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There is hope for the end of Australia’s apathy | Instant News

The truth in independent journalism and lobby groups helps to voice Australians against a corrupt and uncaring government, writes Bruce Keogh.

Unexpected political and corporate forces have a big impact on our lives, but most Australians don’t care. This is crazy but true.

Naturally, the wider community views its establishment with disgust and disgust. And yes, trust is in lowest of all time. And the lack of trust in the system is understandable.

But this cannot be a reason not to care – quite the opposite.

Collective release – apathy on a large scale – has become a national cancer and the prognosis is not good. Continued slowness will invite the Grim Reapers to eliminate the souls of Australia.

Quote John F. Kennedy:

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-term risk of the absence of convenient action. “

Society can be divided into two categories: minorities, who actively advocate for action and the rest, whose apathetic silence is deafening. For them, a comfortable lag must feel safe.

Meanwhile, minority soldiers are steadfastly advancing, driven by social, political and environmental awareness. He called for radical progressive change. It must be confused with the task of overcoming public apathy and dealing with issues that plague Australia.

And the problem is very alarming for those who care:

  • evil power of political lobbying no shortage of corruption on a large scale. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that uses sophisticated strategies to win political assistance for its clients. Unfortunately, we know very little about secret intrigues that affect our lives;
  • Political donations for election ad campaigns have a big influence on the results. More than $ 100 million in contributions from hidden sources submitted to major parties during the 2019 election year;
  • the fossil fuel industry is very large political donor, so it is not surprising that the Morrison Government continues to maintain and promote this sector, which is the main driver of climate change;
  • we fear what lies ahead for future generations as a result of climate change. The science is conclusive, but Australia still doesn’t have an energy policy. There is no denying that the rejection of climate change can still exist, but it is done in the form of an ultra-conservative, pro-coal Federal Liberal and National Members. They have thwarted Australia’s efforts at a decade-long coordinated response with extraordinary responsibilities;
  • unfortunately we are tied to the banking and financial sectors. That Royal Commission into practice revealed terrible violations of law and social trust, which resulted in billions of dollars in compensation and repayments of stolen money. We can safely assume that this sector is only sorry it has been caught. We can also assume that in the future, he will try to escape with what he can; and
  • where is the anger at other issues that are in dire need of reform? What about the grim statistics of women dying at the hands of domestic violence? What about the human rights violations of the refugees on Nauru and Manus Island? What about the continuing blight of gender inequality, with women who are valued low across the social, work and sports spectrum?

There are many more and all of them seem insurmountable. But there is hope.

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Reactive, sharp, fearless journalism has developed over the past decade. Independent news websites like Independent Australia, Crikey and Michael West is evidence for that, because they hold strong to be responsible. During that time, the influence of the conservative press, with the concentration of right wing ownership which was very dangerous – especially Murdoch – had diminished for profit-driven reasons. Driven by ethics, progressive journalism, the status quo challenged like never before.

Independent comments alone may not bring change, but raise awareness and act as a stepping stone to activism, when a disappointed turn to lobby groups such as Wake up, Citizens of Solar and Change.org.

For example, the success of GetUp causes real optimism.

Independent media: Our democracy depends on it

Interesting insight comes from SBS article by Nick Baker:

Calling itself a movement to “build progressive Australia”, GetUp is a lobbying group that campaigns for changes in public policy in areas such as the environment, economy and human rights.

Thirteen years since it started, GetUp now stands as a powerful force in Australian politics, claiming a “membership base” of one million people. In comparison, the Liberal Party and the Labor Party have a combined membership of around 130,000.

And he knows how to make money, receiving more than $ 11 million in donations last year.

That achievement GetUp is inspiration – proof that collective activism works. The campaign is very organized, targeted and strong. He can carry out legal proceedings at the highest level.

Because the more lobbying groups have these qualities, the brighter the future. Praise and respect because when the wider community realizes that real action and reform is important and possible and, even better, act on it.

Establishment is an embarrassing stain on the national landscape and cannot be tolerated anymore.

Keep in mind that we care about who we are as a nation. We will not be confused.

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Quick Take AEW Double or Nothing, What’s Next for WWE Kevin Owens and Others | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 5

    The main Stampede Stadium event at AEW Double or Nothing is everything that should be and more.Credit: AEW

    After such a heartbreaking week in wrestling, the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Saturday gives fans perfect attention and acts as the last escape from reality, if only for a little time.

    This event hosts a variety of unforgettable events and moments, including the wildest event of the Stampede Stadium between The Elite and Inner Circle. Like other cinematic matches seen recently in wrestling, it is a complete spectacle from beginning to end and makes fans eager to anticipate the sequel.

    Double or Nothing also saw Jon Moxley successfully defending the AEW World Championship against Brodie Lee in an all-out war and Brian Cage debuting and winning the Casino Ladder match. I have was announced that Moxley and Cage will collide for the title at Fyter Fest, which should be extraordinary.

    Meanwhile, AJ Styles is once again a member of the SmackDown list as it was announced on Friday night and the blue brand is better for it. The Phenomenal One will work well regardless of its position, but SmackDown can of course use additional star power right now.

    In addition to discussing the style that returned on Friday night, this week’s Quick Takes installments will analyze the impact of Double or Nothing, an effort to predict what will happen in the future. Kevin Owens To Raw, pay tribute to Shad Gaspard who is late, great, and more.

1 out of 5

    WWE seems to set a strong precedent with their back-to-back cinematic match at WrestleMania 36 because both are critically recognized by fans. The company repeated the same formula with Money in the Bank’s main event earlier this month and had the same success.

    However, AEW took it to an entirely new level with the Stampede Stadium on Saturday night.

    Going to Double or Nothing, no one knows what to expect from the fight that The Praises adore against the Inner Circle. The only thing that is known about it is that it will happen on a gridiron, but there is no guarantee that this will work.

    Sure enough, both teams went further in providing an absolute spectacle. There are enough interesting places to make this match useful and comedy is also done well.

    More traditional wrestling fans might not like the Stampede Stadium, but instead, there is something that everyone can enjoy. It flows creativity and shows off all the amazing talent involved.

    As noted earlier, this cinematic match is only special if it is done sparingly, and so far, most of them have been executed extraordinarily. The Stampede Stadium is another example of how, even in one of the biggest pay-per-views this year, going down a different path can sometimes produce the best fight of the night.

2 out of 5

    Kevin Owens has plenty of momentum to get out of WrestleMania 36 thanks to his hard-won victory over Seth Rollins, but all of that disappears as he randomly disappears from WWE TV.

    That later revealed by Owens himself that he suffered an injury during his match with Rollins and that he could come out for the future, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him reappear in Raw this past week. He welcomed stable to Zelina Vega The performance of Kevin Owens before working with Apollo Crews to defeat the duo Angel Garza and Austin Theory.

    Crews pinned Garza intended to be the focus of the match, so it was never explained where Owens would go from here. That said, there are many options for WWE to explore with it, including including it in the WWE Championship image after Backlash.

    During the pre-recorded promo he cut on post-WrestleMania Raw, Owens teased into “The Prizefighter” again and targeted the golden title. He and current champion, Drew McIntyre, haven’t had many matches together, so it will be a fun feud that will help rebuild Owens as the main event player again.

    Meanwhile, Owens must continue to remain relevant in Raw by wrestling famous names and bringing him back The performance of Kevin Owens if necessary. He had a lot of time as a babyface when he was hostile to Rollins earlier this year, so it was a crime for him to get lost in the shuffle and not be used in a meaningful way.

3 out of 5

    Wrestling was hit hard this week with news that Shad Gaspard had died at the age of 39. The former WWE Superstar disappeared while swimming with his son last Sunday and ordered the coast guard to save his son’s life, not his life.

    During the four years he spent on the WWE main roster from 2006 and 2010, Shad was best known for the Cryme Tyme tag team with JTG. This duo is very entertaining and captivates the people regardless of what they are involved.

