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Joe Biden’s first phone call to Riyadh was not to MBS but to his father. Ailing King Salman and this ahead of the intelligence declassification linking the crown prince to the 2018 murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul: Last night, we witnessed the first use of US military force on Joe Biden’s watch. An air strike targeting facility used by Iranian-backed militias in Syria, just across the border with Iraqi Kurdistan. 17 were killed according to local sources.

It follows several missile attacks in Iraq in recent weeks, including one that killed a Filipino contractor inside a US base at Erbil International Airport, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Earlier this week, UN nuclear inspectors agreed to end unannounced inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites. They expressed concern in Tehran moving away from the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal but a possible return to talks. But who blinked first?

Donald Trump may have left, but one of his biggest admirers is still in charge in Brazil. And while Trump is known for firing his underlings via Twitter, Jair Bolsonaro took to Facebook to announce that he was replacing the boss of state oil company Petrobras with a 71-year-old reserve army general whose job currently runs a hydroelectric dam on the Paraguay border. Roberto Castello Branco was fired and fuel subsidies were reinstated at the behest of the truckers’ union. Free market reform is fine and cool but not when there’s a pandemic and you’re running for re-election in 20 months.

After Ghana on Wednesday, Ivory Coast is now the second developing country to receive shipments of its first-dose vaccine under the UN’s Covax inoculation scheme. While West Africa is getting its first vaccine, while the United States marks 50 million inoculations, this good news is irritating many Europeans, with very slow launches in places like France where we have just crossed the 4 percent vaccination threshold. Bash Boris Johnson at your will, the UK has now vaccinated more people than the European Union. A virtual EU summit that voted for Astra-Zeneca with what sounds a lot like a threat: Johnson changed his mind and now prefers green passports so citizens can at least book a summer vacation.

Are you serving meat dishes … or non-meat dishes? Judging by this Monday’s demonstration by farmers outside the town hall which included roasting hamburgers and petting livestock … guess which one Grégory Doucet chose. This has sparked rifts within the government itself. Environment Minister Barbara Pompili, who tweeted her praise for a vegetarian school lunch during a visit to Britanny called the controversy “prehistoric”. Recently the Michelin starred vegan restaurant Claire Vallée. But even there, their times changed. Two years ago, you had Greggsgate, the rage over the launch of the vegan sausage roll.

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COVID: More than 3.5 shots of the vaccine given in Italy – UK | Instant News

(ANSA) – ROME, 22 FEB – The number of COVID vaccine shots given in Italy has now exceeded 3.5 million, the government said on Monday.

As of 3:00 p.m. Monday they numbered 3,537,975, he said.

Those who have also been given a second shot are now 1,332,163.

Of the 3.5 million, there are 2,210,876 health workers, 638,483 non-health workers, 367,054 residents of nursing homes, 261,444 elderly and over, 24,902 armed forces, and 35,216 school personnel. (ANSA).