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The language of flowers is “caulk the window” back in show business because of the scandal, concussion | online work | LAODONG.VN | Instant News

Bingbing the tax evasion, the case route, Kha Chấn Dong use the stuff the audience to boycott, hard to please back to the Zenith, as before.

I know that in any industry, which is also hard to avoid mistakes. However, if you are the people, the scandal is a stain hard to wash off not little star Chinese language.

In particular, the Cbiz star ever to rise to the position as fan Bingbing, Bruce Highway and Ko Chen-Tung for scandal, the concussion makes them hard to back films, works of art, as before

Fan Bingbing caused a stir with the scandal in the tax evasion

Ago, hardly anyone famous and praised as talented as Bingbing. She is the star of Chinese language rare another step on the red carpet of the award ceremony of the series price in the world. However, in 2018, the scandal, the tax evasion was a step Bingbing fell into an “abyss” of losing reputation and the love of the spirit.

Bingbing. Photo: cut from the film.

After the scandal, they are removed from projects. In this project, wins galaxy has also been postponed. Manufacturers have recognized the cost of money on the table to return to the beginning and change the role of Bingbing other artists. Not only that, the beautiful is also from the cancellation of a trademark caused her reeling.

Recently, fan Bingbing is gradually become active again. However, it was not the attraction, even the opportunity to return to the art of America they are committed too far.

Kha Chan Dong taking stimulants, undermined his career

After the famous film, she does not have the same pursuit, Ko Chen-Tung, is expected to replace the star of a great age. However, 2014 You’re under arrest for drug use, with room son Jackie spent. The scandal that noise makes a career us tai electronics to dissipate, he even held a press conference to apologize to the fans, but still not excusable.

Ko Chen-Tung. Photo: cut from the film.
Ko Chen-Tung. Photo: cut from the film.

Although after this he participated in several small projects in retail, but still have not received the support of the audience. Even at 6.7 past, the film sneeze, so he was playing with a new up wave after 6 years was strongly influenced by the scandal us tai electronics.

However, the first episode aired, the reaction of the audience still don’t have a lot of positive changes when many people still think that the scandal is too big, making them hard to forgive.

To identify – the wife of the author Nãi amount of infidelity causes of depression

Highway was born in a traditional family famous art of China. She became a celebrity at age 5 film in the series to cause fever. That works, character education, expose differences photo Design code, 3rd. The prestigious award of the organization of language.

The path of ascension, the path also makes the admiration of the fans because the love story with the author of the quality Nãi. 2 a daughter, the name of the author van Hinh.

The love story of a pair of solid tight, then in 2018, the highway and the rapper least 13 years PGone sex is what makes her career is ruined, destroyed families.

The Primary Route. Photo: cut from the film.
The Primary Route. Photo: cut from the film.

Nearby, on the highway, try to get back into the business when he takes the photo series, video, young, but still get the audience. Rumor has it that during soiled with scandal, disclosure of direct online sales, marketing of wine is very much aimed to look forward, to get the role.

However, until now, it still is “caulk the window” back in show business because of his mistakes.


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