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Sawyer County does not recommend traveling to the cabin | Instant News

EAU CLAIRE, Wis, (WEAU) – With many people staying at home trying to find things to do, they might be tempted to travel to a cabin or vacation home in another part of the state.

“We have a very high number of seasonal and second homes and rental properties in our area,” Sawyer Public Information Officer Diane McNamer said.
McNamer said while a trip to a second home is not recommended amid a COVID-19 pandemic, they cannot legally stop people from doing so.
“Sawyer County does not have the legal authority to stop someone entering the county from another state or other Wisconsin state, but we hope people will come here knowing that if they do, help us,” he said.
He also said if you need to travel, the county takes extra precautions to keep residents throughout the year in the county safe.
“What we hope is that they bring all the food and basic necessities before they come here,” McNamer said. “Participate in voluntary quarantine for 14 days and monitor yourself for any symptoms. If they are here and need to go to the city, we understand that only one family member goes for a walk.”

McNamer said many people traveled from abroad to visit.
“They don’t know who they are related to, they might not show symptoms,” he said. “Of course everyone wants to protect themselves so we only hope if someone comes here, that they will be good neighbors.”
Travelers leaving the state are something that might concern the elderly population of the district.
“This is a very emotional and stressful time for many people and those who are elderly,” McNamer said. “We have a very high number of people here in this area who are elderly and you can understand that they are worried.” ”
As of Monday, Sawyer District had only two confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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