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‘You’re a Good Artist. . . I Love You & I’m Sorry! ‘- Sista Afia apologized to Freda Rhymz | General Entertainment | Instant News

Ghanaian female music sensation, Sista Afia has given an apology that does not qualify for rapper Freda Rhymz for their misunderstanding that almost resulted in them hugging each other.

Two talented artists have exhibited their musical prowess to entertain their fans and followers on social media, and also carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment world.

Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz, who are always good friends, shoot themselves in rap contests and when they heat up, they bring it from the friendship zone to a physical confrontation that almost ends in a fight on TV3 premises on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Explaining why something that started as showmanship turned into personal banter, Sista Afia told host Nana Ama Mcbrown on ‘United Showbiz’ on Saturday at UTV that, in spite of what had just happened between them; he believed in Freda Rhymz’s artistic abilities and did not intend for him and his friends to gain negative popularity.

Sista Afia, therefore, apologized to Freda Rhymz who said “all arguments, back and forth, anything physical; Freda, I love Freda. No matter what, I like Freda but I disagree with some of the things he does. And I am a human being, there are times when I will understand and a time I will not understand humans. That is what I am facing right now but I will not sit here and lie down. Freda is a very good artist. I love her”.

“So, I will take upon myself to tell him that I am sorry. I am very sorry. He is my sister and I think if I am brave enough to say that I am sorry, I think if you feel comfortable or if you feel that you are have to apologize to me; it’s your own time but I don’t want to go back and forth with you anymore. It’s sad and it’s bad. I don’t like seeing myself on TV angry. Do you understand? So, I really want to reach you and say I’m sorry. And I might not understand your beef but I love you, “ he added.

Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi / Peacefmonline.com / Ghana

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I have never had sex with a medical – Sista Afia | General Entertainment | Instant News

Ghana’s Songstress Francisca Gawugah Duncan-Williams, known in the entertainment world as Sista Afia denied having an affair with a Medical rapper.

Sista Afia and Eno Barony have fired each other at each other to show who is the best music queen in Ghana’s entertainment world. The challenge has seen other female artists hit the studio and spit on hot bars to prove their worth and to show music fans their flexibility in the music industry.

Sista Afia came out with ” WMT ” which was widely seen as diss to singer Deborah Vanessa and following ” WMT ” was Freda Rhymz ” KMT ” and ” Point of Correction ” which applauded again at Sista Afia and the rapper Eno Barony.

Eno Barony also responded with two rap songs ‘diss’ ” Rap Goddess ” and ” Argument Done ”, and the cycle continued as the three continued to hit each other.

The “sex” accusations were triggered by rapper Eno Barony in his song “Argument Done” in which he accused Sista Afia of having an affair with Medikal, who is now married to actress and businessman Fella Makafui.

The singer is also said to have been ‘fooled’ by Dancehall artist Shatta Wale and upper-class singer Bisa Kdei.

Well, Sista Afia had enough accusations and finally reacted in an interview with Abeiku Aggrey Santana while driving in OK FM.

He told Abeiku Santana that his accusers only wanted to destroy him but he would not be intimidated.

“I don’t remember ever having sexual relations with these three people they called their names. Kdei is an extraordinary person. Kdei has helped me ever since and the thought of sex has crossed Kdei’s mind before … Everyone wants to say something to hurt other people, so people will really make speculations in the song so people believe that this is what you do so they can think they’ve hit you hard, “ the answer.

The video below –

Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi / Peacefmonline.com / Ghana

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Stop Investing in Instagram Followers! – Teacher Tells Fellow Musician | General Entertainment | Instant News

Rapper Maradona Yeboah Adjei is known on showbiz because Master has advised his fellow musicians to set their priorities by focusing on making money and not investing in Instagram followers.

The rapper expressed surprise at the artists in the country who spent time on Instagram looking for social presence and acceptance.

According to him, investing in a digital store generates more income than busy looking for likes and comments on Instagram that don’t add anything better to their bank account.

“Pay attention. My beloved Ghanaian artist, 1 million Spotify Streaming equals about $ 7,000, while 1 million Instagram followers like and unpaid comments, so set your priorities correctly. Tell leaders to improve the system in Ghana. Something must change , “Teacher tweeted.


Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi / Peacefmonline.com / Ghana

Rejection: The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Peacefmonline.com. Peacefmonline.com accepts no legal responsibility or vice versa for the accuracy of their content. Please report inappropriate content to us, and we will evaluate it as a priority.

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My Size No Barrier To Roles I Can Play – Yaw Dabo | General Entertainment | Instant News

AS a minor actor, Kumawood’s Yaw Dabo has been limited to the role he plays; he was often confined to playing children, and who was stubborn at the time.

However, he said he could play whatever role he was given and his size should not be a barrier.

“I can play any role given to me by any director, but I am very picky about accepting roles. There are certain roles that I decline for personal reasons, but the fact is that I can play any role that can be done by tall people playing.

“We make films to educate and entertain so I am very careful about the types of roles I play. Imagine I accept certain roles that will not be suitable for children watching,” he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Dabo, who has been in the film industry for nine years, said the decision to act was the decision he made.

“I made my own decision to enter the industry. I did not allow my size to discourage me, nor did I allow anyone to discourage me. Even my mother discouraged me when I decided to watch the film but I was not disturbed, “” He said.

Sharing his thoughts on what is needed to survive in the film industry, Dabo said, “Always tell yourself that you are unique in whatever field you find, this is a learning process but you have to be humble. I have to take very little artist costs on the beginning of my career, but I didn’t give up and somewhat improved my talents. “

Dabo also talked about the fate of the film industry which seemed to be running low, saying people were more fixated on English-language films than people from Kumawood.