    Although they never caught a set of title tags along with WWE, Cryme Tyme reached the peak of their popularity with John Cena in the summer of 2008. The three were the culmination of Raw during that period and worked many matches with people like JBL, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

    They also had a fun feud with Chris Jericho and Big Show over the title tag to SummerSlam 2009. Unfortunately Shad was released from the company before he had the chance to accomplish anything himself, but he continued to do great work outside wrestling when he had to write screenplays, act in film, and become a father and husband.

    More importantly, Shad is a hero. Touch tribute sharing this past week will tell you everything you need to know about how amazing a person is and the amazing legacy he left behind.

4 out of 5

    There has been much speculation about the future of AJ Styles at WWE after it was announced that he would take part in the Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown despite becoming a Raw Superstar. One week later, WWE clarified that Styles had been traded to the blue brand.

    Running style on Raw lasts more than one year but displays a fair share of monumental moments. While joining the list on Monday night, he held the United States Championship for a while, reunited with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and participated in the Match of the Year match with Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank.

    After he failed to win the Men’s Money in the Ladder Bank match, it was clear that he would not be fast anywhere in Raw. Indeed, WWE has the Superstars switch shown at random and does not provide an explanation of hurting the legitimacy of Brand Split, but this is the right call to do.

    The Phenomenal One has called SmackDown for almost three years and continues to be positioned as the top talent there. The return to the blue brand could not have come at a better time with the depth of such a weak list forever because Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn chose to stay at home for now.

    It’s pretty clear that he will go to the final of the Intercontinental title tournament and potentially win it all. He had never held that prestigious prize before, and in his possession, it could finally mean something again.

    The future feud with Braun Strowman over the Universal Championship (a piece of gold that offends him to date) must also not be ruled out. Wherever he ends up on the card, Smackdown will benefit greatly from bringing it back.

5 out of 5

    Brian Cage has officially arrived at AEW and he wants to be an AEW world champion sooner rather than later.

    Past rumored at the beginning of the year that Cage had signed with AEW after his contract with IMPACT ended. The report was never confirmed, and with Cage suffering an injury at the time, he had to spend time on the shelf no matter where he decided to take his next talent.

    As such, it made sense for him to be revealed as the ninth mystery participant in the Ladder Casino match in Double or Nothing and continue to win the entire match. His win gave him the opportunity to compete for the AEW World Championship at a later date, and as we know as soon as the show is over, his date with destiny will come at Fyter Fest next month.

    Jon Moxley’s first three months as a champion has not been anything out of the ordinary due to current conditions and does not have strong competitors to work with. Cage can help with that because he is both credible and an intimidating force at first sight.

    Before they finally fight, AEW must try to build as many battles as possible and not rush in the same way as they did with Moxley vs. Brodie Lee. This feud must be seen if handled in the right way and given the opportunity to play organically.

    Graham Mirmina, aka Graham “GSM” Matthews, has specialized in sports and entertainment writing since 2010. Visit his website, The Next Era of Wrestling, and “likes” it officially Facebook page to continue talking about all things wrestling.


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AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results: Reviewing Highlights and Low Points | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    Last year, All Elite WrestlingThe first pay per impression is Double or Nothing. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and the card for Double or Nothing 2020 is proof of expansion.

    This year, the TNT Championship is set for debut, the Stairs Casino Match is scheduled to determine candidate No. 1 future and The Elite and the Inner Circle are on a collision course in the Stampede Stadium Match.

    Even during the COVID-19 pandemic without the presence of fans, this event has great potential to become a spectacle that pleases many people.

    Now it’s over, is it mostly successful, or do some games fail to meet the hype?

    Let’s assess the damage and show some of the pros and cons that stand out from that night.

    Presented in order of appearance, here are highlights and low points from AEW Double or Nothing 2020.

    Listen to TNT on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET to catch all the action of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.

1 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results

  • (Buy In) Match No. 1: Best Friends defeated Private Party with pinfall.
  • Brian Cage wins the Casino Ladder Game.
  • MJF defeated Jungle Boy with Pinfall.
  • Cody defeated Lance Archer with Pinfall to win the TNT Championship.
  • Kris Statlander defeated Penelope Ford with pinfall.
  • Dustin Rhodes defeated Shawn Spears with Pinfall.
  • No Disqualification, No Count-Out Match: Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose by pinfall to win the AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • Jon Moxley defeated Brodie Lee by stopping the referee to defend the AEW World Championship.
  • Stadium Stampede Match: Elite defeats The Inner Circle with pinfall.

2 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    Some segments in this event are not entirely positive or negative, but having good and bad moments is still worth the touch with deeper analysis.

    For example, Best Friends vs Private Party is a decent appetizer to arouse appetite, but there is nothing you should go back and check if you missed it.

    Kris Statlander beating Penelope Ford is the right call, because he is a more serious competitor between the two.

    It was nice to see AEW acknowledging the way of Shad Gaspard and Hana Kimura.

    Jon Moxley vs Mr. Brodie Lee would be better off if it wasn’t Disqualification, because the best part of the match was the Paradigm Shift through the entrance. In the end, just having that moment as something that stands out makes the rest feel underwhelming, because both of them are able to fight better on the phone.

3 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    Ladder matches are so fundamentally fun that they rarely become the highlight of any event. Likewise with the Casino Ladder Match that opened this event.

    Adding intervals to migrants can be a problem, but it works well. Instead of feeling like a waste of time until the last competitor joins, everyone keeps racing well.

    The final mystery participant is Brian Cage – a welcome surprise and an addition to the list. He is big and rises high on the list.

    With this victory, he must become one of the most dangerous threats to the world title, which increasingly legitimizes the importance of this match.

4 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    There are many young and talented stars at AEW who have built a strong foundation for their future. The two with the strongest launch pad are MJF and Jungle Boy, who continue to have consistent chemistry.

    Every time they step in the ring, it feels like the initial work of a future world title feud, rather than two beginners who are still trying to find out.

    They are already very solid and this match is no exception, both in the ring and as the work of their characters.

    Jungle Boy lost, but did a great fight. Meanwhile, MJF experienced moments of being a total jerk, such as when he faked a leg injury.

    This can easily be a futile filler match if it is not starred by two dedicated professionals who make sure to give it all. Luckily, they did that.

5 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    Cody developed a strong track record to have a quality match on this showing that it features more psychology than most other players at AEW.

    In the midst of a sea of ​​purely athletic matches, it’s refreshing to watch something that has more stories and depth like this tournament finals.

    Lance Archer showed extraordinary strength while Cody fought back from the oppressed position with a strong heart and determination, as they had done before with Arn Anderson’s view of what would happen.

    In the end, the grit gave The American Nightmare an edge in winning, which was the best call AEW could make.

    Because Cody should no longer be challenging for the AEW World Championship, becoming an TNT champion inagural allowed him to stamp the title.

6 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    While there is a running theme Shawn Spears has had problems with the Rhodes family over the past year, not much effort has been made to build this special match to the show.

    That can be forgiven if the end result will make it up, but that’s not the case.

    Instead of teasing that Dustin Rhodes did not appear to lead in an attractive place, he only came out from behind Spears, who was flat and smooth.

    The rest of the match was Spears’ silly bullshit that was stripped and wrestled with a cracked-looking ass. This type of comedy is hit or miss and this is more than smelly.

    The same segment will definitely trigger a big outrage if it happens to the WWE program, but it’s likely that many fans will let it slide here just because it’s AEW, which is not a fair comparison.

    To close it, giving Rhodes a win may be a long-term mistake. Defeating Spears didn’t help him much, but it did damage the Chairman’s credibility.

    The more losses Spears experienced like this – against people he could easily defeat without disrupting the list hierarchy – the more difficult it was for him to take him seriously as a title contender on the front lines.

7 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    A Match Without Disqualification, There are no calculations between Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose itself is not a matter that must be seen, but it achieves a significant goal in crowning a new champion.

    Rose hasn’t held the title too much time, but she has gone through the list in a way that leaves her with little choice but to repeat the dispute with Kris Statlander. There are no other babyfaces in the women’s division that are better suited to depose him than Shida.

