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The inheritance lesson that must be learned by Rob Manfred from Bud Selig | Instant News

Just like the president, the king, and the big cat collector, the sport commissioner is largely determined by the scandal that occurred on their watches.

Therefore, Rob Manfred does not need to look far when looking for a guide for how to move his sport past the ugliness of sign thieves in recent months, which reached conclusions like Wednesday with the findings in the 2018 Red Sox. Presumably there is still a Batphone – a Budphone? – who directly links the current commissioner with his direct predecessor:

“Commissioner Selig, can you remind me how you deal with steroids?”

In fact, Manfred worked under Selig for almost all of the illegal performance-enhancing drug saga and helped improve the legacy of his superiors, so maybe the tutorial would be overkill; I just want to use the joke “Budphone”. Apart from that, the road map to improvement, if not necessarily safety, looks very similar between then and now: Have a scandal by making crime more difficult to do next time.

Illegal PEDs and illegal sign theft can qualify as dishonest cousins, similar and not identical. Both are mobilized to make you better, which in turn helps your team win, which means that they are not as serious as, for example, gambling on baseball.

Stealing the sign, however, requires more teamwork, thereby fundamentally charging the boss, while the use of illegal PEDs tends to be more of a solo act. You can test individuals for illegal PED use and determine who actually does what. Stealing more murkier marks. Jose Altuve, for example, knows all about the Astros 2017 trash can and usually rejects information, which makes him … guilty, but not as many as some of his teammates?

From the commissioner’s point of view, Selig heard public calls about steroids but not much was done until the players – encouraged by reporter Ken Caminiti – signed the test. Manfred heard personal screams far and wide about illegal sign theft, especially the Astrosbut didn’t knock his head until Mike Fiers sounded the alarm.

After Selig had the support of the players and their guild, he changed his narrative. Sluggers are starting to look less like large-headed, prominent-bicep-ed cartoon characters. In due course, the players themselves led the charge to impose harsher penalties for violations. And when neer well-searched and found a way to beat the test, the baseball investigation unit nailed them through evidence and witness testimony.

If some baseball historians still scold Selig for being slow to realize the game’s fungus, most praise him for producing a drug that reduces problems, otherwise it will never be completely eradicated.

Illegal sign theft, too, will never be completely eliminated because, well, you’ve met humans before, right? However, Manfred can hope that the sentences handed down to Astros and the Red Sox provide a strong disincentive; even if you are short on the Red Sox case, do you really think the video playback operator wants to end up as a J.T. Watkins? He must take further precautions to oversee the replay rooms, because he and his deputies are on their way to do 2020 before the closure of the coronavirus.

Bud Selig and Rob Manfred in 2015
Bud Selig and Rob Manfred in 2015The AP

And the anger expressed by many players against Astros must be changed to the purchase of the Players Association so that its members are disciplined the next time this happens.

I don’t believe Manfred deserves the sacred hell he has received for giving immunity to Astros 2017 and 2018 Red Sox players; Player suspensions will never be held under appeal. I also don’t think that any titles should be revoked. If Manfred is totally wrong in this unified investigation, in my opinion, he should be more harsh on Astros owner Jim Crane for allowing such negative organizational culture to deteriorate and on Red Sox owner John Henry for running a team that violates signatures. stealing rules a year after Apple Watch’s violations set tougher rules.

Maybe, like Selig and steroids, Manfred will always be associated with theft of the sign. Obviously, like the person he replaces, he can reduce the damage to his sport and commissions with diplomacy and perseverance.

Reggie Jackson said, “If you have bats on hand, you can change the story.” Still Manfred on a plate. The world of baseball can’t wait for resolution.


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Red Sox anger has increased over the 2018 investigation that was stuck in MLB | Instant News

More than three months after the suspension was imposed related to the 2017 Houston Astros signature theft scandal, the results of a similar investigation into the Boston Red Sox have yet to be announced.

Several members of the Red Sox 2018 have left this week to express doubt that the investigation will reveal violations of the same magnitude as the violations against Astros, which triggered the dismissal of Sox manager Alex Cora, Mets manager Carlos Beltran and Houston A.J. manager Hinch and his GM Jeff Luhnow.

One day after the 2018 World Series MVP Steve Pearce call the MLB investigation “a joke like that,” former reliever Joe Kelly chose descriptors that are even strong.

“Everything was a disaster for me,” Kelly said while watching a replay of Game 3 of the 2018 World Series on WEEI. “Now sitting at this point without playing baseball and no results of the investigation, I just feel like I’m dreaming? Is there actually an investigation? This is like the Bogeyman series, what’s the problem with this?

“From the start, I just thought it was laughing loud and funny. Now this is the last thing that is on people’s minds clearly with how the world is currently. Every time an investigation is carried out, I am interested to see what is in the investigation.”

Commissioner Rob Manfred said that MLB had completed its investigation into the Red Sox for allegedly using illegal electronics to steal signs, but the findings will not be released until they can’t continue to play following the coronavirus pandemic.

“If there is cheating involved with how good our team is, we should win every game,” said Kelly, who now leads the Dodgers – the team defeated by Boston in five matches in the Fall Classic.

“We shouldn’t lose innings if there is some cheating involved, which will be much more fun because we will win in four. We will sweep the playoffs and make it very, very fast and be able to go to Hawaii or go to Mexico and go on vacation much faster than we did. “

On Tuesday, during the replay of Game 1 of Fall 18 Classic also at WEEI, Pearce had offered the same thought on the accusation.

Joe Kelly
Joe KellyBoston Globe through Getty Images

“That was a joke for us,” Pearce said. “When it came out, we all joked about it. We just want this past us. We win it fairly and honestly. Whatever they accused us of, we all liked, “I don’t believe this is even a problem.” After the report comes out, we will all be free.

“You don’t like it, especially because we are champions and personally I got the award. And we have this floating above our heads when we just have an amazing season. We have a perfect team and good friendship with everyone and then It’s just thrown here. We just like, “What is this?” We just want it to go away. We just want to play baseball. I think there are other bumps on the road. “


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