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Air New Zealand’s Airpoints scheme does better than the airline business: Forsyth Barr | Instant News

As Air New Zealand changed its Airpoints scheme, the value of the loyalty, now the star of the airline’s operations, was outlined in an analyst report.

Forsyth Barr says the Airpoints schematic is scalable, light

“ We expect Airpoints to expand the depth and breadth of its retailer / financial services relationship, to white label its own credit cards as other airlines have successfully done, and to expand Airpoints’ store for redemption options. ”


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debt settlement: Australia agreed to a $ 1.2 billion settlement on the ‘robodebt’ | Instant News

SYDNEY: AustraliaThe federal government on Monday approved a $ 1.2 billion ($ 875 million) class action settlement on an automatic debt recovery program affecting more than 370,000 welfare recipients.

That robodebt Schemes, originally introduced to ensure welfare recipients do not underreport their income and receive excessive government payments, use computer algorithms to recover money with little or no human supervision.

The settlement of the representative suit, subject to court approval, means many members will receive further payments in addition to the refunds received earlier this year, said Gordon Legal, who is leading the case against the government.

In May, the government agreed to pay back $ 721 million to more than 370,000 people who were mistakenly pursued.

Monday’s settlement includes that amount and $ 112 million in compensation along with a decision to drop another $ 398 million in incorrectly collected debt.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has apologized in Parliament this year for “harm or loss” caused by the scheme. Without acknowledging legal liability, Morrison, on Monday, said the government was fixing the problem.

The opposition is pushing for a government-mandated investigation into the scheme.

“The settlement is justice for victims who have been mistreated by the Morrison Government,” said Shadow Minister for government services, Bill Shorten.

“Only the Royal Commission at Robodebt will give the answer they deserve.”


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Fazaia Housing Scheme cashed Rs15 billion checks among 400 customers | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme has started paying funds to its customers through the Karachi National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as per court order and cashing more than 400 checks worth Rs1.5 billion in a week.

As per the joint efforts of the State Projects Directorate and Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme NAB, the process of disbursing money to Fazaia Karachi’s customers has begun, said a press release by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

He added that the payment process would continue until the money was transferred to the last customer of the Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi. The PAF welcomes orders from the top court in this regard and appreciates NAB’s efforts, said a PAF spokesman.


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Provincial coordinating bodies discuss new schemes that are underway | Instant News

KARACHI: The meeting of the newly formed Provincial Coordination & Implementation Committee (PSIC) for the development of Karachi was held here under the leadership of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah on Monday during which the scheme of water supply, sewage treatment and disposal, solid waste management, drains rain, internal road improvements and the mass transit system were discussed.

The meeting was attended by Karachi Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Hamayun Aziz, Main Secretary Mumtaz Shah, Major General Aqil, Head of Planning & Development Mohammad Waseem, Main Secretary CM Sajid Jamal Abro, KMC Administrator Iftikhar Shahalwani, Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput, Transportation Secretary Shariq and Government Secretary Najam Shah area and others concerned. The Federal Secretary for Planning and Railways participated in the meeting via video link from Islamabad.

P&D Chair Mohammad Waseem gave a detailed presentation of projects that are currently or will be launched and completed under the Karachi development package.

Storm drains: There are seven rainwater drainage schemes worth Rs258.7 billion. They are as follows: Cleansing the River and Nullah, the Lyari and Malir and Gujjar Rivers, Mehmoodabad and the Orangi Nullahs. The Karachi DHA rainwater drainage problem is the Rs10 billion scheme. Commissioner Karachi said he had completed a physical survey of the project. NED University has been engaged for survey and GIS mapping for the project. The meeting was told that the project would be completed 60 percent by July 2021 and the remaining 40 percent by July 2022.

Settling the residents living there will cost around Rs4 billion. The meeting discussed various options for compensating affected people. The federal government has plans to build 12,000 flats at a cost of Rs36 billion to accommodate the settlers there. A highway or expressway crossing Gujjar, Mehmoodabad, Orangi Nullas and the rest of the Lyari Expressway will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs130 billion in Public Private Partnership mode. Ten rainwater and nullah drain schemes have been launched by the Sindh government worth Rs3 billion of which Rs1.6 billion has been used so far and this year Rs6 million has been allocated. The chief minister said that the six schemes have been fully funded and will be completed by the end of the current financial year and the remaining schemes will be completed next year.

KCR: Karachi Circular Railways is a project worth Rs300 billion of which Rs250 billion is a loan from China. The chief minister said that the federal government should issue sovereignty guarantees and approach the Chinese government for soft financing of the project. The minister of railways must clear the Right of Way (ROW) for the project. Shah said that the construction of the boundary / fencing along the KCR line, a scheme worth Rs26 million, has been launched. He directed the transportation secretary to speed up the fencing work in this connection. Construction of the underpass / flyover at the railroad crossings along the KCR route will be done at a cost of Rs5 billion. The meeting was informed that the transport department was coordinating with the Border Works Organization for the project. The railway operation on the existing KCR line will be carried out at a cost of Rs1.85 billion. This scheme will be launched soon.

BRT: The Bus Rapid Transit Green Line is a 27 kilometer long project worth Rs24.6 billion. So far it has been mentioned that Rs 19.50 billion has been used and the project will be completed by 30 June 2021. The bus operation is another project worth Rs11 billion and the federal government has allocated Rs7.9 billion and it will be completed. on 30 June 2021. The Sindh government has launched the BRT Orange Line project which is a 4.7 km project and has been launched at a cost of Rs2.36 billion and so far Rs1.52 billion has been used. It will also be completed in June 2021.