    It’s only a matter of time Shida will win that title too, so it makes sense for that to happen on pay-per-view like this. Now that he has dropped the biggest threat in the division, he has established himself as a strong champion.

    Assuming Britt Baker was able to overcome his injury on September 5, Shida would likely have a dispute with Rose, Penelope Ford and others until All Out, where he would hand over the title to a good doctor.

    It seemed like that was the natural order of things and for that to happen, Shida had to defeat Rose here.

8 out of 8

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    This is really ridiculous, really ridiculous and really entertaining from beginning to end.

    The entrance is deceptive, but it is a fun way to set the tone for what is to come.

    The visual ring on the soccer field is captivating, even without those present. It also allows some normal wrestling to occur amid other chaos.

    All jokes play gimmicks and deserve to be laughed at, like Matt Jackson who is 100 meters full by beating Sammy Guevara for touchdowns, Chris Jericho challenged pinfall and wants a replay and Adam Page uses a line marker above The Painmaker.

    So far, this was the biggest highlight of the night and a fantastic end to the show.

    Anthony Mango is a wrestling website owner Smark Out Moment and podcast hosts Smack Talk on YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher. You can follow it Facebook and elsewhere for more.


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AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results: Winners, Values, Reactions, and Highlights | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Credit: AEW

Nine competitors, starving for world championship opportunities, fought in the first Casino Ladder match to begin the live part of this year’s show. The first two fighters, who fought for two minutes before the next participant arrived, were former champions of the Scorpio Sky tag team and Frankie Kazarian.

With the opportunity for the top prize at the company at stake, they did battle.

Back and forth excited gave way to the arrival of “Superbad” Kip Sabian. While he distracted SCU, his own tag team partner, Jimmy Havoc, leveled Sky and Kazarian with a ladder. The German suplex by Kazarian to the stairs seems to be spelled late in the Havoc night.

Darby Allin came in 4th and immediately wiped out Sabian and Havoc with the topic suicida. He leveled up the next Kazarian and descended the highest ladder on his skateboard, looking to eliminate veteran competitors forever. Instead, he crashed into a ladder, injuring his knee and shin in the process.

Orange Cassidy came next at number 5, showing no sense of urgency when he approached the comment team and asked how the match was won. The Master of Sloth Style refused to climb the ladder and climb it, instead of standing on the ground and staring at the chip.

Colt Cabana entered the fray at No. 6 and immediately threw Cassidy to the floor and set the stairs, trying to end the match as fast as he could. Sabian and Kazarian flipped the stairs, breaking Cabana’s fingers inside.

Cassidy chatted with SCU with his signature kick and removed the tag team specialist with tope.

Fired Joey Janela attacks anyone seen when he enters No. 7. He dropped the Cabana with a dropkick missile and then blasted Kazarian with a steel chair when he prevented him from taking casino chips. Sky blasted Janela with her own seat shot.

Luchasaurus arrived at No. 8 and wiping out Janela and then Cabana and Kazarian. He proceeded to send Sabian onto the rope and to the opposition masses with Powerbombs. He followed up with a chokeslam to Kazarian to the stairs.

Allin returned to the battlefield and sent a sunset sandal bomb to Luchasaurus. Struggling to set the ladder when he liked his knees, Allin watched as Taz introduced Brian Cage who debuted at No. 9. The former Impact Wrestling world champion moved Allin and Sabian and then reversed Sky by bringing out German suplex.

He punished Janela with a superplex and subverted Kazarian with a superplex, only for Cassidy who slowed him down for a moment. That allowed other competitors to jump Cage, concluding with Kazarian giving the ladder to the face.

Working together, the warriors buried Cage under the stairs, fence, and one of the big prop casino chips, apparently rid him of the battle.

Back inside, Cassidy and Sabian fight at the top of the stairs. Squeezed just got rid of Sabian from the stairs and into the other and then did the same to the annoying Penelope Ford. Havoc pulls Cassidy out of the stairs, and Best Friends presses the ring to remove the tightness of his fellow Sabian.

Stunt Marko appears, joins Luchasaurus for chokeslam on Cassidy and destroys the competition on ringside. Janela beat Cassidy with a ladder and sent Death Valley Driver who was running from the apron, to the poker chip that buried Cage.

Kazarian and Sky fought on the stairs until Luchasaurus dumped them on the floor. At ringide, the vengeful Cage rises from his makeshift grave and pairs with the most popular dinosaur at AEW. Cage sent an evil powerbomb to the ladder and climbed the ladder.

Allin interrupts, but Cage drops it with a Drill Claw. Taz reappeared, apparently directing Cage’s attack on Allin, who did not listen to the advice of the former ECW champion in the weeks leading up to the event.

Cage took poker chips, resulting in future AEW world title opportunities.


Cage defeated Janela, Sky, Kazarian, Allin, Luchasaurus, Sabian, Cassidy, and Cabana




Above all, chaos is expected from watching matches like this. The Ladder Casino Game conveys that in spades. While high places and creativity alone will be more than enough to get above average scores, the stories involved throughout raise it to another level.

From Sabian, Havoc and Ford who tried to steal the victory, to Cassidy’s initial laziness, to Cage’s introduction and Taz’s revenge on Allin for being disrespectful, this was filled with many stories to keep fans investing.

The biggest takeaway, of course, is Cage’s debut. He is shown as a total badass, an unstoppable force that seems impossible to defeat. His introduction, along with Lance Archer, Wardlow and Brodie Lee, had a heavyweight section of the list full of talent.


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Last choice for Jon Moxley, Cody and AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Match Card | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    All Elite Wrestling Double or Nothing 2020 is set for Saturday at B / R Live, with a 7 pm pre-show. ET.

    While WWE has deployed WrestleMania 36 and Money at the Bank during the coronavirus pandemic, this will be AEW’s first attempt at running pay-per-view under these conditions.

    Despite the lack of fans present, the card was stacked. It will feature the TNT championship crown, casino ladder match, Stadium Stampede match, and others.

    Let’s look at the last of all matches on the card and give a final round of predictions for who will come out on top.

    Listen to TNT on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET to catch all the action of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.

1 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    It has been a long time since the AEW World Tag Team Championship was maintained. On Saturday, competitor No. 1 will be decided when Private Party and Best Friends face off during the pre-show.

    Both teams are talented and can pose a threat to “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega, but the Best Friend must win this. Chuck Taylor and Trent have increased in popularity since last year, while the Private Party has not looked steep.

    Best friends are ranked higher in the tag team division, and that momentum must continue.

    Forecast: Friends win.

2 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    Initially, Kris Statlander was scheduled to face Dr. Britt Baker. However, in the Wednesday edition of Dynamite, Good Doctor suffered an injury that forced him out of this match.

    His successor was Penelope Ford, who was another competitor in the four-way match that Hikaru Shida won to strengthen his status as the number 1 competitor for the AEW World Women’s Championship.

    Although this is far from the most profound story, there is at least something that ties Ford and Statlander together.

    If this were Baker vs Statlander, it would most likely go to Baker. He is more consistently encouraged and promoted as a bigger star. However, the opposite happened with Ford. Statlander has been treated as a player of higher caliber than Ford, which probably means the Largest Alien in the Galaxy has passed.

    Forecast: Statlander wins.

3 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    MJF has been out for several weeks because of “injury.” First, it was a hangnail problem that he developed when gambling, and then he shaved himself shaving.

    Miraculously, he rose again from the diseases to find out that he had been ordered to face Jungle Boy in Double or Nothing.

    Like Baker vs Statlander, there isn’t much meat in the bones of this story. This is just a couple of the two most talented young stars that AEW has to offer.

    They will put on a good show, and MJF will win. This is a battle to give him victory and to let Jungle Boy show off his talent until he succeeds.

    Forecast: MJF wins.

4 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    In the go-home edition of Dynamite, Shawn Spears talks about rubbish about Dustin Rhodes and challenges him to compete.

