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Fashion Contests Can Reveal Future Designers – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

Judging is now taking place in a fashion contest which provides hints about designers we might want to pay attention to in the future.

More than 100 students across Texas are competing in the 53rd Annual Fashion Group International from Dallas scholarship competition.

“That’s the lifeblood of our industry. This fresh perspective and youth is emerging with things we’ve never seen before,” said Nerissa Von Helpenstill, regional director for FGI Dallas.

FGI Dallas is part of Fashion Group International, Inc., a professional, global non-profit organization. The Dallas Group has awarded more than $ 210,000 in scholarships to date and hosted its first virtual competition last year which awarded over $ 60,000.

It’s virtual again in 2021 but still with a lot of excitement.

“We’ve talked about how difficult judging can be,” said Marilyn Stewart, co-chair of scholarship competition.

More than 100 students from across Texas design and manufacture clothing that is now in the critical spotlight of judges.

“This year we are offering the long dress, evening and bridal category and it seems that this is a student favorite. They are happy to take part in these competitions, including a dress competition. Another category is sportswear. This year we combined women and men. And then the third category is sustainability which is very important right now, “Stewart said.” The criteria for getting into sustainability would be to use natural fibers, or reuse clothes, tear something, make something new out of it. “

“The level of talent we see in these students is extraordinary. I am really fascinated to see what they can do and what they produce, fresh ideas,” said Von Helpenstill.

Students can win scholarships worth up to $ 5,000 each, an internship and two sewing machines are also among the prizes.

Winners will be announced at a virtual event on April 21. The public is invited to watch for free. Information is here.

This event will begin with a keynote speech from Dr. Maryann Cairns, Assistant, professor at Southern Methodist University at The Dedman College of Anthropology, who is spearheading new sustainability initiatives in the fashion industry.


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Indonesia provides 1,000 scholarships to students sir | Instant News

KARACHI: Indonesia announced 1,000 scholarships for Pakistani students to further enhance friendly and amicable relations between the two countries.

When giving a briefing on the 2021 plan, the Indonesian Consulate for Information and Socio-Culture, Ibnu Sulhan, said that his government had drawn up a comprehensive plan to bring the people of the two nations closer together and for that, Indonesian language courses were free. will be offered to students starting April. He said trade between the two countries was gradually increasing at a record pace despite the coronavirus pandemic. He said at the direction of the Indonesian government, the consulate in Karachi was working on a plan to strengthen cultural and social ties between the two countries. He said Pakistani students had been offered 1,000 scholarships at 23 leading universities in Indonesia offering graduation, masters and PhD programs, said Sulhan.

The Information & Socio-Cultural Consul said that the registration for fully funded student scholarships will remain open from April 25 to August 2021. He hopes to increase the number of scholarships gradually. The envoy said that to further strengthen relations between the two countries in the fields of business and culture, the Indonesian government has decided to launch a free virtual language course. Simultaneously, a web series will be kicking off on social media highlighting various aspects of Indonesia, while the Indonesian Consulate web portal will also be coming soon. He said the Consulate was facilitating investors from Pakistan to invest in Indonesia and vice versa.

The consul said the Karachi business community is very important for Indonesia because a large part of their trade depends on the business community who live here.


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Wahab provides two scholarships for KU students | Instant News

Sindh government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Saturday said he instituted two scholarships for Karachi University students in memory of his late parents, both of whom were alumni of the institution.

Wahab, who is also advisor to the chief minister of law and environment, made the announcement during a speech at an international conference organized by the Karachi University Business School.

He said he would personally cover the costs to fund the scholarships, one of which would be given to male students and the other to female students every year. He also claimed to have a special relationship with KU, who is the alma mater of his parents. Everyone is obliged to have an institution like KU to work together to build it, he added.

He praised the KU administration for holding an international conference at its business school. He said the coronavirus pandemic had changed the whole world. We are also obliged to change ourselves.

Wahab said the speakers at the conference would help KU students understand the concept of corporate social responsibility. He said hosting of webinars had increased since the Covid-19 outbreak, giving students the opportunity to interact with academic experts from around the world.


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Sindh government scholarships remain out of reach of many | Instant News


Recent investigations into the provision of higher education in the province have opened a new Pandora box, highlighting the unfair distribution of the billions of annual scholarships, by Sindh government.