The provincial government also launched the Yellow Lane BRTS project. It is a 21 km long project and will be completed at a cost of Rs61.44 billion. The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are funding these projects.

Water supply: The K-IV bulk water supply project has been launched to provide an additional 260 MGD of water to the city of Karachi in the first phase. In this project, Rs 11.30 billion has been used and the remaining funds required for this project will be between Rs60 to Rs70 billion (for review). During the meeting it was informed that a scheme of 30 MGD clean water supply for districts in the south of the city had been launched by the Sindh government with a public private partnership (PPP) mode worth Rs7 billion. The provincial government also launched a project worth Rs. 6 billion to improve the Hub Water Supply system under the PPP mode. The Minister of Home Affairs said that the government had launched 30 schemes related to water supply worth Rs17.50 billion and so far Rs3.10 billion had been used. He added that the five clean water supply schemes worth Rs110.50 billion will be completed in a few years.

Wastewater Treatment: Eight schemes of wastewater treatment and disposal worth Rs162.6 billion have been launched in which the provincial government from its resources and donor agencies have spent Rs12.42 billion. The Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-III) is a project worth Rs36.2 billion and Rs10.70 billion has been used so far. The P&D Chair said that PC-1 of the TP-IV component wastewater treatment scheme will be implemented under Phase-II of the World Bank-funded program. The World Bank-funded World Bank-funded Water Service Improvement & Sewerage Improvement Project (KWSSIP) is a project worth Rs14.7 billion. The chief minister directed the Karachi Water & Waste Disposal Council to accelerate work on the project so that it can be completed within the next five years.

Five Combined Sewage Treatment Plants (CETPs) for the Karachi industrial estate launched at a price of Rs 11.8 billion of which the Sindh government share is 67 percent while the federal government will bear 33 percent of the project costs. The meeting directed the industry secretary and KWSB to start the construction of the CETP in the three available locations. Chief Minister Sindh said that 12 schemes related to a sewage system worth Rs2.6 billion had been launched by the provincial government through its ADP. He added that the two schemes are fully funded and will be completed by the end of the financial year and funds are needed for the remaining schemes to complete them.

Solid Waste Management: Meeting was informed that two schemes worth Rs14.86 billion are being finalized. Among them are the construction of six Garbage Transfer Stations (GTS) with material recovery (MR) and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) which are projects worth Rs1.66 billion. The Sindh government has launched the project from its own resources and in the current financial year, Rs1 billion has been allocated in ADP. Under this project, three GTS will be taken under the scheme and the other three GTS will be implemented under the World Bank SWEEP project. The development of two sanitation engineered landfill sites and their scientific enhancement is a project of Rs1.2 billion. Rs1 billion has been allocated by the Sindh government in the current year’s Annual Development Program. The meeting decided to build a TPA in Gondpass. The chief minister said that the two landfill sites, Jam Chakro and Dhabeji, would be implemented under the World Bank-funded SWEEP program.

Roads: The city’s internal road improvements will be carried out under four schemes valued at Rs62.30 million and all of them are funded by the Sindh government. The Malir Toll Road worth Rs27 billion is being launched under the PPP mode. The prime minister said that the ground breaking for the project will take place next month. The meeting is a working committee under the Karachi commissioner and the KMC administrator so that projects under the Karachi Package can be well pursued for launch at the earliest.


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The Karachi package includes most of the schemes in progress: CM Murad Ali Shah | Instant News

Karachi: Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah said that in the recently launched Rs1.1 trillion Karachi development package, most projects are ongoing and are being funded by the provincial government, as the government is committed to developing infrastructure, drainage and sewage and transport systems bulk city by priority base.

He said this when talking with the media after inaugurating Manora Beach Road, last Saturday.

He was accompanied by provincial ministers Shabir Bijarani and Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and legal adviser Murtaza Wahab.

Commander Deputy Admiral Karachi Zahid Ilyas, Naval Police Commander Rizwan Ahmed, P & D Chairman Mohammad Waseem, Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput, Directorate General of KDA Asif Ikram, MNA Abdul Qadir Patel and Shahida Rehmani, MPA Liaquat Askani and others also attended the occasion.

Answering questions, he said, Karachi packages are not new. “Most of the schemes are already under way, including those that Sindh and the federal government have shared costs like K-IV, which are being transferred to the Center for completion,” he said.

Against another question, CM said he was surprised to learn that the federal government was holding its government accountable for the blackout of electricity and gas in Karachi.

“The federal government controls the power and gas companies and distributes them, and they are responsible for providing electricity and gas supplies without interruption,” he said, adding that just to hide their inefficiency, the federal government blames the provincial government, which has been quite a shock to him.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony for the six kilometer long Manora Beach Road, CM said that it had been built from Kakapir to the Y junction for Rs456.64 million.

“I am proud to say that this is the first scheme of the newly formed Keamari district which is launched today,” he said and declared Keamari a pilot district in the Karachi division.

Shah also announced the construction of a road from Gulbai to HawksBay and promised to solve water, sanitation and infrastructure problems in the new district.

Talking about the Manora Road scheme, he said that the project is part of an overall scheme for the improvement of waterfront development that will be made available to the Karachi public. “Currently, Manora beach is underutilized, the volume of visitors is very low due to the lack of facilities such as sitting room, dining room, restroom, shade and tidiness,” he said.


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