifth Avenue and Oscar de la Renta, will hold a Virtual Benefit Fashion Show to support the League’s efforts to safeguard Tahoe Blue.

This event is open to the public and free with prior registration, by visiting savelakefashion.com, a news release stated.

This event is the League’s largest annual fundraising event, and will be held for the first time in 51 years history. The online format will protect the health of participants and partners while ensuring the organization and its mission to keep Tahoe Blue strong and supported.

“We are very excited, the annual Benefit Fashion Show will be held almost this year,” said Darcie Goodman Collins, CEO of League to Save Lake Tahoe. “This format gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to take part in this special event, where fashion and conservation come together for Keep Tahoe Blue.”

The percentage of proceeds from online auctions and trunk auctions, together with generous individual donations and event sponsors, will directly support the work of League to Save Lake Tahoe. This fund enables League team experts to advance restoration, fight pollution, and tackle invasive species to Keep Tahoe Blue.

According to the release, in the midst of a pandemic, the surge in visitors to Lake Tahoe during the summer months has tense land managers who care for popular recreational sites around the Basin. The League has stepped up to provide much needed support, by activating voluntary strike teams to clean up trash hotspots, coordinating response plans with public bodies and businesses, and advocating for maintaining important environmental protection in place along with funds to support them.

All are welcome and encouraged to register for free for the Fashion Benefit Fashion Show at savethelakefashion.com. Event sponsorship is also available.

Email [email protected] for details.

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Animal rescue 24/7: Giving a new life to the neglected hairy residents of the city | Instant News


On a windy afternoon in Karachi, some teenagers play cricket outside their home, on the main road. Their game, however, was suddenly interrupted when they saw a stray dog ​​roaming the neighborhood. Sniffing the garbage dumped near the sidewalk, the dog seemed to be looking for food. The children felt threatened, collectively decided to take a few stones from the ground, and began pelting them with the poor creature, hurting it.

For children, scaring dogs is a moment of victory. Something they celebrate with laughter and toddlers before continuing the game.

This is not the fault of children solely, because treating wild animals with cruelty is something they witness in their daily lives. Adults do it all the time, so children naturally internalize this mindless behavior.

Although it is a society that has had the opportunity to discover, grow, and adapt to change over many years, peaceful coexistence with animals is something most Pakistanis have not learned.

Cruelty and lack of empathy for animals have become normal, and above all, concepts such as animal welfare are often ridiculed for being underestimated.

But even with such a common negative attitude, there is a small segment of society that takes animal welfare very seriously. These people not only learn to live side by side with animals but also are equally devoted to protecting and caring for them.

Small amount, big heart

Arsalan Shikoh Khan was driving home from work one night when he saw a truck crashing into a cat in the Baloch Colony fly over in Karachi.

“I stopped my car, managed to take the injured cat from a busy road, and took it aside,” Khan, who works at TPL Insurance, told Express Tribune. “The cat is barely breathing, and is proven to need immediate medical assistance.”

Khan recently joined Facebook a page from Animal Rescue & Transport Service (ARTS) based in Karachi, so he decided to call them for help.

“They told me to take the cat to the nearest vet for first aid and assured me that their team was on their way. When I got home from the vet clinic with my cat, the ARTS team was waiting at my door. “

Fifteen days after the incident, Khan received good news regarding the recovery of the cat. What’s more, ARTS also arranges for families to adopt the cat.

Since that day, ARTS has been a rescue service for Khan’s animals.

“This is an extraordinary service and a sign that humans are still alive and developing. I will ask people to contribute to the organization so they can continue to help the voiceless souls who need us on the streets. “

Noble initiative

Given the large number of cats, dogs and other wild animals in Karachi that are in dire need of food, shelter and medical care, there are very few non-governmental organizations that are tirelessly working to make a difference. However, they do not have the resources to carry out large-scale animal rescue operations.

Feeling the scarcity of animal rescue services in the city and the burden that must be borne by several large organizations due to scarcity of resources, a Karachi resident who is 28 years old, Muhammad Arsalan Rana decided to establish ARTS in 2018.

“A few years ago, my cat got sick and really needed treatment. Unfortunately, there are no veterinarians or rescue services available at night, “Rana said. “I had to wait a few hours for the clinic to open in the morning, but it was too late. My cat died because of the unavailability of timely medical care. That’s when I decided to change the face of animal rescue in Karachi and find ARTS. “

Rana aims to come with service all the time so that no animal must suffer because of the absence of a veterinarian at odd hours.

