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German democracy is under “open attack,” said the SPD chairman News | DW | Instant News

Saskia Esken, deputy leader of the Social Democratic Party, on Monday renewed calls from her SPD that the federal parliament adopts a law promoting democracy to help thwart what she says is the far-right in Germany that intends to erode society.

“We are currently experiencing how far-right extremists are openly attacking our democracy,” Esken said, accusing Merkel’s conservatives of blocking a democracy bill long sought in the Cabinet by Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey and Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht, both members of the SPD..

Esken co-chairs the SPD with Norbert Walter-Borjans.

Thathe obstruction t is “not only incomprehensible but also dangerous, ” Box was told Berlin-based newspaper TAZ, Athe head of a C.abinet committee meeting in Wednesday. Committee, formed afterwards the Hanau terror killings last February, aims to draft anti-racism measures for Germany.

“We must face the enemies of democracy with determination,” said Esken.

Last Friday, Steffen Seibert, spokesman for the Merkel government which consists of her CThe Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the CSU Bavaria and SPD, said the Cabinet committee would present its findingss to the federal parliament in the first quarter of 2021.

Its deliberations began in March and in recent months Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of the Bavarian CSU has vehemently rejected German police personnel. surveyed about the attitudes held towards racism.

Education ‘essential’ by civic groups

The box tells TAZ that pro-democracy civic groups throughout Germany – most of the funded on a project-by-project basis for a limited period of time – done “vital work and therefore deserve sustainable funding. “

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In a recent letter to Merkel’s grand coalition government, quoted by TAZ, some 60 civilian groups warned that their work – usually based in youth centers – of upholding a liberal, open, democratic culture “was under attack like in previous years. . “

That The current form of support for the work of civil society democracy is demotivating,“wrote the group, including Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and Amadeu Antonio Trust named after victim of racist murder in 1990, shortly after German reunification.

A similar call from the Greens

In parliament in September, GThe German opposition Green Party failed to win with a similar initiative calling for legislation promoting democracy.

Their resolution cites multiple reasons for Germany to improve preventive civic education, referring to a series of crimes, including the 2019 murder of Walter Lübcke, a local CDU politician in Kassel.

In a pluralistic society, long-term prevention efforts against hatred and incitement and protection for potential victims are essential, the Green Party said.

In schools, civic education is ‘deficit’

Deficit in civic education “in all sectors” has been found inside German School, from elementary school to middle school, conclude annual reports on children and adolescents were filed earlier this month – although teacher’s efforts and various civic education institutions run by the federal and state governments of Germany.

Urging students to practice classroom democracy, the report’s lead author, education researcher Christian Palentian, said: “We have found that we have teachers specifically assigned to political subjects who have not studied politics.”

At least two hours per week should be devoted to civic education, the report recommends, to counter what Palentian says are risks including social media exposing children, early on and without reflection, to extremist content.

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Sindh decided not to close schools, winter break | Instant News

Image representation by Reuters.

KARACHI: The Sindh Education and Literacy Department has decided not to close schools and winter holidays but to allow the administration to move educational activities online.

The developments came during a meeting of key stakeholders in the province’s education sector with Education Minister Sindh Saeed Ghani as chair on Saturday.

Ghani said after the meeting that the Sindh Education Ministry’s decision represented the province’s position and that a national decision on the matter would eventually be taken on 23 November, when representatives from all provinces would meet and debate the issue.

Meeting for deliberate security measures

The provincial education department’s Steering Committee met here on Saturday to discuss coronavirus safety measures recommended by the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) given the soaring new cases of COVID-19.

Setting aside the NCOC recommendation to cancel the winter break earlier this year and extend it to January, it was decided by the Steering Committee that the coronavirus safety standard operating procedures would be strictly enforced in schools to avoid spreading the disease among children.

All stakeholders attending the meeting agreed not to close schools for now or allow winter holidays in the province this year.

The Saturday meeting was attended by school secretaries, college secretaries and chairmen of various education boards.

The participants discussed the various challenges posed by the corona virus and the NCOC recommendations related to the same.

“The federal government wants children to be home educated from November 25 to December 24, and then holidays are announced from December 25 to January 10,” Ghani said after the meeting.

“During this period, parents will take homework from school every week.”