    The chairman has issued it to the Rhodes family for the better part of last year, and this is a means to get cards, maybe for an easy win. After all, Dustin had a rough April 29 match against Lance Archer, who had his own problems with Rhodes’s brother, Cody.

    Ideally, if Cody wins the TNT Championship, this match will help improve Spears’ credibility so that he can become a future contender for the title.

    Forecast: Spears won.

5 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    The AEW Women’s World Championship Game is one of the most difficult to predict.

    There aren’t many babyfaces in the women’s division that can realistically depose Nyla Rose other than Hikaru Shida.

    He consistently ranks No. 1 or No. 2 in the division for some time and seem to be more than willing to step up to the challenge.

    AEW might want to wear a belt on Shida to transition it to Baker on All Out on September 6.

    However, Rose had far more stock when he was the champion. If he bully the people at the top of the division, the credibility of his character makes it in the spotlight. Without a title, he is just another member of the list.

    Maybe it was too soon for him to drop his belt, even, on Shida. Big Swole and the possibility of some new players like Deonna Purrazzo can make Rose more and more challengers.

    When in doubt, leaving defending a champion is a safer bet, but let’s take the risk and say Shida’s expertise with a kendo stick will give him enough advantages to overcome obstacles.

    Forecast: Hikaru Shida won.

6 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    As it stands, eight of the nine competitors in the Casino ladder match have been announced: Colt Cabana, Darby Allin, Frankie Kazarian, Kip Sabian, Luchasaurus, Orange Cassidy, Joey Janela (who replaced Rey Fenix) and Scorpio Sky.

    Participants in the ninth mystery will be the key to this match, because it is doubtful that all such sensations will turn into someone who has already entered the AEW list.

    But who might it be? Is that a former WWE Superstar recently released by Vince McMahon companies such as EC3, Rusev, Zack Ryder or Heath Slater? Can Sting return his wedding ring and get people talking? Or is that relatively unknown Indy Darling, or even the return of Jeff Cobb?

    Most likely, that person will win this match, because the element of surprise is too tempting not to order it.

    From the names that have been announced, the most likely winners are Allin and Sky.

    Both have video packages and promotional material that shows their potential in the past few weeks, which may be a clue that they are getting a big boost in the near future.

    Forecast: Mysterious wrestler wins.

7 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    With or without the TNT Championship tournament, Cody was heading towards Lance Archer after Jake Roberts made the point to call The American Nightmare as their target from the start.

    Now that the newly printed title is available, this increases the stakes and can determine the winner.

    If this was a non-title match, the victory for Archer over someone was as high as the hierarchy and rank of the single division because Cody would encourage him to fire the AEW World Championship. However, if he already has a title, it will defeat his purpose.

    Meanwhile, Cody was unable to fight for the AEW World Championship after setting that before his defeat to Chris Jericho at Full Gear in November. Winning and competing for the TNT Championship could be the solution.

    This could be Cody’s title to build on and a way to define his legacy. For that to happen, he must be the first champion to help set the tone for those who will come.

    That would work well for the belt’s credibility, giving Cody something to fight for and allowing him to take revenge on Archer for his final terror against the Rhodes family.

    Forecast: Cody won.

8 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    After Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara defeated Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega in a fight around the Daily’s Place on May 6, the escalation of their feud made sense.

    The next step in the competition between the two factions must be a bigger match involving everyone they can gather so that both parties can fight with even numbers.

    After their Blood and Guts match in March was postponed, this feud must continue beyond this point. That means the Elite must win even for opportunities.

    Blood and Guts can serve as a rubber match to end it all, but if The Inner Circle continues to win everything, they will have no reason to continue attacking The Elite. With defeat here, their bitterness can grow and hostility can continue to build for the inevitable home match.

    Forecast: Elite wins.

9 out of 9

    Credits: All Elite Wrestling

    It’s arguably too early for Brodie Lee to get a chance at the AEW World Championship, because he has only had five matches in promotion since his debut in March.

    However, after The Exalted One attacked Jon Moxley and asked for a title opportunity, the champion said all Lee had to do was ask. Quite easy.

    With that in mind, this was not built up like a massive dispute that could lead to a change of title like Moxley’s program with Jericho. Instead, it feels more like Lee was founded just enough to look impressive and give the champion a challenge to overcome.

    And he will do it, even though it might be a difficult fight.

    Forecast: Moxley wins.

    Anthony Mango is a wrestling website owner Smark Out Moment and podcast hosts Smack Talk on YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher. You can follow it Facebook and elsewhere for more.


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AJ Styles Traded, Jeff Hardy’s Story Redemption and WWE SmackDown Fallout Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 4

    Credit: WWE.com

    The Intercontinental Championship Tournament was a major concern in the May 22 issue of Friday Night SmackDown. This star-studded competition to determine the next secondary champion in the blue brand introduces new wrinkles with each match result.

    aj style defeated Shinsuke Nakamura when he returned to the blue brand. The Phenomenal One adds so much to SmackDown, even though he might take one star too many from Monday Night Raw.

    Jeff Hardy fielded his biggest detractor at Sheamus to advance in the tournament too. His victory was far from definitive, but it set him to a big redeeming angle if he won the title.

    In other championship news, Braun Strowman meets the next challengers for the WWE Universal Championship. Miz and John Morrison talked about handicap matches for the title at WWE Backlash, even though they might not be happy with the results.

    Bayley humiliated Charlotte Flair by damaging his return to SmackDown. He defeated The Queen by rolling, declaring his status as the top champion in WWE.

    This is the night of the prospective champions and future success. It feels like a show that can decide the full direction to Backlash.

1 out of 4

    Ahead of his first round match at the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament with Shinsuke Nakamura, Michael Cole announced that AJ Styles had been traded to Friday Night SmackDown. He then defeated Nakamura in a physical competitive battle thanks to the Phenomenal Forearm.

    This is a big change for the blue brand to own The Phenomenal One. Styles has been one of WWE’s biggest stars since he first arrived at WWE. He is treated like a world champion in every other company.

    Given the limited name list for both brands, it is surprising that WWE will move it without adding others at the same time to the Monday Night Raw list.

    At other times, the compensation should have been revealed, but WWE took more than half a year to reveal that Apollo Crews was the player Raw got for selling Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

    The Phenomenal One can win this entire tournament. The second round fight against Elias is an absolute victory, and he will be a favorite against Daniel Bryan or Jeff Hardy. In some ways, Styles as the WWE intercontinental champion can be seen as the real top Smackdown champion.

    He always makes the most of the middle card title rule. When Brock Lesnar is a WWE universal champion, The Phenomenal One takes the brand as the United States champion. It could be the same in this case despite the presence of Braun Strowman every week.

    He added enormous star power to an already impressive list, even when Roman Reigns was out for a long time.

2 out of 4

    Miz and John Morrison made fun of Braun Strowman until The Monster Among Men came out to face them. The Shaman of Sexy speaks The A-Lister to the match with universal champion WWE. While Miz lost, Morrison convinced Strowman to agree to a two-on-one handicap match for WWE Backlash.

    Miz and Morrison have told bad jokes and performed poorly since losing the Tag Smackdown Team Championship. Both are great individually and collectively, but the writing is not going anywhere.

    The feud with The Monster Among Men will be similar to Strowman’s competition with Sheamus and Cesaro. He is always booked for the squash tag team. He will make the two men look inferior despite their championship pedigree.

    WWE might delay the re-creation of Strowman and Bray Wyatt, but there must be better challengers for WWE universal champions. He could face Sheamus or Jeff Hardy and still be ahead with more potential bets.

    The Dirt Sheet host is having a hard time, and this will not help. This is not the first time and will not be the last time both of them are treated like workers as a unit but tend to dominate separately.

3 out of 4

    Charlotte Flair might be sure to return to Smackdown, but Bayley has a plan. The role model ran from the queen and hit several key blows to make her opponent fall. He stole the victory by rolling and holding the rope. He happily defeated NXT female champion with Sasha Banks.