The Sindh Education Endowment Fund (SEEF) was launched in 2002 to facilitate Sindh students who cannot afford higher education fees, gain merit-based admission at both public and private universities.

Despite the government’s goodwill, it appears that thousands of financially underprivileged students from several universities, including Karachi University – the largest public sector institution in the province – have been unable to avail scholarships for 19 consecutive years!

Karachi University will finally be granted access to scholarships in 2020, while the endowment fund is also expanding its reach with the addition of new disciplines including Pharmacy, Law, Accounting, Finance and Education. However, the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, has not been added to the scholarship list. Because of this, some undergraduate and master’s degree students from Karachi and other Sindh districts, who are enrolled in the university, will once again be excluded from the scholarship network even though the program has been upgraded.

It is important to mention that the SEEF scholarship is awarded through the Sindh Higher Education Department and its supervisory board including the education of the school secretaries, secretaries of other departments including the finance department of secretaries and general administration departments of secretarial services, in addition to the managing director of the Sindh Education Foundation.

This time Karachi University has also been granted membership in this committee, while the Sindh Minister of Education chairs the scholarship decision-making board.

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According to related documents available on The Express Tribune, the scholarship program has recently opened its doors to a number of universities attended by students from lower middle class socioeconomic backgrounds.

With the upgrade to the program, the total number of scholarships has increased to over 1,500 in theory, but the decision for final approval is still pending the decision of the Sindh Minister of Education for the past two months. Due to this factor, SEEF cannot award these scholarships to students.

Interestingly, where it took SEEF more than 19 years to consider including the largest public sector university in the province in the scholarship program, there are several public and private universities that have had the luxury of being awarded separate scholarships for their respective campuses.

It is worth mentioning that the Sindh government has also selected several public and private universities for students studying outside the province for the Sindh Education Waqf Fund.

Federal Urdu University could not be found on the list of eligible institutions.

Related to this, the Secretary for Additional Waqf Funds of the Department of Higher Education, Faqir Muhammad Lakho, said that SEEF scholarships are only given to institutions that apply for them. “Federal Urdu University has not applied for the scholarship,” he commented.

When asked about the exclusion of Karachi University and other universities from scholarships, the additional secretary said that these scholarships are only awarded to professional institutions. “That is why the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) was chosen in Karachi, and given scholarships in certain subjects,” said Lakho.

It should however be noted that the subjects that are awarded scholarships to IBA are also taught at Karachi University, Sindh Madrasa-Tul-Islam and Lyari University

Responding to the program increase, Faqir Mohammad Lakhoo said that the scholarship advertisement will be published in the same month after obtaining approval from the Minister of Education. “An amount of Rs 3.5 billion has been reserved for grants until 2029, while scholarships have now been increased from 1,100 to 1,800 in total,” he told The Express Tribune.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 22nd, 2021.


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Australian universities are offering discounted rates for foreign students stranded abroad because of the coronavirus | Instant News

As Australian universities prepare for the next academic year amid the global pandemic, several institutions are offering discounted rates for foreign students.

More than 140,000 people are registered International students cannot study on Australian campuses after the Federal Government imposed border restrictions last year, according to data from the University of Australia (UA), the top body for the sector.

Australia’s international border restrictions are expected to remain in effect for the rest of this year, as it remains unclear whether the vaccine has been approved so far. prevent virus transmission. It’s also not clear how effective they are against the new coronavirus.

The tertiary sector has been hit hard by the pandemic, with 2020 saw a series of cuts for staff and courses, and this the trend is unlikely to reverse in 2021.

And because many international students studying Australian courses online may not set foot in the country for months, institutions are finding ways to prevent students from switching to courses in North America and Europe.

‘This is very disappointing’

The University of Wollongong offers scholarships for international students.(Provided: Wollongong University)

Indonesian student Naufal Muhammad Zavier is scheduled to spend the last semester of his studies in Australia at Wollongong University (UOW), until the closure of international borders last March made this impossible.

Mr Zavier has instead taken classes with UOW online and has received a 10 percent reduction in total tuition fees as a result of moving to distance learning.

You see a small laptop on a small brown wooden table with a notebook placed next to it.
This small table in the house is probably the closest Naufal to Wollongong University for now.(Source: Naufal Muhammad Zavier)

The university also provides him with international student scholarships which are equivalent to a further 30 percent reduction in fees.

