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Read 3 “real estate wealth” from the Vietnamese showbiz | Instant News

Sunday, May 17, 2020 00:10 (GMT + 7)

All 3 male singers have valuable real estate blocks that many people want.

Nathan Lee – “Vbiz real estate giant”

Nathan Lee – “Vbiz real estate giant”

Besides singing, Nathan Lee also attracted attention from his “great” background and many expensive real estate projects from South to North and many countries in the world, so he forgot how many units he had. He was also given the nickname “giant Vbiz real estate” by fans.

In 2018, Nathan Lee booked a luxury apartment with a price of more than 6 billion VND to celebrate the Vietnam team’s victory against the Philippines in the 2018 AFF Cup. This apartment has an area of ​​more than 90m2, including two bathrooms, two bedrooms. , living room with a view position overlooking the Saigon River.

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12,000 m2 luxury villa in Beverly Hills

In 2019, Nathan Lee bought a luxurious 12,000 m2 luxury villa in Beverly Hills, USA for 25 million USD (around 578 billion VND). The entire floor is covered with walnut wood, including 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 home cinema, 1 gym, and 1 special room for dressing.

Currently, he lives in a high class villa of around 200m², worth US $ 2 million (around VND 47 billion) on Dong Khoi Street, District 1. In addition, he also bought a new villa right in this building.

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Villa 600 billion in Vung Tau.

In early 2020, he prepared a party for his mother in a 600 billion VND villa in Vung Tau. The mountain villa has a sea view of more than 6,000 m2, with 2 large buildings, a swimming pool overlooking the sea and 2 large gardens of many rare plants.

Because of the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, male singers lost more than US $ 5 million (around VND 100 billion). The building is for sale with a 7-storey building with 14 apartments in France for VND 1,500 billion, but has not found a new owner.

Dam Vinh Hung – “King of real estate”

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Mr. The largest penthouse of the Dam in District 7.

Wealth of gigantic wealth is unmatched by the “music king of Vietnam” after more than 25 years of artistic activity with a series of valuable real estate.

In 2010, Mr. Dam invested in buying the largest and most luxurious penthouse in the Sunrise City project in District 7 with an area of ​​700m2, not to mention the park area above. Mr Dam’s prison is an air villa with two floors.

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The sparkling white villa costs 66 billion VND

In 2012, Mr. Dam officially introduces sparkling white villas with prices up to 66 billion VND located in District 10 (Ho Chi Minh City), this is Mr. accommodation. Dam the most often. The apartment space inside was once made by a foreign magazine for a set of fashion photos at a cost of 50 million.

In 2014, Dam Vinh Hung continued to speculate for 2 apartments in the Galaxy 9 project, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City with an area of ​​48 m2 including 1 bedroom, luxury and modern furniture. This is a series of apartments with beautiful locations and full of modern and luxurious living criteria.

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Mr. Dam’s house in the U.S.

During Christmas 2018, Dam Vinh Hung was suddenly invited by the real estate giant to the stage to give the villa singer 10 billion.

In mid-2019, Dam Vinh Hung traveled with a US tour with 2 adopted children who live here, and showcased his newly-built villa right next to the beach, with a private garden and swimming pool.

Quang Ha – singer “collect red book”

Fight of fate 3 & king of real estate & # 34; from showbiz Vietnam - 7

Quang Ha is next to 20 billion villas in Hanoi.

Singer Quang Ha has gained this wealth thanks to his accumulation after nearly 20 years of diligent singing. It is known that his salary goes to sing one night in a small place around 60-70 million, while on a large scale program around 100 million.

In the showbiz, a colleague named Quang Ha a singer “collects a red book”. He surprised the public when he had 13 homes in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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He owns 13 properties in the city. HCM

In late 2018, while participating in a television program, the singer suddenly revealed that he had 13 properties to buy in the city. HCM and 20 billion villas in Hanoi.

In 2019, Quang Ha announced that he would buy another row of houses, including 15 units for rent. In addition, he plans to build 10-story buildings, each with 20-30 rooms behind Tan Son Nhat Airport, Ho Chi Minh City.

Source: http://danviet.vn/do-gia-tai-3-ong-hoang-nha-dat-cua-showbiz-viet-502020175092292.htm

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