    From the moment Bayley turned around, it was difficult to say where the story was going. He has been a babyface for so long. It is true to make changes, but he must prove that he can handle new characters.

    It’s easy to forget the first few rocky months now after he succeeded. The rubbish talk from The Role Model rivals others in this business. He is confident and naughty in the best way. He likes his intelligence.

    This also leads perfectly to Sasha Banks finally turning against her overly confident friend. This is Bayley’s best performance since she debuted on Monday Night Raw. This is the closest person who only watches Raw and SmackDown who see Bayley with their best NXT performances.

    The blue brand needs a dominant champion like Bayley, and he makes it work. He suits Charlotte very well. He pulled out a solid match from Tamina. He is the most entertaining champion in the brand. He develops in the best way.

4 out of 4

    Sheamus wants to destroy Jeff Hardy’s redemption story, and he looks ready to do it at the main event. However, the Charismatic Enigma refuses to remain calm. He slept with Brogue Kick and captured The Celtic Warrior by rolling up for three to advance in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

    Hardy is a solid player and one of the biggest stars WWE has ever had, but the whole corner with The Charismatic Enigma is not working. The story of redemption has been tried many times.

    Sheamus was founded purely to be his first obstacle. Hardy defeated him in a way that did not feel like victory. It would make more sense for him to defeat Sheamus with the Swanton Bomb if he really returned to the top.

    Charismatic Enigma will never be as big as it should be. He has the support of many people at a level that only a few people can manage, but he can never be trusted to make it happen.

    If the plan was for him to win his fifth Intercontinental Championship as a ransom, no one would buy it long. He has to show more, but he may be too devastated to show what he needs to feel like a big star again.


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SmackDown WWE Results: Winners, Classes, Highlights, and Analysis starting May 22 | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 6

    Credit: WWE.com

    The May 22 Episode on SmackDown hit Fox’s airwaves with cards jam-packed the implications of the championship.

    The NXT women’s champion, Charlotte Flair, fought with the women’s champion blue brand Bayley at the main event that night, but it was not the only high-stakes contest that night. Also in the evening lineup are as follows:

  • Mixed Tag Team Match: Otis and Mandy Rose vs. Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville
  • Intercontinental Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Intercontinental Tournament Quarterfinals: Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Who advances to the next competition when the blue brand tries to crown a new IC champion and which duo resolves their differences from the others when Mr. Money at the bank wants to continue with the latest list?

Find out with this week’s broadcast recap.

1 of 6

    Credit: WWE

    John Morrison and The Miz start the show this week with another edition of The Dirt Show, wasting time to bring up a universal champion Braun Strowman and how he was in their business a week ago.

    The former tag team champion mocked Strowman for being replaced by a puppet at The Wyatt Family and took exception to Strowman accepting a universal title match against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 without producing it.

    Strowman interrupted the process, and after some commute, in which Miz warned The Monster Among Men that Bray Wyatt was not finished with him, Morrison was excited and inadvertently issued a challenge on behalf of his colleague that Strowman quickly accepted.




    What can be just a promo in the ring that leads to a match is a little continuity to a good story line.

    Miz, as he pointed out, had fought Wyatt before and had dealt with frightening mind games both he and his family. Issuing a warning to Strowman that Wyatt had not yet finished with him was a nice touch by WWE Creative ahead of their match.

    Whether that leads to a retribution by Wyatt on Friday’s broadcast remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see the writing team tie up Superstar ‘similar issues with Wyatt together.

2 out of 6

    Credit: WWE.com

    Miz survived the initial attack by Strowman and took advantage of timely intervention from Morrison to gain an edge in a short time.

    The universal champion pushed his way back into the match, bringing down Morrison with a hard right hand which made him fall from the apron and pinning Miz after running powerslam to take on extended squash.


    Strowman defeated Miz.




    And … this is more in line with what is expected from the cast of this character.

    Strowman dominates, the former tag team champion looks like a fool, and Miz eats pinfall.

    A nice change of pace? WWE let Strowman vs Wyatt breathe a little before rushing to rematch by ordering a handicap match that pits The Monster Among Men against Miz and Morrison at Backlash in June? Was the match very interesting?

    Not really, but at least that leaves more time for Strowman and Wyatt to build towards a more significant and high level rematch.

3 out of 6

    Credit: WWE

    AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura renewed their competition in the quarter-finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament on Friday night.

    Before the match, Michael Cole dropped a bombshell on comments, announcing that Styles had been traded back to Smackdown in return for Superstars to be mentioned later.

    Nakamura seized control of the match away from The Phenomenal One entering the break but Styles fought back and empowered him with clothesline hell to fall close. The artist answers with Driver Michinoku for two counts himself.

    A knee ran by Nakamura resulting in a nearly fall. He tried Kinshasa but Styles replied. Nakamura responded by choking on a triangle. Styles escapes, drops his opponent and gives the Phenomenal Forearm to a hard-fought victory.


    Beating Nakamura’s style


    B +


    Without all the unnecessary overbooking and low blow that disrupts their 2018 series, this is a very fun match and one of the best Styles and Nakamura is under the WWE umbrella.

    It was hard hit, physical and Nakamura reintroduced wrestlers to fans who were accustomed to him in the role of best friends. He is amazing here and really looks the same as Styles.

    As for Styles, it’s nice to see him back on the Smackdown ring. Even though he has floated among previous brands, he has become synonymous with the blue brand, enjoying his greatest moments with SmackDown. Hopefully this list step benefits the player and the show.

    Even though the idea of ​​trade is salty because even Universal Strowman champions are not as valuable as The Phenomenal One, leaving the same value is impossible.

4 out of 6

    Credit: WWE

    Insisting Sasha Banks remained in the dressing room, Smackdown women’s champion Downley Bayley made her way to the ring for her match with NXT women’s champion Charlotte Flair hellbent proving that she was as good as The Queen.

    He struggled early, ate the evil clothesline by the second generation of stars on the floor, then crashed into the barricade and onto the arena floor. “Sasha Banks, come out here so I can kick your two buttocks!” Flair exclaimed through Michael Cole’s headset as the event entered a commercial break.

    Fighting back and forth continued after the deadline, with Bayley making use of Flair for a moment and pushing him into the ring apron. Bayley’s arrogance proved expensive when Flair interrupted his taunts and dealt a big blow.

    The opportunistic Bayley recovered and surprised Flair on the middle rope. A knee ran in the corner following and the blue brand champion was getting ready to drop the elbow above the rope. Flair lifted his knees, turning things around.

    Bayley was sent down with a series of meat and tried for Figure Four. Flair deflected it and sent its own flesh. His emotions got the best of him, and Bayley scored a victory with a rollup, holding the rope to increase leverage.


    Bayley beats Flair




    It was Bayley’s best match since the series with Flair last year.

    It is competitive, physical and shows the arrogance of its character. It was almost costly, but Bayley could use the Flair family’s own tricks against him on his way to victory which would silence doubts about his ability to win without Banks by his side.

    In addition, the results seem to indicate that the problem between the two is far from over. Considering the quality of this one, it’s not a bad thing. It will be interesting to see how creatively convinced the audience that Bayley needs a bank now.

5 out of 6

    Credit: WWE.com

    The final chapter in the disintegration relationship between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville was written in the Mixed Tag Team Match that pitted the Golden Goddess and Otis against The Pride Fighter and Dolph Ziggler.

    Before the break, Ziggler sent Otis to the steel ring ladder. Mr. Money at the Bank urges Rose to return to the ring and fight for the team. He did, but found himself in a defensive position against Deville who was physically superior.

    Rose eventually creates some separation and Deville tags Ziggler. Otis exploded in the match, defeating Ziggler and throwing it around like a ragdoll.

    When Otis rolled, warning Deville to make a tag. When people fight on the edge of the ring, Deville gives his knees a big run to the back of his head to win.

    Otis examined Rose after the bell, which allowed Ziggler to send a cheap superkick.


