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Covid-19 in the vaccine can make us herd immunity, if too many people refuse to do it, says Fauci | Instant News

With the support of the government, three vaccines against coronavirus are expected to be studied in large clinical trials in the next three months.

“The best thing we ever did is measles, 97% to 98% effective,” said Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases. “It would be great if we get there. I don’t think we will. I would agree on [a] 70, 75% effective vaccine”.

In an interview on Friday CNN asked Fauci whether a vaccine with 70% to 75% efficiency is assumed, only two-thirds of the population will provide herd immunity to coronavirus.

“No, unlikely”, he replied.

Herd immunity this is when a sufficient portion of the population is immune to an infectious disease, either through prior illness or vaccination, so to spread from person to person unlikely.

The possible formation of a vaccine against the coronavirus will not be easy

Fauci noted that “there is a General anti-science, against the authorities, against vaccination, the feeling among some people in this country — an alarmingly large percentage of people, relatively speaking”.

He said that given the power of the anti-vaccine movement, “we have a lot of work to do” to tell people the truth about vaccines.

“It won’t be easy”, he said. “Somebody [who] thinks it will be easy, not facing reality. It will be very difficult.”

Fauci said that the government has a program of study of a vaccine to counter the anti-vaccine message.

“We have a program, now it will be extensive coverage of the community,” he said. “They can’t, in costume, as I say, although the government man, I’ll tell them. They really need to see people that they can relate to in the community-sports figures, community heroes, people that they are looking at”.

But there are no signs that this program.

The American centers for control and disease prevention employs many Federal programs of medical education, but a spokesman for the Agency’s Kristen Nordlund called CNN with the Department of health and human services, which runs the operation, the strain Rate, the strength of the efforts of the administration in developing Covid-19 vaccine against us.

In the email, Michael Caputo, representative of HHS, did not confirm the existence of awareness campaigns the vaccine, adding that “I want to see CNN put out [a] wildly wrong story.”

Fauci gives some States within the coronavirus efforts

Fauci made his comments about vaccines in wide-ranging interview with CNN that was part of The Aspen Ideas Festival and aired on Sunday evening.

When asked what grade he would give the country to handle an outbreak of coronavirus, said Fauci, some States do better than others.

“Some States will be. Some will and some will be From somewhere”, he said.

Pandemic coronavirus passed in the younger population groups in the United States, CDC says

He chose new York to do “very well” but refused to name the “C” States.

“There are some States in which the leadership and decision [to open up] was too rapid,” he said. “There are others when the user has done everything correctly, but the society didn’t listen to them.

Said Fauci in those States where you can see people work closely together without the use of masks, “is a recipe for disaster.”

He added that he understands that people, especially young people, want to be together after months of isolation. He warned these people that they are “in a vacuum”.

“The fact that you contracted it means that it is likely that you will infect someone who may infect someone else, who then will infect a vulnerable person,” said Fauci. “This man may be someone’s uncle, aunt, a grandmother, a child with leukemia who are immunosuppressed. All the people who have a serious risk of a bad outcome.”

Contact tracing is not going well, says Fauci

Contact tracing 101: how it works, who can get a job, and why it's so critical in the fight against coronavirus now

While there is a vaccine, one of the keys to treating the virus is contact tracing, public health practice trying to contain an outbreak by isolating infected people, asking them with whom they had contact while they were contagious, and then quarantine the contacts.

When asked how the United States is doing contact tracing, Fauci replied: “I don’t think we do very well.”

“If you go into the community and to call and say, ‘how contact tracing go? – points are not connected because a lot of it is done over the phone. You contacts, 50% of the people, because you are coming from the administration does not even want to talk to you”, he said.

He recommended that the community “get boots on the ground and go and look for people instead of on the phone and make a so-called contact tracing by phone.”

But he added that contact tracing is hindered by the fact that so many people infected with mers have no symptoms, and because they do not know they are sick, it is impossible to trace their contacts.

He said that in areas where the virus is spreading in the community, 20% to 40% of infected people have no symptoms of the disease.

“When you have a community spread it’s insidious because there are so many people in the community who are infected but asymptomatic,” he said. “So the standard classical paradigm of identification, isolation, contact tracing does not work no matter how good you are, because you don’t know who you are tracking.”


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