“Initially, I did two jobs and had to carry out rescue operations all night, completely alone. But after a year and a half, our services have gone a long way. Now, ARTS has a team of five passionate rescuers, together with our marketing head Madiha Ali who is responsible for fundraising, “he explained.

“We have also expanded our domestic rescue services to other parts of Pakistan, including Hyderabad, Lahore and Islamabad. Our goal is to expand the team and build a 24/7 hospital to serve more animals. “

So far, ARTS has protected and cared for more than a thousand animals, including pets and wild animals.

“In addition to rescuing and transporting sick and injured animals, we are also available for 24/7 search and rescue missions for missing pets,” Rana said. “Even though we are a paid service, we depend on donations if the owner or caller cannot pay for treatment.”


Adoption rate

According to Rana, the adoption rate, unfortunately, is very low in the city because most people do not want to raise animals at home and care for them.

“Per estimates, only about 30 percent of the animals we have saved have been adopted. Even today, we have many animals, including kittens, puppies, and adult cats and dogs, who are waiting to love and care for the house. “

In addition to facing difficulties in finding people to adopt animals, raising funds for the project is also an uphill battle for ARTS, Rana said.

“Saving, caring and caring for animals that are not sponsored incur significant costs that we have to bear through donations. We take the animals to famous veterinarians in Karachi so that proper care is given to them, “he said. “In addition, our team also distributes food to keep hungry wild animals on the streets.”


Build trust

Because the internet is full of fraud lately, it takes time for people to trust animal welfare organizations with their money. Fortunately, ARTS has great support from people throughout the city, thanks to its timely and efficient service, Rana said.

“Many people trust us and rely on our services now. Many families also send us their donations through our Facebook and Instagram pages, “said Rana. “People call us at different places in the city every day and pay us there and then for animal care, so things gradually improve.”

Tooba Rauf Malik, a Karachi-based HR professional and passionate cat lover, said he had used the ARTS rescue service four times in the past few months.

“I have seen cats that were injured on the road and could not be treated, therefore, I decided to contact ARTS via their Facebook page. To my surprise, the team reached the location within two hours, which greatly impressed me, “said Malik.

“There are other animal rescue services available in Karachi and they are doing the best they can. However due to lack of resources, this service is not timely with ARTS. Therefore, all of these organizations are doing extraordinary work and they must all applaud and be supported equally. “

Malik approached ARTS for the fourth time to rescue an injured Persian pet kitten.

“I trust their services, especially their timeliness, practicality and honesty. That’s why I immediately paid for treatment and they took care of everything, “he said.” The best thing about ARTS is that if someone cannot pay, they still provide care for animals through the donations they receive. They never say no to animals. “


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Federation efforts to save K-Electric have failed: Imtiaz Shaikh – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 12, 2020 3:56 p.m.

The authorities must inform about the loading duration announced in the metropolitan city: Imtiaz

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh said that the efforts of the federal government to save K-Electric had failed.

In a statement, the minister said that announcements made by Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiative Asad Umar to end unscheduled power outages in Karachi would not make a difference.

Authorities must inform about the duration of loading announced in the metropolitan city, he said.

The reaction came after Asad Umar announced to end unscheduled electricity loading in Karachi and revealed that electricity supply would gradually increase in the city each year with an increase of 18% in the coming year.

He added that NEPRA would issue a report on loading that was not announced in Karachi within 3 to 4 days and the government would implement its decision.

The federal minister said that gas supply to K-Electric is being increased to 290 million cubic feet and furnace oil supply has also increased because the Bin Qasim power plant can be operated with oil.


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The President desires replication projects for the conservation of water resources of Lahore | Instant News

Lahore: President, Dr. Arif Alvi supports replication of projects for the conservation of water resources entered by the Agency of water and sanitation (WASA) in the provincial metropolis.

This was revealed by the managing Director WASA Syed Zahid Aziz during a conversation here with the scribe on Monday. He said that he recently met with the President, Dr. Arif Alvi along with the water Commission Chairman Ali Akbar Qureshi in Islamabad.

He said that was a detailed briefing about various projects for the conservation of water resources the President, who took extreme interest in replicating these projects throughout the country, especially in major cities, including Karachi, Islamabad etc.

The WASA MD said that the President liked the project through the washing of the water for purposes of gardening. He said that in Lahore, the project was presented in more than 150 mosques located in various public parks. Small reservoirs for water storage was built, in which the washing of the water was saved and reused for gardening purposes.

The WASA MD said he told the President that the city soon will have its first-ever surface water treatment plant as WASA began the process of land acquisition for a project worth billions of rupees after obtaining from the Federal government.