    Deville and Ziggler defeated Otis and Rose


    B +


    Deville continued to get the best from Rose, leading to an inevitable blowoff match between the two. Otis and Ziggler were mostly dressed here, hitting their special items but playing the second violin for women. And rightfully so.

    Otis defeated Ziggler quite well. Their feud is almost exclusively based on their relationship with Rose and Deville at the moment, even though the Showoff superkick after the game shows WWE Creative hasn’t defeated it and the pay-per-view contest cannot be ruled out.

    However, the heat and money in the final battle between Rose and Deville which, if handled properly, can be a truly high profile match on one of the upcoming WWE Network extravaganzas.

    Kudos to the WWE writing team for keeping everything fresh, interesting, and involving the four with fans as far as they have throughout the program.

6 out of 6

    Credit: WWE

    Increased tension between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy culminated in the main event of the show, a place in the semifinals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament at stake. Determined to turn Hardy’s dreams about the return of storybooks to nightmares, Celtic Soldiers fought on The Charismatic Enigma early and often.

    Hardy fought back, pushing Sheamus to the announcement table, but suffered the same fate when the Irishman slammed him into the laps of Michael Cole and Corey Graves heading to the ad.

    Sheamus overwhelmed Hardy when the comment team questioned how many rust rings proved to be detrimental in babyface’s quest for victory. Overconfidence makes Sheamus angry, when Hardy takes a gap and sends Whisper in the Wind to almost fall.

    Sheamus regained control until the blind charge into the corner made him crash first-shoulder into the ring pole.

    He recovered and arranged for Brogue Kick but Hardy looked down. Sheamus tried for White Noise but Hardy tried hard to win.


    Hardy defeated Sheamus




    Hardy’s match with Cesaro on the Money is better at the Kickoff Bank Show. In saying that, this feels like the first taste of a better fit to have, maybe on pay-per-view.

    The end result was extraordinary, with Sheamus’ injured shoulder preventing him from holding the White Noise finisher, allowing Hardy to score. Everything that came before it was quite dense but lacked the energy you would expect from a match involving Hardy.

    Next week, Charismatic Enigma fights Daniel Bryan in the tournament semifinals and as far as victory will be one step closer to the return of the sought-after magic, it makes sense for him to lose there and make another fight with Sheamus.

    Especially with a Celtic Warrior who will almost certainly seek painful revenge.


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AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Scores, Reactions, and Highlights starting May 20 | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 6

    Credit: AEW

    All Elite Wrestling hold a round trip episode from Dynamite this week to Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Saturday.

    This will be the second event held under this name since AEW was launched last year. This will also be the company’s first major show without fans.

    This week’s card featured Matt Hardy taking Sammy Guevara, Jon Moxley taking faceless members from The Dark Order, Orange Cassidy facing Rey Fenix, and Nyla Rose working with Britt Baker to face Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander.

    We also saw the final members of the Casino Ladder match selected this week. Let’s see what happens on Wednesday’s Dynamite episode.

1 of 6

    Brodie Lee started the show with The Dark Order on stage to give promos. He had the AEW World Championship with him when he talked about producing results and inspiring his men. He said he had to win on Saturday to pay his followers for their loyalty.

    He called his masked followers number 10 and said he had been chosen to hurt Moxley for him. Mox walked into the ring after Lee and the other followers returned to the backstage area.

    The champion immediately took control with the suplex release and only stopped after Aubrey Edwards warned him in a corner. That allows 10 to drop it with a pump kick to the face.

    The faceless follower suffered a surprising offense when he hit textbook cutters and spinners. Mox drilled him with Paradigm Shift from nowhere, but immediately refused to seek protection.

    He finally crashed into another piledriver and DDT to take victory. He called Lee after the match and threatened to break 10th arm with a chair if Lee didn’t come out in 10 seconds. Lee appeared on the big screen and said Moxley made their fight private. He left while 10 were left as sacrifices.

    Class: C +


    Lee’s promotion was good and contained more words than he said during the last few years of his WWE career combined. He is a good choice to be called the leader of this cage, especially because it will not go anywhere with Evil Uno at the helm.

    Jobber gets more offense than expected, but that does not hinder the match. He has a good physique and moves around the ring well, so watching him hit some good moves doesn’t hurt Moxley in the slightest.

    There is nothing special about the match itself. What happened before and after was added to the ongoing storyline. C + applies to matches, but the rest of the segments are good.

2 out of 6

    Maxwell Jacob Friedman faces Marko Stunt ahead of his match with Jungle Boy in Double or Nothing. The most arrogant man at AEW takes control and uses a bear hug to weaken his smaller opponent.

    Stunt broke free but failed to take advantage of the sunset flip. MJF pulled it off the mat and threw it onto the ring with a kneeling stomach.

    Stunt struck a slap to the face and a low kick before Friedman turned it out with a clothesline. Wardlow helped his friend cheat by strangling Stunt behind the referee.

    The smallest man at AEW brought the MJF down with a beautiful front flip into a hurricanrana. He had the upper hand when he avoided the MJF to send him to the steel stairs. The MJF crashes into the shoulder breaker and switches to the armbar to win.

    Class: B-


    This is one of Stunt’s best performances to date. MJF helped make it look good at times when he was in control. This is a solid match from beginning to end.

    Wardlow is an intimidating presence, and it would be great to see what he could do with someone like Luchasaurus. They are two of the only big men at AEW, so seeing them in a big fight will be a rare thing for this company.

    MJF vs Jungle Boy should have been built more than before, but given the current circumstances, AEW did its best.

3 out of 6

    Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson met in the ring for a verbal exchange to represent Lance Archer and Cody before they met for the TNT Championship.

    They trade thorns back and forth for a few minutes. Anderson gave a good babyface speech, while Roberts played the heels as he always did.

    They threaten to get physical, and Roberts turns the table. Officials descended to establish relations between them before the two former wrestlers could make contact.

    Class: C +


    This is fine, but it lasts a little longer than it should. The physical threat is empty because we all know Roberts won’t take risks.

    The entire segment can be replaced by a video package that will do a lot to drive this storyline.

    Anderson and Roberts are both good at the mic, but this is not an extraordinary faceoff between the two legends AEW wants.

4 out of 6

    Credit: AEW

    Before the match, Pac gave a promo from his house that was directed to Cassidy. That video is one of the best things we’ve seen from him in a few months.

    Fenix ​​tried to knock Cassidy down with a cheap shot on the apron, but New Squeezed crouched and rolled into the ring casually.

    Luchador failed to make several shots before a double kick finally dropped Cassidy. The large drop on the rope made Fenix ​​almost fall that night.

    After the break, Cassidy made a comeback with a surprising series of quick movements. He almost defeated Fenix ​​in his own game with DDT diving from the upper rope. Kip Sabian sat on the steps to watch the match from the stage.

    The commotion of a reversal and counter caused Fenix ​​to hit a low blow while the ref was interrupted, followed by a rolling cutter for the pin.

    Class: B +


    Fenix ​​is ​​unable to make a bad match. Every move he presses looks good. He is one of the most fluent players on the entire list.

    Cassidy showed a rare burst of aggression when he struck Fenix ​​with a series of high-flying movements. If anyone can give the best of Cassidy, it will be Fenix.

    These are things we need to start seeing from Cassidy more often. We have more than one year to know him as lazy. It is time we know him as a competitor.

5 out of 6

    Credit: AEW

    Rose tried to hit Shida with a kendo stick while the four women waited for the match to begin. Shida and Statlander took control while Baker chose to take a breath outside the ring.

    The referee finally called the bell so the match could begin. Rose compensated for the double suplex experiment, but alien AEW residents still had the upper hand.

    Rose burst from the rope with an arm that sent the Statlander flying across the ring. Baker avoids labeling whenever Rose approaches their corner.

    We returned from a break to see Baker in the ring with Statlander. Shida and Rose both got tags. Strangely, Shida managed to maintain an advantage against the two opponents.