“Due to the pandemic, my parents’ source of income as freelancers was also affected … UOW was also very generous in allowing us to pay tuition fees in installments,” he said.

UOW is just one of several universities that offer international students incentives to stay competitive.

“International students can still fly to the UK and Canada for face-to-face study,” Phil Honeywood, chief executive of the Australian Association of International Education (IEAA), told the ABC.

National Tertiary Education Union president Alison Barnes said the Federal Government has failed to recognize the benefits the tertiary sector brings to the Australian economy.

“It is very disappointing that the Morrison Government effectively abandoned international students at the start of the pandemic, despite happily receiving income from international students over the years, to become our fourth largest export industry in 2019 (after iron ore, coal and gas). , “said Dr. Barnes.

A woman at headquarters looks at her phone
Casual lecturers like Dash Jayasuriya from Melbourne lost their jobs last year.(ABC News: Simon Winter)

“They are being urged to return home before the border closes, and are not entitled to government assistance if they remain.

“Many have lost part-time jobs as a result of closures and restrictions.

The university sector lost $ 1.8 billion in revenue last year, and at least 17,300 jobs, according to figures released by UA earlier this month.


The ABC has reached out to the Federal Department of Education for comment.

Universities attract students to continue learning

Students walk past the Supreme Court at the University of Queensland.
Institutions including the University of Queensland have offered discounted rates.(ABC News: Giulio Saggin)

Since universities cannot bring students onto campus, they offer a variety of alternatives to keep them active.

UOW offers an unlimited number of scholarships – a type of grant – up to a 20 percent reduction in tuition fees for international students studying remotely, because of the “unique challenges” they face, including different time zones and technological constraints.

“The UOW scholarship is implemented in addition to the various scholarships already available for international students,” said a UOW spokesperson.

The spokesman added the university “continues to work with the sector and government on plans to allow international students to travel to Australia”, without specifying what the plans were.

The University of Queensland has also offered a 12.5 percent rebate on tuition fees for full-paying international course students who are affected by the COVID-19 restrictions.

This rebate is automatically applied to more than half of all starting and continuing international students who have studied online from their home country since the second half of 2020.

University of Adelaide overseas students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and Pre-Enrollment English Language Program (PEP) are entitled to a discount of up to 20 percent which will be applied automatically upon admission.

Several universities in Australia, including Griffith University, also offer scholarships that include financial assistance covering up to 15 percent of tuition fees for international students outside Australia.

The Australian National University (ANU), meanwhile, has turned China’s only overseas facility into a study center for foreign students unable to reach Australia.

ANU Shanghai Studies Center
More than 100 Chinese students who are supposed to study in Canberra regularly go to the ANU Shanghai Studies Center.(Provided: Shanghai ANU Study Center)

The manager of the Shanghai ANU Study Center, Chenyu Ling, said more than 100 students from all over China have taken advantage of the hub.

“This is an immersive study space,” said student Shi Xinyang, who has conducted online marketing courses in the Shanghai hub.

Shi Xinyang
Xinyang said the fast internet connection at ANU Shanghai Hub helped her with online classes.(Provided)

“[It’s] a place that helps me concentrate on my studies.

“At home, I can be easily distracted. The internet speed is good too. I have never had a problem with using Zoom on a hub.”

Tutors receive online training, but challenges remain

University in Sydney
Universities lose more than 17,000 jobs in 2020 according to Australian Universities.(ABC News: Brendan Esposito)

As of January this year, nearly 164,000 students – or about 30 percent of Australian student visa holders – were overseas, according to data from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Mr Honeywood from the IEAA said several Australian universities had invested a lot of money in training lecturers and tutors to work in an online environment.

Amanda Achmadi, senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne’s School of Architecture, Building and Planning, received training during the university’s transition to online studies.

He said the teaching staff was “very resilient” because they had to switch to online teaching in two to three weeks during the first half of last year.

However, there are still challenges. Zavier said the time difference between Indonesia and Australia was huge for him.

“The class I appointed was the morning class Australian time, which ran from 8 am to 9 pm last semester,” he said.

“The time difference is four hours, so I have to get up at 4:00 am.”


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