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Six Derail Train Cars in Emeryville Sunday Afternoon – NBC Bay Area | Instant News

A train in Emeryville slips on Sunday in an area near 65th The road on Shellmound Road, caused the closure of several roads in the area, but has since been reopened.

The derailment involved six cars around 2 pm, three of which were refrigerated box cars. The other three are empty tankers, and because the tankers are not in them, they pose no danger to the community.

No injuries reported.

A Union Pacific spokesman said they were investigating the causes of derailment, along with the Federal Railroad Administration.

The spokesman said six cars had to be taken out of the area on Monday morning.


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Police source – NBC New York | Instant News

A Brooklyn man was arrested after police said he approached them inside a bagel shop and told them he had killed his father – whose body was later found mutilated in their home, according to law enforcement sources.

Khaled Ahmad went to a shop in Dyker Heights early Wednesday morning and claimed to have killed his 57-year-old father, according to police sources. When the officers went to the house on 84th Street, they found Imad Ahmad unconcerned and unresponsive. EMS stated he died at the scene.

Police said that the victim’s body suffered multiple stab wounds, and law enforcement sources told NBC New York that the body was “highly mutilated.” The father and son had taken shelter at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Officers arrested 26-year-old Khaled Ahmad, accusing him of murdering and possessing weapons.

Ahmad was taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation. Law enforcement sources say the suspect has a history of emotional disturbance.

Investigation is ongoing.


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