    Baker fell with a knee injury at one point, but Rose was still able to take victory with the Beast Bomb. Native Beast set the table, but Statlander held it in place, allowing Shida to put Rose through the table with an impressive superplex.

    Class: B


    The four women have their respective moments to shine in this fight. Shida and Statlander work better together as a team, but Rose and Baker play very well.

    Both storylines received the same attention ahead of the meeting of the four competitors in two separate singles matches in Double or Nothing.

    The AEW women’s division has received more attention recently, and investment has paid off. Shida looks very strong in recent weeks, while Baker’s video package makes him the biggest villain in the company.

6 out of 6

    The main event featured two men who would represent the opposing team in the first Stadium Stampede match in Double or Nothing.

    Guevara is part of the Inner Circle, and Hardy will work with Elite. Hardy immediately took control and took Guevara out of the ring so he could drop it on the barricade. The Damascus host punished the Spanish God against the ring pole before Guevara was sent flying to the guardrail.

    Guevara returned the Twist of Fate with a handstand and turned the table with a series of arms. Hardy caught him on the spring cutter, but Guevara carried him down in a hurricanrana and dived on a rope to the floor.

    After a pause, Hardy regained his lead and began to prepare his finisher. Guevara continued to look for ways to keep himself in combat, even after Hardy took off his boots and bit his leg for a reason.

    Hardy finished him off with a Twist of Fate but was not satisfied with just winning. He grabbed a chair, but before he could do anything, we saw The Inner Circle holding Kenny Omega on the goalpost.

    The Young Bucks appear to rescue. The event ends with Hangman Page returning to help The Elite.

    Class: B-


    Hardy and Guevara work well together. Hardy used to work with high-flyers, so he could compete with the Spanish Gods throughout the match.

    They are evenly suitable for the most part. They may have big gaps in experience, but Guevara is ahead of the curve, so he doesn’t look defeated by veterans.

    The fight was good, and the fights that followed then made good work for us for the 10-player match that will be held Saturday. This is a good episode of Dynamite.


image source

Kyler, Chubb and 7 Other NFL Young Players on the Superstardom Threshold in 2020 | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 9

    Ross D. Franklin / Associated Press

    Most The NFL Players don’t start their careers as the face of their franchise or the league as a whole. They often need time to grow and develop.

    The circumstances then determine when they develop into elite players.

    Two past NFL MVPs – Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson – did not make the league a beginner. Instead, their dominance began during their second season.

    The following nine players are good. But by 2020, they are ready to be the best in their respective positions, like Mahomes and Jackson.

1 out of 9

    Image of Norm Hall / Getty

    Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was more successful as a beginner than Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. The ruling Nook Rookie of the Year of the Year shot 3,722 yards and 20 goals and added 544 yards and four scores on the field last season.

    He should be better in 2020.

    “Obviously there is a different level of trust, a different level of command violation and he feels it,” head coach Kliff Kingsbury said the reporter said about Murray’s maturation. “Even though we haven’t been able to get out on the grass, he certainly feels much more comfortable towards the second year.

    Quarterbacks often take a significant jump between the beginner’s season and his second season. They now understand what they will face, develop a better understanding of the scheme and execution, and have a full offseason to concentrate only on football.

    The Cardinals do not depend entirely on Murray’s natural maturation.

    Arizona traded four times the wide DeAndre Hopkins Pro Bowl receiver to be Murray’s main target. General manager Steve Keim re-signed the left handle D.J. Humphries and the concept of future rights deal with Josh Jones to strengthen the offensive front as well.

    The Cardinals chose Murray with the whole No. pick. 1 in the 2019 draft because of his extraordinary abilities as a passer and runner making him suitable for the Kingsbury scheme. When his level of confidence increases with the better players around him, Murray can quickly enter the same conversation with Mahomes and Jackson.

2 out of 9

    Rick Scuteri / Associated Press

    The Cleveland Browns have a lot of talent, skill positions, but run back Nick Chubb is their driving force.

    The 2018 second-round selection ran for 2,490 yards and 16 goals over the last two seasons despite playing behind one of the league’s worst offensive lines. Thus, Chubb produced the second most yardage after contact (1,480) of each re-run in the league since 2018.

    Based on Focus Soccer ProThe 24-year-old defender is the only runner since 2006 with an average of more than four meters after contact per carry for his career.

    Last season, Chubb fell 46 meters from Derrick Henry because of a rushed title. Under new head coach Kevin Stefanski in 2020, he will enter a system where he will perform even more.

    Stefanski served as Minnesota Viking’s offensive coordinator last season, and Viking was one of them only three teams to run the ball more than they passed. He plans to implement a zone-heavy scheme, which Chubb must excel thanks to his patience and vision along with his extraordinary strength.

    The addition of Jack Conklin and Jedrick Wills on the right and left handles, respectively, must also give the Browns a front of five far superior to the Chubb group running behind for the past two seasons.

3 out of 9

    Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

    Tennessee Titans A.J. width Brown looks like a legitimate first round talent at Ole Miss, but he slides into the second round due to questions about whether he can consistently play outside the numbers and part ways against the NFL defense.

    Brown answered those questions by leading all beginners with 1,051 recipients of yards and eight touchdowns. The record of 8.7 meters after catches per acceptance last season is the most by any rookie recipient since the site made a stat in 2006, according to Pro Football Focus’ Austin Gayle.

    With Derrick Henry attracting so much defensive attention, the passing-playing attack of the Titans attack was very effective. Brown has the size and ability to turn any small gain into a potential scoring opportunity.

    However, he still has a field where he can improve as a sophomore.

    “There are several things at the top of the route,” head coach Mike Vrabel the reporter said. “There are a number of things that I, along with [wide receivers coach] robber [Moore] and [offensive coordinator] Arthur [Smith] can help him play physically and stay away from distractions. ”

    The Titans re-signed the quarterback Ryan Tannehill this offseason, so he and Brown had to continue to build on the relationship that developed last season. The 22-year-old will only get better now because he has proven himself in a foul on the Titans and will continue to work with the same quarterback.

4 out of 9

    Bruce Kluckhohn / Associated Press

    Stefon Diggs will come under a different level of supervision after the Buffalo Bills trade the first 2020, fifth and sixth rounds of choice and the 2021 rounds to acquire him and choose the seventh round of the Minnesota Vikings.

    Although Diggs has not yet made a Pro Bowl, he has collected more than 1,000 yards in each of the last two seasons. He star route runners that can consistently make a separation.

    “You see the productions Stefon experienced during his career, which speaks for itself. He played in a big game. He had a big role in that match,” Bills head coach McDermott the reporter said. “We believe that, and it has been demonstrated and proven to date, people can come to Buffalo and be the best version of themselves. He is clearly very good to date.”

    In Buffalo, Diggs will no longer play in the shadow of Adam Thielen. Instead, he will be in the spotlight because the Bills are the AFC East favorites who are suspected after the departure of Tom Brady from the New England Patriots.

    The addition of Diggs might be seen as the last piece of the puzzle to push the newcomer’s playoff squad to become potential division champions. He must also benefit from Josh Allen’s continued quarterback growth.

    Allen improved significantly between his first and second seasons. If he continues to build on that progress, he will help Diggs receive the recognition he deserves as one of the league’s best games.

5 out of 9

    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    During the 2018 NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens spent the entire No. pick. 25 at the tight end of Hayden Hurst and then spent the third round pick on Mark Andrews.

    This offseason, the Ravens traded Hurst to the Atlanta Falcons, paving the way for Andrews to devour more photos by 2020.

    “I have always been someone who wants to take the next step and become great – every year it gets better,” Andrews said after learning about trade, per Ryan Mink from the Ravens official website. “I thought I had a good year last year but it’s all about fixing it. I don’t feel the extra pressure with Hayden missing.”

    Last season, Andrews finished fifth in receiving yardage (852) and first goal (10) between tight ends. He and New Orleans Saints finally Jared Cook were the only two tight ends with four or more reception touchdowns at least 20 yards on the pitch, according to Focus Soccer Pro.

