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Troy School District will host Pop Up Food Pantries | WET | Instant News

TROY, Pa. (WETM-TV) – A Pop Up Food Pantry will be held on Monday, July 27, for all residents of the Troy School District.

It will be held by the Troy Fair council at the Pavilion at the Troy Fair Grounds in Troy, Pennsylvania. The public will enter through gate 3. After arrival, visitors will follow directions to the pavilion and exit through gate 1. The event is scheduled to begin at around 12:00.

The South Creek Lions also hosted A Pop Up Food Pantry on Monday, August 3, at South Creek Fire Station in Fassett Pennsylvania from route 14. The public can follow the directions of Fire Personal. The event is scheduled to start around 12:00 too.

Later that year, The South Creek Lions will also host another Pop Up Food Pantry on Friday, September 4 at South Creek Fire Station. It’s also scheduled to start at 12:00 or sooner if it’s ready. (While supplies last)


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LAUSD plans to start a new school year in mid-August, but details are still taking shape – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

The Los Angeles United School District is still targeting early August for a new school year after Governor Gavin Newsom said last week that several California schools might open in July, Chief Inspector Austin Beutner said Sunday.

All schools in the country’s second-largest school district have been closed since March 13 because of a coronavirus pandemic. Beutner told NBC4 NewsConference that the 2020-2021 school year would begin August 18, but it was not immediately clear whether students would return to the classroom at that time.

Los Angeles Superintendent Austin Beutner leads the second largest school district in America. He spoke with Conan Nolan NBC4 about the pressing problems facing the school district. When will the school be ready to open for the fall semester? How difficult is it to recover from “lost learning?” With a decrease in income, does this mean that teachers are facing leave?

Last week, Governor Newsom said California the school can start a new school year in early July. Beutner said the district plan seemed to be in line with what Newsom said about reopening California schools.

“Science will guide us,” Beutner said on Sunday. “Experts will tell us what is safe and appropriate for August 18.”

Date is close to the district Start date 2019-2020 August 20th

Beutner has asked “strong” testing system and tracking contacts before the school can even start reopening. Although the details of what schools will be reopened do not appear to have been provided, the return will be a “gradual process with different school schedules and days.”

Staggered schedules, increased distance between desks and other scenarios are all possible once students return to the classroom, Beutner said.

Beutner said the summer school program would help minimize gaps in learning. After 600 school districts were closed, LAUSD launched distance learning and a food aid distribution program in hopes of frustrating the spread of COVID-19.

There were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in LAUSD schools when the campus closed in March, Beutner said.

“Security is making sure we are not the place to be a petri dish for this virus,” Beutner said.

Online summer classes will begin in mid-June.

“The transition to online learning is our long-distance voyage. It’s important and difficult,” Beutner said. “And like the astronauts at Elang, we will all benefit from learning when everyone has returned home safely, or in the case of our students, safely returning to the classroom.”

Beutner said nearly all LAUSD educators had completed training to teach online and about half had registered for an additional 30 hours of training, which began this week.

“We have connected almost all our high school students, providing them with tools and internet access, and in a week or 10 days we will achieve that goal for elementary school students. The emphasis now is to help teachers take their talents online,” said Beutner.


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Mobile Pantries, Food Drives Feed Families Who Fight For COVID-19 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

As the pandemic continues, more people find themselves getting food from the food bank, and for many people it is a new experience.

Tarrant Area Food Bank partnered with Fort Worth ISD on Saturday to host mobile kitchens in four locations, which they hope will continue on next Saturday.

Food banks and school districts are just two of the many groups that feed families struggling during COVID-19.

A series of long cars stretched in front of J.P. Elder Middle School in Fort Worth, where families like Julia Caballero and her mother are waiting their turn.

“Currently, many people have been laid off. My brother was laid off. It saves a little, and every little helps, “Caballero said.

For Caballero, this is the second time getting food from one of the food banks.

Seventy percent of people who visit a food bank leave for the first time

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said that 70% of people who access food now do so for the first time.

Marie Maloberti and other volunteers distributed 400 food boxes as the car continued to line up.

“I was very surprised,” Maloberti said. “I’ll tell you that we already have a number of people who have never thought of you to come to the food bank to get food.”

He said, the need for mobile kitchen sites continues to increase.

“The only reason we will see less is because people get very frustrated in the queue for hours with their children in the car and can’t even take boxes because of lack of food,” he said.

At Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Senior Pastor Roy Elton Brackins said they would do anything to feed hungry people.

“Most of the food goes out of our own budget,” he said, “we have done things to restructure our church’s finances.”

The church distributed 100 lunch boxes Saturday, plus free lunches, to feed community members.

“People with $ 100,000 jobs and people with fixed income have all been hurt this season,” Brackins said.

He said the church plans to continue holding food as long as resources are available and plans to accommodate them every week.


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The school district changed the free eating program after it suspected people were selling food online | Instant News

(CNN) – A Florida school district that provides free food for students in the county has completed its program following suspicion that some people take extra food and sell it online.

The new Hillsborough County School District free eating program will require parents to provide the name and date of birth of their child or their student ID number when taking their week’s worth of food.

“It’s a shame that some members of our community will go to several sites, take food from children and try to build their financial portfolios on children who will not have food today,” Chief Inspector Addison Davis said in a statement to CNN.

Suspicions began last week, when staff saw a “significant increase” in the amount of food served in all districts, including Tampa, district spokesman Tanya Arja told CNN. The site is out of food.

Staff distributing food began to notice that adults came to collect food with “our food was already in their car,” Arja said.

“So it’s clear they visited several sites and received several bags of food,” he said.

District officials sent screenshots of some bread and milk chocolate cartons that had been provided by the district. A screenshot shows that the item is advertised as free, but Arja says the user must click to make an “offer” on them.

So district change the program take and go: To get their week’s worth of food, parents must provide their child’s name and date of birth or their student ID number. They cannot take more than their children’s share.

Nearly half of students in Hillsborough County are eligible for free or reduced lunches, according to the Florida Department of Education records.

But the free food program in the district is open to anyone under the age of 18, regardless of whether they are a public school student. Food includes a pound of luncheon meat, a loaf of bread, 10 cartons of milk, plus juice, cereal, and known cafeteria costs.

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