He said that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) have also agreed to provide preferential credit for the mega project, developed by the Agency in order to provide clean drinking water to citizens.

He said the project will help in saving underground water aquifer of the provincial metropolis for future generations. He noted that the President also showed interest in the project installation of water meters in the capital of the province.

He said that estimated cost of around RS 10 billion, WASA is planning to install more than 0.7 million water meters, of which 93 percent will be installed on domestic premises and the remaining 7% for commercial enterprises.

The WASA MD said that the Punjab government has already given the go-ahead for the MSVS proposal “procurement, installation, o & m of water meters in Lahore” and allowed the Agency to establish Multi-jet dry type smart meters with a life of 15 years. He said he told the President that the measure will improve tax collection, minimisation of illegal connections, rooms are clean and unaccounted for water, to save water and to reduce the cost of pumping water. The project will be completed within two years, he confirmed and added that WASA will reimburse 40 percent of the cost of a new meter at a private party after the installation of each water meter at least to compensate the cost by charging the consumer.

The main reason for this move is water conservation, which has become one of the primary problems for the country, as the depth of the groundwater table declines quickly, the WASA MD said he, adding that in the absence of water meters at production, distribution and consumption ends, the amount of water produced, supplied, lost and can not be accurately measured.

Another project, in which the President took a lively interest, was the use of recycled water for washing vehicles at service stations. The WASA MD said he told the President that the disposal facility was installed at each service station in Lahore and now most of the garages use recycled water for car washing.

In addition, the Chairman of the Commission of water also gave a detailed briefing to the President on the imposition and recovery of cost of the aquifer from bottled water companies as well as private housing societies.


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Call for an immediate plan of action to save Karachi from flooding | Instant News

Chairman of the Central District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Rehan Hashmi said on Monday that they needed an immediate action plan to save Karachi from flooding in the coming rainy season.

Hashmi said that in the last four years of their terms of service, the Sindh government had issued them 10 million Rs only once to clean the city’s rainwater channels. The chairmen of the East, Central DMC and Korangi held a joint press conference at the Karachi Press Club regarding the situation of the upcoming monsoon rains in the city.

Hashmi said that the city storm drains have turned into sewage drains. He said that after the rainfall spell, wastewater and rainwater caused the rain to flow profusely.

The Chair of the Central DMC said they were given Rs10 million once in four years to clear storm drains, and that was also on the orders of the water commission. “We can’t even pay our employees’ salaries,” he said, adding that they had the authority to collect the same sales tax during the previous local administration. He pointed out that they had not even hired a single employee for the DMC.

He regretted that they had also lost Octroi & Zila’s Tax. He said that this year the city might experience 20 percent more rainfall, which the provincial government needs to pay attention to. As for Eidul Azha, he stressed taking additional steps for that.

‘Come on, be serious’

DMC East Chair Moeed Anwar said that the Sindh government needed to be serious about cleaning up storm drains. “If the drains are not cleaned, problems will arise.”

He said that last year the federal government had to step down to clear storm drains, given that the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Syed Ali Haider Zaidi had come forward for the exercise.

Anwar asked that if the Sindh government did not spend money, how would they clean the rainwater channels. He pointed out that most of the waterways are located on the edge of unplanned settlements.

He said that they had not held a press conference on this issue in the past four years because they had pinned their hopes on the provincial government. The chair of the East DMC said that the machines they had handed over to the Sindh government were now rusty in their workshops. He said they had written to every forum about cleaning storm drains.

He regretted that the provincial government only held a meeting but did not show anything for that on the field. He pointed out that the DMC was used to collect property taxes but now they have been banned from doing so.

Clean up in the South

A press statement from South DMC stated that they had carried out the work of cleaning storm drains and drainage holes in various parts of the district.

They carried out cleaning work with heavy machinery in the Hijrat Colony gutter, Bath Island, Jubilee gutter, Haroonabad gutter, gutters on MA Jinnah Road to Gul Plaza and Menara, in the Light House and in the police headquarters in the Garden.

In addition, the silting of storm drains was carried out from Dua Chowrangi to the Shireen Jinnah Colony. South DMC Chair Malik Fayyaz and City Commissioner Akhtar Ali Sheikh visited various district areas.

Fayyaz said that the Southern District was seven feet below sea level, so they had to pump gutters and accumulated rainwater toward the sea. He said that rainwater channels from other districts also caused channels from the Southern District to overflow, which caused great pressure on the last channel.


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