“In this case, who will speak for us at Kumawood? The government must build cinemas for us in Kumasi like the National Theater in Accra where producers can show their films and reap from their hard work, which will help the industry.

“TV stations don’t help at all, they show a lot of foreign content at their peak. If the government has to make a policy for them to only show Ghanaian films, that would be very helpful.

“Social distance will not allow us to shoot now because of the nature of our work. We usually act close to each other, hugging, visiting, etc. So I think the industry must wait for now until the coronavirus pandemic ends,” he said.

Aside from acting, Dabo also plays soccer and currently manages a Accra Hearts of Oak player named Daniel Barnieh Afriyie.

“I used to play soccer, but my posture didn’t help. I have plans to open an academy after a pandemic, so that corporate bodies and individuals who want to sponsor me can join. I would really appreciate their support,” he has stated.

Dabo, who said that he also made a lot of money from TV ads, asked the Ghanaian company to give him more advertising because he was willing to charge a reasonable fee.

Exploring a relationship, Dabo revealed that he is single at the moment. “I used to date in the past but I am not at the moment because I am a minister now doing royal business. That does not allow me to do such a thing,” he said.

He concluded by urging people to be careful even when a government lockout on the coronavirus pandemic was lifted.

“The lockdown has been revoked but let’s continue to follow the precautionary steps and stay safe. God loves Ghana but I don’t think He loves us more than He loves Job, but look at what he goes through. God will surely take us through these difficult times, let’s just trust in him, “he said.


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I Can’t Show You If I Don’t Like You – Kojo Antwi Reveal | Music | Instant News

Highlife legend Kojo Antwi said he was selective about which artist songs he performed because he had to like and connect with them first.

“I need to like you and teach you briefly before accepting to work with you. For example, with King Promise, I learned the type of song he performed and how respectful he was before deciding to jump on the song Bra and it was the same for Stonebwoy. If I don’t like you forget to work with me, “ he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

According to Kojo Antwi he did not want to associate his brand with any musicians.

“It took a long time to build this brand and I have to protect it in the best way I can. There are so many musicians knocking on my door for collaboration but I have to connect with them before collaboration happens, “ she says.

Kojo Antwi praised people like Kuami Eugene, KiDi, King Promise, and Kofi Kinaata for doing well with their craft.

“These young people are doing very well and I have to recommend them for that. Bosom PYung is also not performing poorly, he is currently trending on social media so I have to check it out and he is good. Whoever manages that talent must manage it well because Bosom PYung is unique, “ she says.

Kojo Antwi, which has existed for more than three decades, is known for songs including Akonoba, Afafanto, Mr. Music Man, I Love Your Style, Kakayi, Adinkra, Odo Ano Wappi, Nyankonton, and Brebre Anowa.


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Kwahu Easter Ban Like a Nightmare – Indigenes | General Entertainment | Instant News

FOR nearly three decades, the Kwahu region has been a hot spot for Easter holidays with many people and legal entities throughout the country flocking to the mountains known for celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ in their own way.

However, the annual ritual that makes the Kwahu Range the biggest meeting point for socialites, tourists, happy people and, most importantly, opportunities for family reunions, especially for natives whose relatives live abroad or work elsewhere will not happen in the year this.

Talk with Showbi GraphicLast Monday, a number of native people said the Kwahu ban seemed like a dream to them because they had never imagined that would ever happen.

For Afia Pokua, a radio presenter, she has not been able to accept the fact that she is very much loved “Kwahu oooo Kwahu ooo” did not happen when a number of natives had prepared in a hurry ahead of the event.

According to him, preparations for the celebration always began the previous year and so many people and, especially, corporate bodies had committed resources to this year’s Easter Kwahu festival and were disappointed with how things had changed.

“I have talked to quite a number of people who express similar sentiments as me. For some of them, it seems they are dreaming because they have never imagined a situation where the famous Easter Kwahu celebration will be canceled but here we are now.

“Many people have invested a lot but as the President and Traditional authorities noted, it is for our safety and there is no point in risking people’s lives. When this is finished, we can always have more ‘Kwahu ooo Kwahus’, “he said.

Afia’s views were shared by a number of residents who said that they still had to make peace with the fact of not celebrating Easter Kwahu this year.

In the words of Maggi Papabi, owner of the Wonderful Jesus Salon in Nkawkaw, “this is not a good dream and I don’t want it to be repeated”.

“As a hairdresser, I make a lot of money during celebrations because every woman here wants to look good but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.

“Clients will start to enter now but even regular clients do not come because of education that COVID-19 is transmitted through holes in the body and it is unfortunate for me and others,” he said.

Kwahu Easter is always marked by lots of fun activities, and will start tomorrow, April 10, which is Good Friday to Easter Sunday, April 12.

When was last year? Showbiz Graphics visited the cities of Kwahu Abene, Abetifi, Pepease, Atibie, Nkwatia, Obo, Bepong, Tafo, Akwasiho, Obomeng, Twen procedase, Nteso, Nkawkaw, Mpraeso, Asakraka and Aduamoa, to find out about preparations, there were a number of shift structures, which were said to serve a large number of customers filled the bars, pubs and restaurants during the event.

Interestingly, Afia Pokua said this building was lost in various cities. “Normally, this wood shift structure is established in a week or two for celebrations but as we all know, the ban comes early so there is no need for them.

“Even before our traditional rulers banned this year’s Easter Kwahu celebration, it was clear that the event would not end, especially when President Akufo-Addo’s one-month ban at a public meeting of no more than 25 people on March 15 would end on Easter Sunday, 12 April.

“So, it is impossible for us to celebrate Easter Kwahu and when I speak, even though we have not recorded a corona virus case in one of the cities of Kwahu, everyone is careful and only comes out of our house when needed,” he said. .


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