“There is no doubt that COVID-19 cases are increasing and the positivity rate has reached 3.7% in the last few days,” Ghani said.


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Schools ban students from wearing smart watches: this is the reason | Instant News

Children who are only 7 years old now say that they wear certain smart watches and other smart devices in the classroom and use them to bypass teachers in order to send messages to parents and other children. According to reports, this has become a growing problem in schools in New South Wales.

Children’s smart watches: good?

According to an article in the “Sydney Morning Herald”, a special inner west elementary school wrote a letter to parents last week about a few cases of using smart watches in classrooms. This letter calls on parents to remind their children to use mobile devices on campus.

The letter pointed out that in the event of an emergency, the school will contact the parents on its own without having to go through the children’s smart watch. The letter calls on parents to wear these smart watches on their bodies like they do with mobile phones in schools, which means they should not be used to make calls or send text messages between 9 am and 3 pm.

Smartwatch 2020: Is it the same as a mobile phone?

The school pointed out that sending and receiving certain messages during the learning time can actually be distracting, and the device should be used as a specific clock and pedometer during the known learning time. Although mobile phones have been a problem for some time, the popularity of these new, much lower-priced wearable devices has created another problem for young people.

A public school teacher in Illawarra gave Statement to the “Herald Sun” Said that she actually caught one of the seven-year-old students playing this famous smart watch during class. As children start to use these smart watches (such as mobile devices with games and other functions), this incident is actually more common than usual.

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Child technology

another Tech Edvocate articles Solve the problem of whether wearing smart watches is suitable for children.artAlthough icle offers some important points, it is up to the parents to decide whether this is a good idea.

According to the New South Wales Department of Education’s mobile policy, elementary school students are not allowed to use their digital devices during school hours or during lunch or breaks, unless they are permitted by the principal or teacher for certain educational purposes. At the same time, some high school principals can also restrict or allow the use of these digital devices and online services in all school-related environments. This includes rest and lunch.

According to Craig Petersen, the current chairperson of the Official Council of Principals of New South Wales, this is indeed a problem for elementary school students, which is not surprising, because it is also a problem for teenagers. . It is pointed out that technology is accelerating at a very fast rate, and wearable devices are now getting cheaper and easier to obtain for the younger generation.

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28 students, 22 teachers tested positive for the coronavirus at Karachi schools | Instant News

At least 50 people, including 22 teachers, tested positive for the coronavirus at a public school in Karachi, district officials said Friday.

28 students and 22 teachers were diagnosed with the virus at the Secondary School in the Karachi PNT Colony. The school hasn’t been sealed.

The virus has so far killed 2,780 people in Karachi. Fearing an increase in the number of cases amid a second wave of coronavirus infections in the country, the government is considering closing educational institutions across the country but final decisions will be made during the November 23 meeting.

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Plans to close educational institutions across the country

The federal government has proposed closing educational institutions from November 24 to January 31.

Primary schools will be closed from November 24, middle schools from December 2 and high schools will close from December 15, the ministry said in a letter to the province.

However, education ministry officials want teachers to come to educational institutions.

The ministry proposes calling teachers to schools and colleges to prepare for online classes. Online education systems, such as Teleschool and Teleradio, can be implemented, it is recommended.


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PEARLS conducts a food drive at West Florence School | Local News | Instant News

Chelsea Grant, a student of Florence West Middle School, participates in a food drive event organized by PEARLS, a women’s student services organization, on November 14.


FLORENCE, SC – PEARLS, the women’s student services organization at West Florence High School, held a food drive on November 14 at high school.

On November 17, PEARLS donated the food and produce it collected to the Harvest Hope Food Bank.

PEARLS is an organization committed to community and Christian values, said Lawanda Pendergrass, a counselor at the high school.

“We are happy to provide a safe place for our girls to work and hang out,” she said.

“On Saturdays we can provide plenty of food through our annual Food Drive to help families. The girls represent their excellent service and respect for serving others.

“Thank you to all PEARLS and their families for their dedication and hard work.”

Pendergrass said she is very proud of the PEARLS girl and hopes to complete more projects to help the community.

“What a wonderful way for girls to give back to their community during this season of gratitude,” said PEARLS advisor and teacher of the year in West Florence, Lisa Raison. “We have more good deeds to come!”


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