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Dark third season review – gripping, brain-scrambling fantastic finale | television and radio | Instant News

Halfway through the third and final season of the dark, it will be – for all but the most dedicated student of the show impossible to follow. It’s just not attainable for the average viewer to keep up with two parallel worlds, each of which has multiple versions of many characters, time travel. Any normal measure, it’s crap nonsense.

However, when the German sci-Fi series is in full swing. He goes through a dramatic wormhole, hits the unusual story line and floats very smoothly in space, moving at a million miles an hour. It is quite a ride.

We will remind, first two seasons: citizens of Windex, a hidden place in the shadow of a nuclear power plant, saddled the potential for radioactive materials to travel through time, the downside being that no matter how much they get back into the past to change the present, they always end up destroying themselves in an atomic explosion. Scene closing two seasons have shown that they can also gain access to an alternate universe.

Another area where we land now, while all is relatively quiet. Dark drops at the beginning of the whole series, when a seemingly simple drama about a community marred by secrets, lies and the disappearance of a child. But the pieces on the new areas. A bad father who was cheating on me with one of the mothers of their children “friends” is still an adulterer, but he’s with another woman. The city physician became, Ho-Ho, a priest. The other families daughter is deaf. A character who was alive in another world just died. There’s a whole new matrix of grief and intrigue.

Unfortunately, nobody recognizes teenage protagonist Jonas (Louis Hofmann), because it never existed here, which makes it even more a stranger than he already was.

What has not changed is the fact that Windex is still moving to the crisis. Soon, prospects of studying the nuances of the mirror of the world vanished, as an alternative Windenians to show the center of the battle between those who believe Armageddon can be avoided, and those who think, evaporating the district once again is the only way of cleansing time Loop.

As well as standard dark things, where the individual characters are the same person at different ages (teen drama on a regular basis with young people who fear that they may become in middle and old age – in the dark, children have the luxury to tell my future how stupid they are to their faces), it is possible for people to speak and to kill their doppelgangers from another reality. Hopping between decades, and by 2050 years, and in 1880-ies, accelerates. That’s where the show that always delighted difficulty finally explodes.

What does it mean that the dark is distilled to its essence, which is a mixture of epic philosophical arguments and garden vignettes about loss and betrayal, all wrapped up in anything-goes sci-Fi and gorgeous design products, which provides ice-interesting ideas and images. For example, you have to travel far forward in time before you see something as ridiculous cooling, as the Three persons of the “death squad” who is the boy, man and grandfather of forms of the same guy; the story where the two characters kill each other, but both will survive this, of course, the TV in the first place.

Towards the end of the season when dark is strict limits on their time stoned, the only reaction is laughter and enjoy the fireworks.

What it all gives? Themes of fate, death and the human tendency to mourn the path not taken. It’s too dark to love chaos, to offer anything profound on any of these subjects, but its creators are not regretting that they did not because they did all that was possible, and many things that do not.


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