    Although he may never have been the dominant in-line choice like George Kittle, Andrews could be more effective because Lamar Jackson’s quarterback continues to grow. HiIts impact cannot be ignored in the most unique NFL violations, and its role must continue to grow in 2020 and beyond.

6 out of 9

    Michael Conroy / Associated Press

    San Francisco 49ers edge racer Nick Bosa has been named the defensive Rookie of the Year of the NFL and is on his way to a superstar, but Jacksonville Jaguars edge rider Josh Allen might not be far behind.

    Allen lead all beginners with 10.5 sacks last season and finishing second behind Bosa in total pressure, per Focus Soccer Pro. Choice of the whole number 2019 No. 7 continues to increase throughout its rookie campaign.

    “He came on Day 1 and really worked hard,” said head coach, Doug Marrone, per John Oehser from the Jaguar official site. “He really doesn’t have the kind of first year where you sort of go down at the end of the year. He stays strong all year. We were able to move him a little. He showed some flexibility.”

    Regardless of whether Jaguar complies with Yannick Ngakoue’s trade demandAllen figures to move to a more prominent role next season. He will likely play the role of top-pass rusher against K’Lavon Chaisson, who was chosen by Jacksonville as a 20th overall in April.

    Allen has the explosive power, flexibility, and strength to be one of the leaders in the league. He could quickly make Jaguar forget Ngakoue every time they moved away from him.

7 out of 9

    Gregory Payan / Associated Press

    Fifth-ranked San Francisco 49ers will not be nearly successful without Fred Warner patrolling in the middle of the field.

    The 49ers defense was an integral part of their success, but Warner became an eraser along the second line of defense. This 23-year-old player is a defender who must play well.

    Warner is a defender who is able to run, but his ability to match with tight ends, run with multiple receivers and fit in the zone makes him truly special. He hopes to further improve by 2020 because the 49ers’ linebacker corps remains intact this offseason.

    We have a year working together that will be great for us, ” Warner the reporter said. “Everything will go more smoothly, we will be much faster, and we will make more games at the end of the day.”

    In two seasons, the 2018 third round pick has averaged a total of 121 tackles. As he continues to grow into a leadership role, he must begin to gain national recognition as an elite midfielder.

8 out of 9

    Matt Ludtke / Associated Press

    New England Cornerback Patriots Stephon Gilmore and Buffalo Bills Tre’Davious White cornerback were the best NFL in their position, but Jaire Alexander of Green Bay Packers was not far behind.

    Alexander has the natural tools and competitiveness to pursue target opponents in several corners in a league that can match.

    According to Pro Football ‘Focus Austin Gayle, the 2018 first round election ranked among the top 10 corners in both the percentage of the contested target and the percentage of forced incompleteness during the last two seasons. That means he’s a sticky angle of coverage that constantly competes for the ball whenever he is in phase.

    Not every cornerback has the ability to spin and run with any receiver and disturb it during the capture process. Some zone defenders are better. The others win with their physique when it is stuck.

    Alexander has the physical tools to do everything, and his tenacious personality only strengthens his abilities.

    Gilmore will turn 30 in September, and the Patriot is expected to take a step back in 2020. If the eight-year veteran experiences a setback at all, Alexander has the ability and mentality to claim the league’s best pure shutdown corner title.

9 out of 9

    Rob Leiter / Getty Images

    The Los Angeles Chargers changed everyone’s view of modern NFL defenders thanks to Derwin James.

    The 17th overall choice in 2018 became the All-Pro and Pro Bowler first team as a beginner because defensive coordinator Gus Bradley did not make him fall into a certain position. Chargers technically list James as a safe player, but he can play as a package back midfielder, nickel corner, outside corner and can also hunt for passers.

    Chargers now has a slightly different plan for him after signing four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris Jr., who will take over as them. primary nickel angle.

    “To be able to move, just adding Chris, that makes me freer,” James said, per Sports illustrations’s Jason B. Hirschhorn.

    James is the ultimate NFL defense weapon. He is a defender without a position that never has to get out of the field, which allows Bradley to be more creative with his calling game.

    James suffered a stress fracture in his leg in mid-August which restricted him to only five matches in 2019. But if he remains healthy, he must immediately return to the All-Pro conversation next season.


image source

WWE Backstage and AEW Rumors: Becky Lynch, Summer Islam and Others | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 4

    Credit: WWE.com

    On heels Becky Lynch’s The shocking announcement Monday night on Raw, rumors of wrestling continued to buzz about The Man’s pregnancy and what it meant for WWE and the women’s division moving forward.

    But what about the woman, her fiance and their position in the company?

    That topic, among others, is covered in this week’s collection of pro wrestling rumors.

    Throw into several Hall of Famers like Sting and Ric Flair and this report is the same star-studded.

1 out of 4

    Louis Dangoor from WrestleTalk reported that WWE CEO Vince McMahon fully supports Becky Lynch taking the time to be a mother. Dangoor also stated that there was no heat whatsoever on Seth Rollins.

    “Although it looks like she will still be on TV in the near future, it is said there is no pressure on Seth to continue to wrestle as Becky’s pregnancy continues, especially given the higher risk of contracting the corona virus by going to Raw,” Dangoor wrote.

    This is the right reaction for McMahon to have. Yes, he is the biggest star in his company and, potentially, Raw’s hard worker. But in the real world, when all lights and cameras are turned off, Rollins and Lynch are real people who now have to find out what it means to be a parent for newborns in connection with their lives as world-famous sports entertainers.

    Thankfully, McMahon understands that and seems willing to let his talent disappear whenever it is needed to make their pregnancy a success.

2 out of 4

    WrestleVotes reported WWE is actively looking for new host locations for SummerSlam in Florida and Georgia, where it can hold shows with fans in attendance, because it seems unlikely that the host city scheduled for Boston will be a viable option.

    Subsequent reports mention the possibility that there is no news about NXT TakeOver but all SummerSlam events can be moved from August to September.

    The uncertainty of these times continues to infect WWE, which almost certainly does not want to host another pay-per-display lead in front of zero fans. This is the opposite of everything a company does because its stars are trained to perform in front of an audience, feed or produce a kind of reaction.

    The idea of ​​WWE pushing SummerSlam into the fall isn’t good. This reduced the idea of ​​the event to the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. To see those who might be on the card is really disappointed or wondering when their next paycheck comes disappointing.

    Hopefully, somewhere at the end of the road, we will find out what the plans for spectacular August are and start building towards the high profile match that will take place at the extravaganza.

3 out of 4

    Raj Giri from Wrestling Inc. recently reported that Ric Flair has re-signed with WWE.

    The Nature Boy’s deal with the company ends in December, but he has signed a re-contract with WWE – as it should.

    While All Elite Wrestling will oversee men and women who are under contract with WWE, it is nice to see icons such as Flair remain with the company where daughter Charlotte Flair dominates.

    More recently, factory rumors have flocked to the news that Sting is no longer under contract with the company and, furthermore, has talked about people like Lance Archer AEW on social media. While the company can survive the Sting jumping ship to the competition, it relies heavily on the name and picture of Flair from the licensing point of view.

    Just look at the WWE Shop in the many products owned by several legends and how much money will be lost due to WWE.

    Stings can disappear. But Flair was still too valuable to go to.

4 out of 4

    Sean Rueter from Cageside Seats recently discussed the Sting-to-AEW topic, reports that rumors surrounding a potential move started because the Stinger contract appeared with WWE, and he has been very open on social media when talking about AEW talents, such as Lance Archer.

    Cody threw gas on the fire when he posted the GIF he listened to, suggesting he would be ready and willing to discuss with Sting if that meant bringing the power of his star to the company.

    How come?

    Sting is an industry icon and former WCW franchise player. Considering how much love and adoration Cody had for the product that his father, Dusty Rhodes, worked so hard to stay alive, it made sense that he would target Sting.

    Whether the man himself wants to leave is the question.


image source